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Approximately 45% of companies using LPs clearly feel that there is a problem with “contribution to sales” LP production and utilization survey

Neutral Works Co., Ltd.
Approximately 45% of companies using LPs clearly feel that there is a problem with “contribution to sales” [LP production and utilization survey]
Conducted a questionnaire survey on the production and utilization of corporate LPs (landing pages).

Neutral Works Co., Ltd. (Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Satsuki Miki, hereinafter “Neutral Works”), which supports digital marketing, targets 265 men and women in charge of companies that use their own landing pages. , conducted a fact-finding survey on landing pages.
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Summary of survey results
▶ Satisfaction with attracting customers to LPs was 66.4% overall ▶ 44.5% of the total answered that “not leading to sales” is an issue ▶ Companies that outsource LP production are 22.2% more satisfied than companies that produce in-house.
▶ Companies that place importance on “depth of marketing knowledge” in outsourcing LP production tend to have a high satisfaction rate of 87.5%.
Survey details
▼ Full survey results
Q. Please tell us your level of satisfaction with attracting customers to LP. [Image 2d41566-56-17f9403d2630facc57ac-1.png&s3=41566-56-ac265944e80c1666eedca980a5d46d43-800x450.png
11.7% said they were “satisfied” and 54.7% said they were “slightly satisfied,” for a total of 66.4%.
On the other hand, 33.6% answered that they were “not satisfied” or “neither” with attracting customers to LP.
Then, I would like to see why you are not satisfied, the factors and the actual situation.
Q. Those who answered “not satisfied” or “not very satisfied” in the previous question
“What elements do you think the LP is lacking?”
[Image 3d41566-56-7270c3d6d6b9152e7695-2.png&s3=41566-56-2007adb876a7b43ba84ca9f7eb570a8b-800x450.png
In the previous question, those who felt that they were not satisfied with attracting customers to LPs cited the following as the missing elements in LPs:
1st place was “Differentiation from other companies” at 36.7%, 2nd place was “Design” at 28.9%, and 3rd place was “Quality of content” at 26.7%.
The reason why the 1st place “differentiation from other companies” was cited as a lacking factor is that competition in web marketing is intensifying as LPs are created in all industries and industries. Therefore, in order to differentiate from the many LPs on the web, it is necessary to conduct competitive research and know the company’s position before appealing the points of differentiation. Such analysis steps are considered insufficient.
Regarding “design” and “content quality”, it is thought that the importance of fast view, which is a feature of LP, is related. It is especially important for LPs that the product can be understood at a glance, and that the design and copy attract the attention of users. It is essential not only to appeal the features of products and services, but also to provide information that meets the needs of the target in an easy-to-understand manner and to prepare content that prompts action.
Q.Are there any issues you have with LP?
[Image 4d41566-56-cbd6b7d651a7a4a39751-3.png&s3=41566-56-284c2fa5034b8746f2d0a53d44d88381-800x450.png
44.5% answered that they were “not leading to sales” and 25.3% answered that they were “not leading to lead acquisition.”
It seems that the problem is that it does not lead to the creation of LP that resonates with the target and does not lead to conversion acquisition.
In addition, while they feel that they are not achieving results as an issue, they also raise issues such as “not being able to make regular improvements” and “not being able to measure effects.”
The conversion rate can be expected to improve by repeatedly verifying the effects and making improvements based on hypotheses, but it is thought that many companies are losing opportunities because such operations do not go well.
When creating LPs, these issues can be resolved by requesting a production company that can measure and improve the effects after publication. For LP production that leads to sales, please consult Neutral Works, which has a wealth of production and improvement operation results.
LP production:
Next, we will check the factors and actual conditions of those who are satisfied with attracting customers to LP.
Q.By outsourcing / in-house production: Please tell us your level of satisfaction with attracting customers to LP.
[Image 5d41566-56-5d48095035f1181cacb0-4.png&s3=41566-56-0b6741e8b2b4b65f511b3d38176d3009-800x450.png
The satisfaction level of companies that produce LPs in-house was 54.1%, while the satisfaction level of companies that outsourced was 76.3%, which was 22.2% higher.
The breakdown of the LP production method (in-house production / outsourcing) is as follows.
■How did you create the LP? (n=265)
・Outsourced: 57.4% (152 people)
・In-house production: 41.9% (41.9 people)
・ Other 0.7% (2 people)
I introduced at the beginning that “the overall LP customer
satisfaction level is 66.4%”, but as a result, it turned out that 57.4% of companies that outsource LP production boosted the overall satisfaction level.
So, I would like to confirm why outsourcing LP production is highly satisfying. Let’s explore the reasons why satisfaction is high from the point of choosing the subcontractor.
Q.Comparison of selection priority items and satisfaction level of subcontractors
[Image 6d41566-56-0f3cd9cce4ed89ad580a-5.png&s3=41566-56-d460b044d440d550daf943a0067df479-800x450.png
We asked those who answered that they “outsource” LP production about “items to consider when selecting outsourcers.”
As a result, the ranking was 1st “quality of design” 49.7%, 2nd “rich track record” 48%, 3rd “low cost” 41.9%, and 4th “marketing knowledge” 26.8%.
On the other hand, when comparing the LP customer satisfaction level by item that was emphasized, the satisfaction level of those who emphasized “marketing knowledge” was high at 87.5%. It is about 15% higher than the satisfaction level of those who emphasized “low cost”. The quality of design and the abundance of achievements can be said to be important factors in outsourcing, but it seems that the point is to emphasize “marketing knowledge” in order to further increase the satisfaction of attracting customers.
The reason for this is that the conversion rate is greatly influenced by the marketing strategy. This is because the overall strategy of digital marketing, narrowing down the persona by embodying the image of the target person, and content design based on user needs will lead to the final action.
Neutral Works creates LPs from the “user’s point of view” by digging deep into the image of the target user based on behavior and thought analysis on the web. Please leave it to us if you want to create an LP that will attract more customers.
LP production:
Q.Do you consciously implement LPO (Landing Page Optimization)? [Image 7d41566-56-1f95bd7678be2c5d1c9a-6.png&s3=41566-56-d9959f7b8702ef587da3cad2b805a864-800x450.png
LPO is an abbreviation for “Landing Page Optimization” and is translated as “Landing Page Optimization” in Japan. By finding problems with the landing page, making it easier for visitors to obtain the information they want, and making improvements
(optimization) so that they do not leave midway through, you can take action such as purchasing products or making inquiries. The aim is to increase the proportion of
When asked if they are consciously implementing LPO, 26.8% answered that they are “in-house” and 38.5% are “outsourcing”. On the other hand, 34.7% answered that they “do not implement much” or “do not implement”.
As mentioned above, we also found that there are many companies that have not been able to “regularly improve” and “measure effects”, which were cited as issues for LPs.
In order to improve LP, it is necessary to acquire the necessary data and analyze it correctly from each indicator.
Neutral Works’ “Website Improvement Consulting” can be entrusted to you all at once, from current problem analysis to improvement proposals, implementation of measures and effect measurement. Please contact us if you have any issues with your current LP.
Website improvement consulting: ▼You can see the results of the survey here.
Survey outline
Survey target: Person in charge of a company that uses LP (landing page) in their company
Survey method: Internet survey
Survey period: December 7, 2022 to February 9, 2023
Number of samples: 265
Summary of survey results
It turns out that there are many companies that are struggling because they are not connected to sales or lead acquisition from LPs. The lack of differentiation from other companies is cited as a lacking factor, and one of the factors is the lack of effectiveness measurement and regular improvement after LP distribution.
On the other hand, we found that companies that outsource LPs have a relatively high level of satisfaction with attracting customers. Companies that selected a production company with a wealth of marketing knowledge as a factor to look for in outsourcers were found to be particularly satisfied with attracting customers through LP, and it can be seen how important a marketing strategy from the user’s point of view is in LP production. .
It can be said that LP production from the user’s point of view and continuous improvement through effect measurement are important points in order to cause target actions on LP.
▼ Full survey results
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