Adastria Co., Ltd. mysty woman will sell collaboration items with photographer Yuri Hanamori from February 17 (Friday)!

Adastria Co., Ltd.
collaboration items with photographer Yuri Hanamori from mysty woman will be on sale from February 17th (Friday)!
Developing feminine and mature items under the theme of “journey with flowers” inspired by overseas travel destinations and flowers
Mysty woman (Misty) developed by Adastria Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Osamu Kimura) aiming to be a “good community co-creation company” with the mission of “Play fashion!” Woman) will start selling collaboration items with photographer Yuri Hanamori from February 17 (Friday). Prior to sales, advance reservations will start on February 8 (Wednesday).
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Mysty Woman develops apparel and household goods based on the theme of “adult cute”, from feminine items that mix the essence of the brand to trends, to basic casual items.
From February 17th (Friday), collaboration products with Yuri Hanamori, who is active as a photographer, will be on sale. Prior to the release, pre-orders will start on February 8 (Wednesday) at the official web store .st and ZOZOTOWN.
Mysty woman, who has a strong feminine taste, felt sympathy with Ms. Hanamori, who is attracting attention for her work that captures the “true figure” of girls, and this collaboration was realized. The theme of the developed items is “journey with flowers”. The line-up includes a gorgeous camisole dress, a V-neck dress, and a large-capacity tote bag printed with flower photos taken by Mr. Hanamori. It is a product that brings out your femininity even when you are traveling in spring.
■ Sales overview
Reservation period: February 8 (Wednesday) ~
Reservation method: Official web store .st (dot Estee), ZOZOTOWN Release date: February 17th (Friday)
Deployment channel: Official web store .st (dot Estee), ZOZOTOWN Misty Woman stores nationwide
Special site: ■ Product details
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Product Name: V-Neck Flare Maxi Dress (Part Number: 188410)
Price: ¥13,100 (tax included)
Color: Yellow, navy floral pattern
Size: FREE
A beautiful dress with a deep V-neck and a fit and flare silhouette. This item is made with 100% cotton fabric and has a vintage color scheme. [Image 3

Product Name: Shoulder ribbon cami maxi dress (Part number: 188412) Price: ¥12,100 (tax included)
Color: Yellow, Green
Size: FREE
A camisole dress that allows you to change how and where you tie the ribbon to your liking.
The original floral pattern is a subdued small floral pattern, so you can wear it for years to come.
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Product Name: Photo Tote Bag (Part number: 190102)
Price: ¥6,600 (tax included)
Color: White, cream yellow
Size: FREE
A tote bag printed with your favorite flower photo taken by Mr. Hanamori. A large type that can be taken on trips. We are confident in the length of the handle that is easy to put on the shoulder and the storage capacity that can be stored securely.
Profile of Yuri Hanamori
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Born in Osaka Prefecture. Started working as a photographer in 2009. Active mainly in magazines and advertisements. In 2014, “Wake Up Girl” and in 2017, “Take it off. ] announced. Attracting attention for her work that captures a girl’s “true form”. In 2020, “I took it off. ] Series 2, “NUIDEMITA-I took it off. 2” and continues to create works. He is active in a wide range of fields, including the launch of the underwear brand “STOCK” in 2021.
About mysty woman
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Based on a gentle style that values ​​dignified transparency and basic casual clothes that continue to change with the times, we propose total fashion that mixes the latest trends with the essence of the brand.
Official Instagram: Official web store .st (dot Estee): ■ About Adastria Co., Ltd.
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Adastria Co., Ltd. (President: Osamu Kimura) is a casual fashion specialty store chain with more than 30 brands such as “Global Work”, “Niko and”, “Lowrys Farm”, and about 1,400 stores in Japan and overseas. With the mission of “Play fashion!”, which excites everyone’s life through fashion, we aim to create an open community where people and information come and go, and to become a “good community co-creation company” that creates new value. .
-Location of headquarters- Shibuya Hikarie, 2-21-1 Shibuya,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8510

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