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AI idol VTuber “NYAVATAR” based on a real cat raised 60 million yen in the angel round.

Hopscotch Co., Ltd.
AI idol VTuber “NYAVATAR” based on a real cat raised 60 million yen in the angel round.
Improve AI quality and expand content variety for YouTube distribution
Hopscotch Co., Ltd. (CEO: Kenji Nagamatsu, Headquarters: 4-14-7 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo) has issued J-KISS type stock acquisition rights with multiple angel investors as underwriters, totaling 60 million yen. has raised funds.
We have invested in improving the quality of AI idol VTuber
“NYAVATAR”, which is based on a real cat, and developing it to expand the variety of content on YouTube distribution. We will create an experience.
Why did you do the fundraising?
[Image 1

“NYAVATAR”, which started the project at 22:22 on February 22, 2022, was able to celebrate its first anniversary today. “NYAVATAR” started with the concept of virtual idols created by everyone, but in July last year, we decided to change the direction significantly and proceed as an AI VTuber. I thought that the time when we could enjoy conversations with AI was still some time away, but to be honest, I thought it would be nice if I could stay ahead of the times. Around that time, image generation AI and dialogue AI that surprised the world were released one after another. In order to stay one step ahead of the times without being swept away by this violent swell, I feel that we must evolve completely differently than before. Chasing the evolution of AI more quickly and in a wider range and implementing it in services, and taking on the challenge of various methods that surprise people who see it based on that technology. We felt the need to evolve these two things, not just where we are now, but looking a little further into the future, and decided to ask for the support of investors who sympathized with our thoughts.
What are you planning to invest in?
YouTube distribution full Ver.
[Video 3:] YouTube distribution Clipping Ver.
[Video 4:] The first AI VTuber debuted in September of last year, and since then, a total of 7 AI VTubers are currently active while continuing to evolve. Conversation is smoother than I thought, and I can have funny exchanges that make me laugh, but compared to multi-talented AI VTubers overseas, it is inevitably inferior in terms of entertainment, and I have not been able to fully demonstrate the appeal of AI. So I always had the question. Based on that, first of all, we will improve the AI ​​quality of dialogue, images, voice, and singing voice, and also increase the variety of content distributed on YouTube to create a place where its appeal can be fully demonstrated. We will focus on building a development team for
What have you been up to lately?
[Image 2

From today, the beta version of YouTube distribution and My Page has been released.
YouTube distribution beta version (Alice Aoki)
My page beta version
Also, today, we have started minting the NFT 2nd Collection. NFT special site
It will be a convenient item that will increase the probability of getting responses on YouTube and make it easier to earn points. . What are you going to do next?
[Image 3:] Based on the activities of the seven existing AI VTubers, we will improve the quality of AI and increase the content, while at the same time releasing new characters to expand the range of activities. We are also working on a mechanism to automatically create AI VTubers based on real cats, and we will challenge the world where cat owners can create AI VTubers based on their own cats and play with them. . What kind of company are you?
[Image 4d70417-6-481c8d7fe5b141241828-0.png&s3=70417-6-1abbb1f08cbd2e11b803451e8a9736cb-1500x500.png
������ What is “NYAVATAR”?
It is a play where everyone raises an AI idol NYAVATAR based on a real cat. Both NYAVATAR and fans can earn points by receiving comments on YouTube and spachas, and if the number exceeds a certain number, new songs can be created and support advertisements can be posted. Compete for points earned from fans among “NYAVATAR” during the three-month season, and earn rewards in descending order of points at the end of the season. Also, once a year, “NYAVATAR FESTIVAL” is held where only well-known and popular NYAVATAR can participate, and we will work together with fans with the goal of participating here. ◆ Hopscotch Co., Ltd.
[Image 5d70417-6-fd57f82477d2decf7e8e-1.png&s3=70417-6-9804282c52e7c99be3802c657dfdb21e-1502x240.png
������What is hopscotch?
A company with a vision of “Enjoy Otaku!” As a member of the enthusiastic otaku community, we are developing next-generation content that can be enjoyed by otaku as the main character, using the experience of facing the mass of irrationality as a weapon.
Enjoy otaku!������ Mission
Create an amazing otaku experience
⚖️ Value
Give it a try Speed ​​is power Do it now
Beyond expectations
������Representative Director
Kenji Nagamatsu Graduated from Azabu High School in 2002, and graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law in 2006. Joined Recruit as a new graduate in 2006 (spun off into Recruit Career in 2013) and worked for 14 and a half years, consistently involved in the field of human resources. Engaged in sales for major customers, business planning for medium-term management plans and channel restructuring, and business development as an RPO consultant. Since 2016, as a manager, he has managed a sales organization in charge of major customers in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Tokai, and since 2019, he has managed a marketing planning organization that manages web marketing and inside sales for new customers. In 2017, I happened to see a battle-type idol program on TV and became interested in it. I traveled all over the country and spent my days doing more than work to hold a birthday festival. In the midst of that, I wanted to create my own otaku content that I could enjoy more, so I established Hopscotch Co., Ltd. in 2020 and assumed the position of CEO. Started working on the planning and development of “NYAVATAR” as a result of his actions comforting a family suffering from pet loss.
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