Amazon Japan G.K. Skaai appears at Amazon Music’s 4th “BREAKTHROUGH JAPAN Live”!

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Skaai appears at Amazon Music’s 4th “BREAKTHROUGH JAPAN Live”! Live streaming from 20:00 on Thursday, February 16th on Amazon Music Japan channel on Twitch

A live event featuring young artists who will lead the next generation of the music scene, selected by the curators of Amazon Music. [Image 1d4612-1631-55b460cbbbd6f37ee162-0.png&s3=4612-1631-f284adc4526f90efd0e1ef03e35f8029-1920x1080.png
Amazon Music will hold a live event “BREAKTHROUGH JAPAN Live” featuring selected artists who will be responsible for the next generation music scene on the Amazon Music Japan channel on Twitch from 20:00 on Thursday, February 16th. Rapper Skaai will appear in this 4th installment.
Amazon Music Japan channel URL: “BREAKTHROUGH JAPAN Live”, which started in April last year, has been selected from the playlist “BREAKTHROUGH JAPAN”, where the curators of Amazon Music pick up young and new artists who will be responsible for the next generation music scene every month. An artist will perform. Skaai, who will appear this time, is a talented artist who is expected to lead the new generation of Japanese hip-hop scene with an overwhelming musical sense backed by an international background. At this live event on the Amazon Music Japan channel, Skaai
“This time, I am very honored to be blessed with such an opportunity. I am commenting.
Due to the partnership between Amazon Music and Twitch, Twitch’s live distribution can be viewed through the Amazon Music app, but in order to participate in the comments, it is necessary to access directly from the Amazon Music Japan channel on Twitch. In that case, you will need to register a Twitch account in advance. Amazon Music plans to continue holding “BREAKTHROUGH JAPAN Live” as one of the venues for next-generation artists to play an active role.
Artist Profiles
[Image 2d4612-1631-fcdd9212f6c0bf08252a-1.jpg&s3=4612-1631-6273a203b4afabf63e404f5786fe30d8-2354x2354.jpg
An artist born in Virginia, USA and raised in Oita Prefecture. Trilingual, fluent in Japanese, English and Korean. Since childhood, he has lived not only in Japan but also in South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, and the United States. In the spring of 2020, the period from graduating from university to entering graduate school became the self-restraint period of Corona, so he started his activities as a rapper, starting with the release of songs on SoundCloud. AbemaTV’s “Rap Star Birth 2021” was highly evaluated by the judges for its ability and potential. Released in November 2021, the 1st single “Period.” Incorporates jazz and hip-hop elements in a multilayered manner with the new beat maker uin, and shows the world the fresh rap and soulful singing skills. In February 2022, released the song “Nectar.”, which has the meaning of a sequel to “Period.” . Performed at “POP YOURS”, the largest hip-hop festival in Japan held for the first time at Makuhari Messe. After releasing two singles “FLOOR IS MINE (feat. BIM)” and “HOMEWORK”, the long-awaited EP “BEANIE” was released in September.
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