Authorized NPO Terra Renaissance High school students from Japan and Taiwan exchange opinions on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, promoting international understanding through an online exchange meeting (February 20)

Certified NPO Terra Renaissance
High school students from Japan and Taiwan exchange opinions on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Promoting international understanding through an online exchange meeting (February 20)
Expanding Global Human Resources Development Initiatives at Tomeikan High School in Saga Prefecture to Overseas

Certified NPO Terra Renaissance (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Chairman: Shingo Ogawa, hereinafter Terra Renaissance) is a Taiwan National Torao High School (Location: Taiwan Yunlin County, hereinafter Torao High School) and Tomei Educational Corporation. Tate Gakuen (Chairman: Yu Arai, Location: Kiyama-cho, Saga Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as Tomeikan High School) will hold a “Japan-Taiwan High School Exchange Meeting” for students. (Date: February 20 (Mon) / Method: Online) Students with different cultural and educational backgrounds from different regions will exchange opinions on international issues and practice the opportunity to promote international understanding.
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Class scene at Torao High School
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A class scene at Tomeikan High School
◯ A new step toward nurturing “peace bearers” by holding the “Japan-Taiwan High School Student Exchange Meeting”
Terra Renaissance is an international cooperation NGO that implements activities in seven countries around the world, including demining assistance in Cambodia and support for the self-reliance of former child soldiers and conflict victims in Uganda. In August 2022, we established the Taiwan office “Tai Rang Chuen Chou*” in order to expand our international understanding education and efforts to solicit donations, which we have been developing in Japan, in addition to overseas support activities. ” was established. (*Terra
Renaissance, which is the name of the organization, is written in Chinese.)
On February 20, 2023 (Monday), the “Japan-Taiwan High School Student Exchange Meeting” will be held online by high school students from Tomeikan High School in Saga Prefecture, with which our association has concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement, and Torao High School in Taiwan. It will be held. Students with different cultures and educational backgrounds exchange opinions on international issues, learn to think from multiple perspectives while accepting the opinions of others, and develop their own ideas. This is an initiative that can only be implemented by our association, which focuses on developing global human resources and is promoting business development in Taiwan. We hope that this exchange meeting will serve as a catalyst for the development of Japan-Taiwan exchanges that we are
implementing, and will be a new step toward nurturing “peace bearers.” Please see below for the schedule for the day of the exchange meeting. A Q&A session will be held by our staff after the event.
About the schedule of the exchange meeting
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About NPO Terra Renaissance
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Established by Masaya Onimaru in 2001 with the aim of “realizing a society where all life can live with peace of mind”. Currently, we are providing landmine and unexploded ordnance clearance support in Cambodia and Laos, livelihood reconstruction support in landmine areas, and social reintegration support for former child soldiers in Uganda, Congo, and Burundi. In Japan, he also runs peace education (training for schools and companies) and Otsuchi Sashiko in Otsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture. In 2022, we will start supporting displaced people in Hungary and Ukraine. Major awards received: “Global Ethics Promotion Award” (Institute for Ethics), “Global Citizen Award” (The Japan Foundation), “Excellent NPO” Organization Award Nomination (Let’s aim to be an excellent NPO) , “Social Contribution Award” (Social Contribution Support Foundation), “Nikkei Social Initiative” International Category Award Finalist (Nikkei Inc.), “Corporate Value Certification” (Corporate Value Association), 4th 2nd Japan SDGs Awards Deputy Director General (Minister of Foreign Affairs) Award, 52nd Mainichi Social Welfare Award, 1st SDGs Japan Scholarship Iwasa Award “Peace Section”, etc. United Nations Economic and Social Council Special Consultative Qualification NGO.
Name: NPO Terra Renaissance
Location: Room 403 jimukinoueda bldg.
Chairman: Shingo Ogawa
Established: October 31, 2001 (Certified NPO corporation from May 30, 2014) Business content: Support activities in Asia and Africa for the issues of “landmines”, “small arms”, and “child soldiers”, and
awareness-raising activities centered on “peace education” in Japan, etc.
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(Person in charge: Terra Renaissance Public Relations Oda)
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