A talk variety where Haruna Iikubo talks about her love for manga Opened Nico Nico Channel Plus “Haruna Iikubo ’s Manga One Book a Day!”

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A talk variety where Haruna Iikubo talks about her love for manga Opened Nico Nico Channel Plus “Haruna Iikubo’s Manga One Book a Day!” ~The first broadcast will be on 2/25, and Yusuke Koide, the base ball bear, will appear as a guest! ~

Dwango Co., Ltd. will release Haruna Iikubo’s channel “Haruna Iikubo’s One Manga a Day!” ) will be opened.
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On this channel, Haruna Iikubo, a big manga lover whose home bookshelf is overflowing with more than 2,000 manga books and whose motto is “one book a day,” passionately talks about her love for manga, and recreates the wonders of manga with viewers. We will deliver a manga talk variety to discover. Celebrities who love manga who are active in various genres will be invited as guests, and we will approach the laughter and tears of their recommended works, and how they have influenced their lives.
The memorable first broadcast will start at 20:00 on Saturday, February 25th. Yusuke Koide, who is the vocalist and guitarist of the rock band “Base Ball Bear”, which celebrated its 20th anniversary, and who has a wide range of fields such as movies, manga, novels and games, will appear as a guest. In addition, the free part of this program will be distributed simultaneously on Nico Nico Official Live Broadcast.
The channel is scheduled to be broadcast once a month, and the basic “black and white page” membership plan that allows you to watch the entire broadcast is 550 yen per month (tax included), and the premium “color page” channel members that can watch unlimited archive videos and limited content are The monthly fee is 880 yen (tax included). Channel overview
-Channel name-
“One manga per day by Haruna Iikubo!”
-Monthly fee-
■ “Black and white page” membership plan
  ・Fee: 550 yen per month (tax included)
  ・Contents: Viewing the full-length main broadcast once a month ■ “Color page” membership plan
  ・Fee: 880 yen per month (tax included)
  ・Contents: Watch the full episode once a month, unlimited viewing of the full archived video,
Viewing content limited to premium members
-Channel URL-
-Twitter official account-
Program information
-Program name-
“One manga per day by Haruna Iikubo!” #001
-Broadcast date and time-
 Scheduled to end from 20:00 to 21:00 on Saturday, February 25, 2023 *You can watch the beginning of the program for free.
MC: Haruna Iikubo
Guest: Yusuke Koide (Base Ball Bear)
Iikubo Haruna Profile
[Image 2d96446-142-217ea20829486d251d26-1.jpg&s3=96446-142-4a6a20065093dbc9187d2e607e21d9c8-1800x2700.jpg
Haruna Iikubo
Belongs to Just Pro. Actress and talent.
My favorite thing to do is read manga, and there are about 2,000 manga on my bookshelf at home, and my motto is “One book a day.” Manga otaku.
Regular personality of “Young Town Saturday” broadcast every Saturday. Appeared in the stage play “Towatsugai” in June.
・ Haruna Iikubo Twitter: @haruna__iikubo
・Haruna Iikubo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/harunaiikubo_official/ Yusuke Koide Profile
Vocals and guitar for the rock band Base Ball Bear celebrating its 20th anniversary.
In addition to his main business of music, he has a wide range of interests such as movies, comics, novels and games.
[Image 3d96446-142-25db48d7edd7fe29ee1e-2.jpg&s3=96446-142-f4cf86ff189892639dadf77aa3697af3-1800x2700.jpg
Yusuke Koide (Base Ball Bear)
-Performance schedule-
March 8 (Wednesday) Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO) 18:00/19:00
April 9th ​​(Sun) LIVE HOUSE J 16:30/17:00
April 15th (Sat) Takamatsu DIME 16:30/17:00
April 16th (Sun) Hiroshima CAVE-BE 16:30/17:00
April 23 (Sun) DRUM Be-1 16:30/17:00
May 20th (Sat) cube garden 16:30/17:00
May 23 (Tuesday) SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO 18:00/19:00
May 28th (Sun) Sendai darwin 16:30/17:00
May 30 (Tuesday) NAGOYA CLUB QUATTRO 18:00/19:00
May 31 (Wednesday) UMEDA CLUB QUATTRO 18:00/19:00
-Price-¥5,980 (tax included/separate charge for 1D)
    ※Tickets required for ages 3 and up
    ※All standing
-Details- https://www.baseballbear.com/live/
Overview of “Nico Nico Channel Plus”
From January 7, 2022 (Friday), test operation will start on some channels as a new feature of Nico Nico Channel
(https://ch.nicovideo.jp/). Like Niconico Channel, you can enjoy channel member-only content such as live broadcasts, videos, and blogs. The specific release date of this function and details of the service content will be announced at a later date.
Details about this release:


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