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American high school students will visit Tokyo and Hokkaido! In addition to interacting with Tokai University students, we will deepen our understanding of the Ainu people at Upopoy.

Japan International Cooperation Center
American high school students will visit Tokyo and Hokkaido! In addition to interacting with Tokai University students, we will deepen our understanding of the Ainu people at Upopoy.
In the Kakehashi Project’s Kakehashi Inoue Second Invitational Batch, 15 university students from the United States will be invited to visit Tokyo and Hokkaido. By learning various aspects of Japan and deepening their understanding, we will increase the number of Japanese fans!
Through school exchanges and home visits in Hokkaido, students from Northeastern State University in the United States deepen their understanding of Japanese lifestyles and values, and nurture relationships of trust. In Tokyo, they will visit the National Diet Building and experience cutting-edge technology at the Kawasaki Robostage. In addition, the Harajuku visit will deepen cultural understanding such as Japanese pop culture. Through these programs, participants will actively absorb the charms of Japan and disseminate it widely to the outside world.
This program is an invitation program carried out as part of the Kakehashi Project, an international exchange project promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan called the “Exchange Program for Promoting Understanding of Japan.” The Kakehashi Inouye program is named after Hawaii-born Senator Daniel K. Inouye, the first
Japanese-American to become a U.S. Senator. Senator Inouye served in the U.S. Army during World War II and achieved distinguished service.As a member of Congress, he also contributed to the goodwill between Japan and the United States, and was awarded the Medal of Honor.
Name: Exchange Program for Promoting Understanding of Japan Kakehashi Project “Kakehashi Inoue Invitation 2nd Batch (Northeastern State University)”
Date: February 22nd (Wednesday) to March 1st (Tuesday), 2023 Target: 15 students from Northeastern State University, USA (13 university students, 2 school officials)
Language: English
Implementing Organization: Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) [Schedule contents]
2/22 (Wed) Arrival in Japan
2/23 (Thursday) [Observation] Kawasaki Robostage
     Transfer from Tokyo to Hokkaido
2/24 (Fri) [Cultural Experience] Minekoji Temple (Zen meditation, calligraphy) [School exchange] Tokai University Sapporo Campus
2/25 (Sat) [Theme-related Observation] Upopoy
[Traditional culture experience] [Exchange meeting with people involved] Upopoy 2/26 (Sun) [Home Visit]
2/27 (Monday) Move from Hokkaido to Tokyo
[Observation] Zojoji Temple
2/28 (Tue) [Observation] Meiji Jingu Shrine, Harajuku, National Diet Building      [Achievement debriefing session + exchange with the US-Japan Council] 3/1 (Wednesday) [Observation] Fukagawa Edo Museum, Imperial Palace Leaving Japan

[Overview of the Kakehashi Project, an exchange program to promote understanding of Japan]
The “Kakehashi Project” is a project promoted by the Japanese government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to invite and dispatch human resources who have the ability to communicate to the outside world and will lead the future (including online exchanges) between Japan and the North American region. Yes, JICE is entrusted with program planning and operation. Through people-to-people exchanges, we are promoting understanding of Japan in terms of its politics, economy, society, culture, history, and foreign policy, as well as cultivating and discovering future pro-Japanese and Japan-savvy groups. In addition, by having participants actively communicate about Japan’s diplomatic stance and attractiveness, the aim is to strengthen the dissemination of information about Japan to the outside world and to expand Japan’s diplomatic base.
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
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