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ARIGATO Co., Ltd. Series cumulative sales From the feminine care brand “Tant RUX” with 60,000 units, premi um feminine zone oil “Tant RUX LUV” containing CBD and NMN Special production and limited quantity sales

Cumulative series sales From the feminine care brand “Tant RUX”, which sells 60,000 units, a premium feminine zone oil “Tant RUX LUV” containing CBD and NMN has been specially produced and sold in limited quantities.
February 6th (Monday) Pre-sale at Beauty World Japan Fukuoka
ARIGATO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Representative: Izumi Yamazaki) has released a special feminine zone oil “Tant RUX LUV” containing CBD and NMN from the feminine care product “Tant RUX” series. Luxe Love)” will be pre-released at Beauty World Japan Fukuoka from Monday, February 6, 2023, and orders will be accepted in limited quantities. Since its launch in February 2021, the Tant RUX series, which specializes in feminine care (fem care), has sold over 60,000 units in two years.
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A luxurious oil that awakens the six senses with a high concentration of CBD and NMN.
From the feminine care brand “Tant RUX”, which has been well received for its carefully selected ingredients and special scents and textures, “Tant RUX LUV” is a special oil that is luxuriously blended with notable ingredients and tailored with a luxurious scent. (Tantryx Love)” will appear in limited quantities.
■ Endless pursuit of beauty, high-grade specifications containing CBD and NMN [Image 2

CBD is extracted from hemp, which has been a hot topic in recent years as a natural remedy. “Tant RUX LUV” uses both isolate and broad spectrum, and invites you to a deeper relaxation with the entourage effect of multiple ingredients. In addition, NMN, which is attracting attention in the field of cell research, is highly blended to enhance the pursuit of beauty.
A fragrance that elevates me like a drama heroine
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The top note is bergamot, the middle is orange lavender, and the last is rose, a rich fragrance that unfolds like a story. A unique formula that will make your day more glamorous and luxurious.
Special limited production, a special package that creates an exciting encounter [Image 4

“Tant RUX LUV” will be sold in limited production and quantity. In addition to the combination of high-grade ingredients and special fragrance, the lustrous and captivating visuals with the motif of the moon further enhance the special feeling.
The main body of oil and diluent are set in a special box that has been customized for this occasion only. Please experience the rich lifestyle that begins with “Tant RUX LUV”, a luxury that you can feel every time you pick it up.
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■ Product overview
30ml (with diluent)
15,400 yen (tax included)
Limited production, special BOX
February 6th (Monday) ~ Pre-sale at Beauty World Japan Fukuoka, order sales start in limited quantities from the same day
(Ends as soon as the planned number is reached)
*The Tant RUX series is a salon exclusive product. Please contact us from the following for handling stores.
[Tant RUX] Developed and manufactured in Japan to suit Japanese skin. Bringing feminine zone care closer to you
About half of Japanese women are said to have troubles in the feminine zone, and femtech is attracting more and more attention these days. The “Tant RUX” series, which develops feminine zone care products, was born to help with the concerns of the feminine zone, such as stuffiness, odors, dullness*, and dryness.
* Dullness: Due to dryness and accumulation of dirt
tantryx oil
[Image 6

30ml・7,700yen (tax included)
Highly penetrating* ・Made with a blend of 29 types of 100% natural oils, including marula oil, which boasts moisturizing power and is harvested from the nuts called “God’s Tree” in South Africa, with a focus on texture and fragrance to suit Japanese people. Feminine zone care oil from IN JAPAN. *Penetration: up to stratum corneum
Tantric Soap
[Image 7

200ml・5,500yen (tax included)
Cleansing ingredients that work on moisturizing and gentle lather containing carefully selected natural oils approach stains and keep the feminine zone clean while moisturizing. The scent of relaxing aroma makes bath time a moment of healing.
Tantrux Peel
[Image 8

270g・5,500yen (tax included)
Peeling* care for hips. “Salt Moisture” design that achieves concentrated moisturizing at the same time. For special care twice a week.
* Indicates peeling due to washing
The Tant RUX series has sold over 60,000 units in the two years since its launch, revealing the need for femcare
Despite being a salon exclusive product, the Tant RUX series has achieved cumulative sales of 60,000 units since the oil was released in February 2021, indicating the high level of attention and needs for fem care items.
I want to create a culture of feminine zone care for Japanese women and eliminate worries
Overseas, it is customary for mothers to teach daughters how to care for their feminine zones. Inspired by this custom, ARIGATO Co., Ltd. started the development of Tant RUX with the idea of ​​”creating a feminine zone care culture for Japanese women and eliminating their worries.”
Brand site:
[Reference] Background of Tant RUX LUV development
[Image 9d41035-16-797fe5ca420482c141f3-8.jpg&s3=41035-16-e51039a04052414961e4aae1b7815326-3000x2001.jpg
CBD, which is currently a hot topic, NMN, which is attracting attention in the field of aging care, and natural essential oils with a high aroma effect, are a product that has been repeatedly prototyped in order to create a well-balanced formulation. In selecting raw materials, we had a hard time finding highly safe CBD raw materials. In addition, Tant RUX places particular importance on fragrances that match the sensibilities of Japanese women, and for this LUV, the fragrance has been further upgraded.
■ ARIGATO Co., Ltd.
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Corporate Philosophy “Love me life”
When your skin looks good, you feel more confident about yourself. I like myself.
We provide products and services that enable our customers to realize a life in which they love themselves more.
[Image 11d41035-16-31e05c780d135ced2949-10.jpg&s3=41035-16-acd7efd742274a61466133d5a8f45c6f-1500x1000.jpg
・Become a company that can support women’s happiness more than anywhere else ・Aiming to become a company with the highest average annual income for women in Kyushu
Women’s happiness does not come from work alone. ARIGATO Co., Ltd. aims to be an “ARIGATO” that all employees can be truly happy by creating the best work environment and systems that allow each employee to be themselves with peace of mind at all times.
-About ARIGATO Co., Ltd.-
Headquarters: 10-19 Yoshinocho, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture Park Plaza Mihagino 3F
Representative: Izumi Yamazaki
Established: June 2001
Business description: Management of esthetic salons and eyelash salons, management of schools, development, manufacturing and sales of cosmetics
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