AironWorks A must-see for CSIRT / information system personnel! Announcing “Information Leakage Incident Response Cheat Sheet” ~Commented by white hacker from Israeli Army Unit 8200~

Airon Works
[AironWorks] A must-see for CSIRT / information system personnel! Announcing “Information Leakage Incident Response Cheat Sheet” ~Commented by white hacker from Israeli Army Unit 8200~

AironWorks Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Hisahi Terada; hereinafter referred to as “AironWorks”), a cyber security training and education SaaS provider from Israel, has responded to the occurrence of a series of information leaks and has implemented the necessary incident response. As a reference material for implementing the information leakage incident response cheat sheet, we have released an information disclosure incident response cheat sheet.
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About this report
This report provides specific examples of necessary responses at each stage, from incident detection/reporting to initial response, notification/publication, control measures/restoration, and
post-incident response. It will be a document that summarizes and the way of thinking. This document is mainly intended for CSIRTs and information system personnel, but since information leakage incidents affect the entire organization, we hope that it will be widely used by management and others.
◾︎Contents included in this report
・Advance preparations for incident response, matters to be reported at the time of discovery
・Organization of information required at the time of initial response and emergency measures according to the nature of the incident ・Items to be investigated for each incident, how to proceed with the investigation, points to note in forensics
・Basic principles and specific measures for notifications, reports, publications, etc.
・Workflow for recovery and prevention/deterrence of secondary damage ・Necessary post-incident response and recurrence prevention measures ・ Standards for setting the level of countermeasures, etc.
◾︎Report download
The report can be downloaded from the URL below.
▼ “Information Leakage Incident Response Cheat Sheet”


Consideration comment by a white hacker from Israeli Army Unit 8200 [Image 2

Gonen Krak (Co-Founder & CTO)
[Table 2: ]

About AironWorks
◾︎About AironWorks service
[Image 3d87353-64-e5bef78ea12790b81fe8-3.png&s3=87353-64-ac68596231bb710b7e55512863351ee0-960x540.png
AironWorks Service Features
AironWorks is a “cyber security training and education platform” using cutting-edge technology developed by engineers from Israel Defense Forces Unit 8200, the world’s top hacker group. It enables training against attacks from various vectors such as SNS (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and SMS attacks that cannot be covered by conventional targeted email training. In addition, it is a system that allows continuous and more practical training to counter today’s cyber attacks that are individually optimized according to the target. In addition, we will implement an “original education program” that utilizes the Israeli Defense Force’s education method + gamification to achieve a high educational effect.
[Image 4d87353-64-e0d5cca9953a1fccd62f-4.png&s3=87353-64-c946a5c31affbbeaa7676fbd4d83bd59-960x540.png
AironWorks service image
◾︎Company profile
With the corporate mission of “Enhancing Teams with AI”, AironWorks creates a better society and empowers working people and teams with cyber security solutions that make full use of advanced technology developed in Israel.
[Image 5d87353-64-6cf6de6abf118512b420-5.png&s3=87353-64-d3eadacfcc15e73c151820cc49a8deac-960x540.png
AironWorks Company Profile
・Company name: AironWorks Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Terada Hisahito
・ Location: 4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
・Foundation: August 2021
・Business: Planning, design, development, construction, management, maintenance, operation, sales, education and consulting of cyber security services
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