Amazon bestseller number one on the day of reservation start! Publishing decision of life-size “household mana gement and investment book” sent by “ordinary housewife”

mamane Inc.
Amazon bestseller number one on the day of reservation start! Publishing decision of life-size “household management and investment book” sent by “ordinary housewife”
In May 2023 (planned), mamane Co., Ltd. representative Ririna has decided to release her first book, “The beginning is always now. How to increase money for housewives.”

■ Succeeded in asset formation of 30 million yen! Life-size money hanashi of “ordinary housewives”
In the world, there are many books related to “money” such as investment, savings, and household management.
But no matter which bookstore you look at, don’t you feel that there aren’t many books about money for housewives?
“Housewives should always put their family first, think hard, manage their finances, and support their lives. It’s strange that there are no money books for housewives.
This book, which was born from this thought that I felt when I happened to stop by a bookstore, is a condensed content of knowledge about money that even housewives can do and that housewives want to incorporate.
Soaring prices and taxes, unchanging salaries… Human technology may have developed, but the reality is that the lives of ordinary people are becoming more and more difficult little by little.
The times have definitely changed compared to when we were children, such as the start of classes about money in high school.
Will your money increase just by depositing it in the bank?
Can you let your children do what they want to do in the future? Are retirement funds really enough? Is there a guarantee that you can live on your pension?
Protect yourself and your family even as the times change.
With a firm eye on the future from the present, this book is designed to deliver “knowledge of both household management and investment that even ordinary housewives can do”.

■ Explains everything from household management that makes everyday life more profitable to increasing money through investment
In order to increase your money, you need to work hard on both “household management” and “investment”.
In the household management section, we look back on the basics of “money” in life, and introduce specific household management methods and tips for saving money.
For further stepped-up money knowledge, we have picked up knowledge of “hometown tax” that can be used forever once you learn it, and “life in the XX economic zone” that can make your daily life more
In addition, in the investment part, “New NISA from 2024”, which has been powered up and has a better investment environment for beginners, “Dividend and preferential stock investment” that can be neglected investment, and “iDeCo”, a tax saving measure that can be done even by office workers ” is explained from the perspective of a housewife. I’ve never done this before and I’m worried… Isn’t it too late now…? For housewives who have such thoughts, as many as one person says, “It’s not too late. The time to start is always now! I hope you will notice.
■Consecutively won first place on Amazon on the day of reservation release! Reservations will start on February 18, 2023, and within the same day ・Amazon No. 1 bestseller
・No. 1 in household management/savings category
・No. 1 in the finance/banking category
・No. 1 in investment/finance/company management (book) category I got the
■The beginning is always now. Housewife-friendly way to increase money BOOK [Image

■ About mamane Inc.
mamane Co., Ltd. operates the site “Kakemane” that distributes “how to manage assets with household management x investment”.
More than 185,000 people follow us on Instagram, and the number of YouTube channel subscribers has reached 25,000. I am also active as a personality on the voice distribution platform “Voicy”.
“What should I do with asset management?”
In order to help such people, we continue to send information about money every day.
We are always accepting requests for TV appearances. For details, please contact us from the “Contact Us” URL below.
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