A3 Co., Ltd. The online lottery “eeo lottery” for the popular manga “I hate you” will be released on F ebruary 17! “You can taste the addictiveness of the prize goods…!” ?

A3 Co., Ltd.
The online lottery “eeo lottery” for the popular manga “I hate you” will be on sale from February 17th! “You can taste the addictiveness of the prize goods…!” ?

A3 Co., Ltd. has launched new goods for “I hate you” by Mizuki Oniyama. [Image 1

The online lottery “eeo lottery” for “I hate you” (abbreviated as “Iyakimi”) will be on sale for a limited time from February 17th to March 7th! If you draw a lottery, you will win gorgeous prize goods using copyrighted and newly drawn illustrations.
Mizuki Oniyama’s “Iyakimi” is a perverted romantic comedy manga with the theme of paraphilia (sexual perversion) interwoven with a disappointing high school girl, Mikoto Shirakawa, and a classmate with a twisted tendency, Makoto Otsuki.
The 1980s-style design is eye-catching, and the radical story is “addictive and sticks to the propensity”, captivating readers. Now, it is attracting attention as a “masterpiece that is difficult to recommend to friends”.
In this “eeo lottery”, 5 items and 15 kinds of prize goods packed with the distorted love and propensity of two people are newly introduced! Please enjoy the online lottery to see the partiality of psychopaths that will shoot through the hearts of fans.
[Holding information]
Sale period: February 17 (Friday) to March 7 (Tuesday)
Sales price: 660 yen (tax included) once
Delivery date: Sequentially from mid-April 2023
Payment method: credit card payment, carrier payment, eeo point payment Venue: Mail order site “eeo Store”
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https://eeo.today/store/101/title/3080?utm_source=prtimes&utm_medium=press&utm_campaign=prt349 eeo Store’s first online lottery “eeo Kuji”
[Image 2

Online lotteries are attracting attention among anime and manga fans. Finally, the eeo lottery that can be purchased online from the eeo store will appear.
The biggest feature of “eeo lottery” is that you can check the lottery results on the spot. Since you can check the prizes you have won immediately after drawing a lottery, it is easy to share the results with your friends through SNS, etc., and you can also enjoy exchanging prizes.
Furthermore, only for the same product, orders placed on the same day, with the same delivery address, and under the same name will be automatically bundled together, and the second and subsequent shipping charges will not be incurred.
“eeo lottery” can be purchased not only from smartphones and tablets, but also from computers. Shop from the device that’s most convenient for you!
We have 5 prizes for you! The luxurious prizes are 5 items and 15 kinds of new goods
[Image 3

There are 5 prizes in the “eeo lottery” of “I hate you”, which will be released on February 17th. This time, 5 items and 15 types of new goods, including items using newly drawn illustrations, will appear as gorgeous prizes!
[List of prizes for each award]
Prize S: Framed premium duplicate original picture (1 type)
Prize A: Big character acrylic figure (1 type)
Prize B: Big acrylic key chain (3 types)
Prize C: Acrylic card (5 types in total)
Prize D: Can badge (5 types in total)
*B, C, and D prizes will be won at random.
S prize framed premium reproduction original picture (1 type) [Image 4

The S prize, which is the main feature of this time, comes with a framed premium duplicate original picture! The 210 x 297mm framed full-color reproduction of the original picture uses a newly drawn illustration by Mizuki Oniyama.
Mikoto wears a primary-colored dress and pin heels that accentuate her body line, while Makoto wears a suit that emphasizes her low center of gravity. Two people holding hands at a nighttime disco and seemingly about to start dancing… This is a valuable item that lets you feel a “happy lovey-dovey” that is different from the main story.
Enjoy the charm of “Iyakimi”, the “80s-style design”, and the exquisite fashion sense of Makoto & Mikoto in a big size to your heart’s content!
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https://eeo.today/store/101/title/3080?utm_source=prtimes&utm_medium=press&utm_campaign=prt349 Prize A Big character acrylic figure (1 type)
[Image 5

Next, the A prize was a big character acrylic figure! The cover illustration of Volume 7 of the comic is now available as a
three-dimensional item with a maximum height and width of 200mm. I thought it was a happy picture of him kissing Makoto, but the bench he’s sitting on is a cutlery…! “The sense of unease and eerieness is the best…!” It is an item that tickles the propensity of fans who have experienced “I can’t stop reading even though it’s
disgusting…”, and it’s an item that you can’t take your eyes off of the slightly scary abnormal sexual love.
Prize B Big acrylic key chain (3 types)
[Image 6

Prize B includes 3 types of big acrylic key chains! A large key chain with a maximum length and width of 100mm has the cover illustration of the first volume of the comic.
A collar and chain full of bondage, Makoto’s insane gaze, and Mikoto covered in bruises… Just looking at her will definitely give you a flashback of her propensity to play! “Let’s hang it in your room and get chills.” However, when you put it in your bag and go out, please go out with a steel mentality … (laughs).
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https://eeo.today/store/101/title/3080?utm_source=prtimes&utm_medium=press&utm_campaign=prt349 C prize acrylic card (5 types in total)
[Image 7

Prize C is a lineup of acrylic cards measuring 70mm x 90mm. It is a compact item that is easy to carry, using newly drawn illustrations and bonus illustrations from each volume of the comic.
The touch of the picture and the use of colors are retro and cute, but the illustrations drawn are quite disgusting… (a full-fledged compliment). The design and kinky feeling are exquisitely matched, and it is a gem that you can enjoy the feeling of goosebumps. Let’s complete it and decorate it to make your room an “Iyakimi” world! D prize can badge (5 types in total)
[Image 8

The item that appeared in the D prize was a standard can badge. A large can badge with a diameter of 65 mm has illustrations drawn, cover pictures of each volume of comics, and bonus illustrations. Makoto becomes sexually aroused by Mikoto’s disliked appearance, and begins to rejoice in Makoto’s sadistic acts. I’m sure there are many fans who are emotionally disturbed by the two’s eccentric love affairs. Please enjoy the addictive and impulsive love of “Iyakimi” with a tin badge…!
Purchase benefits are postcards (3 types in total)
[Image 9

For each purchase of 5 eeo lotteries from “I hate you”, you will receive a random postcard (3 types in total). I can’t wait to see which pattern you win!
“I hate you” completed in Volume 8 of the comic released on April 20, 2022. Isn’t there some fans who fell into “Iya Kimirosu”?
The prizes for this time’s “eeo lottery” are the return of two people who have extreme and heretical love! While enjoying the excitement of winning the lottery, be sure to get the gorgeous prize goods that will allow you to enjoy the twisted love story and propensity of the two. ▼To eeo Store▼
Click here to purchase “eeo lottery”!
https://eeo.today/store/101/title/3080?utm_source=prtimes&utm_medium=press&utm_campaign=prt349 (C) Mizuki Oniyama / “I like you who hate me”
【Company Profile】
Company name A3 Co., Ltd.
Established September 27, 2012
Location Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 1-11-22 Yamatane Ikebukuro Building 2F
Representative Representative Director Takashi Ozawa
HP https://athree3.com/
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[About the Joy Creation Platform eeo business]
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eeo provides “opportunities to enjoy” that match each person’s sense of values, It is a platform that aims to realize a rich lifestyle.
Because we live in a world where information is diversified, “I want to value what I feel is good, not what someone else thinks is good.” I think.
By finding and increasing your own personality through eeo,
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With such a wish, eeo will continue to provide opportunities to enjoy. Details about this release:


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