Aidoma Holdings Co., Ltd. Utilizing AI chatbot “ChatGPT” for business communication tool “MEMBER-S”

Aidoma Holdings Co., Ltd.
Utilize AI chatbot “ChatGPT” for business communication tool “MEMBER-S” -Introduction of artificial intelligence makes it easier and faster to search for information-

Aidoma Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yohei Miura, hereinafter referred to as the Company), which provides reproducible management solutions with human power and technology, will start from February 20, 2023 (Monday). We are pleased to announce that the AI ​​chatbot “ChatGPT” developed by OpenAI has been linked to the business communication tool “MEMBER-S” operated by our company. By equipping “MEMBER-S” with the AI ​​function of “ChatGPT”, we aim to improve convenience and further expand business communication between employees and staff.
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Cost: Free
Usage application form:
What is AI chatbot “ChatGPT”?
“ChatGPT” developed by OpenAI is the latest natural language processing AI system that uses an interactive language model. It can learn human text and generate new text based on it.
Simply put, you enter a question and the AI ​​answers as if you were interacting with a human.
API linkage of “ChatGPT”
Specifically, if you press “@AI” in the message thread and send a message (text) in the form of a question, AI will judge the content of the text and immediately reply with an answer.
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CahtGPT utilization image in MEMBER-S
Significantly reduce the time and effort required to investigate “what you don’t understand”
Unfamiliar terms, etc. Instead of taking the method of “searching on the Internet when there is something you don’t understand,” it is now possible to “question the information you want by asking questions to the chatbot.” Become.
By using chatbots, you can save manpower to sort and scrutinize information from the vast amount of information on the Internet. In the future, we aim to utilize it for our own business “in-house production of sales activities”
Currently, we are at the stage of introducing “ChatGPT” to “MEMBER-S”, but we have accumulated a database of questions and answers related to sales, and we are using it to support corporate sales activities more effectively and efficiently. I think
-Example of use in the sales field-
・ Support for sales activities (list creation work and preliminary research work)
・Proposal of sales strategy (creation of optimal sales talk, selection of approach list)
・Q&A on how to use in-house developed tools and services
・Strengthen utilization of crowd workers
・ Support for advertising management methods, etc.
About the business communication tool “MEMBER-S”
“MEMBER-S” operated by our company is a business communication tool equipped with task and production management functions.
As a basic function, in addition to having a “chat” function that is a communication tool between staff, functions such as “task management”, “shift management”, “file management”, and “daily report” that allow you to check work tasks in a list is also equipped.
New function “Receiving and sending phone calls” will be added  In addition to the above existing functions, we plan to add receiving/sending/extension functions. As long as you have a PC and an Internet environment, you can make and receive calls outside the office, so you can respond to the primary reception of your company anywhere in the world.
In this way, “MEMBER-S” is characterized by its multifunctional and simple interface. Companies that “mainly use email for business communication” are worth considering introducing it to facilitate communication.
We will continue to work on providing new services in order to promote the conversion of companies to DX and sales support.
* API linkage of “ChatGPT” is provided only for the desktop version. Contact us for more information
*Since the AI ​​function of “ChatGPT” is machine processing, the accuracy may be imperfect.
■Company profile
Company name: Aidoma Holdings Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Fujikyu Building East 5th Building 4F, 2-25-5 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Yohei Miura, Representative Director
Established: December 22, 2008
Business: Sales support business, business support business, management support business
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