Avant G ZEAL carefully observes the interests and worries of students in Shibuya Ward, and supports the construction of an educational dashboard from the overall conception to realize a deeper understanding of children, and the in-house production,

Avant G
ZEAL carefully observes the interests and worries of students in Shibuya Ward, and supports the construction from the overall concept of an educational dashboard that realizes a deeper understanding of children, and the in-house production, etc.
-Use of educational data to improve the density of one-on-one time with children and realize early response to problems faced by children-

ZEAL Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Takahiro Okabe, hereinafter referred to as ZEAL), which develops digital transformation (hereinafter referred to as “DX”) promotion business in the Avant Group, is located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. The Board of Education (hereinafter referred to as “Shibuya Ward”) promotes the realization of “a school where each child can feel secure, develop their individuality, and acquire the power to live a better future.” In the practice of ICT in the field of education, PoC (PoC) of an educational dashboard that aggregates and visualizes multiple data, carefully ascertains the interests and worries of children, and enables educational support and guidance based on a deeper
understanding of children. Proof of concept), overall concept, construction, in-house production, etc. We have also published this case.
Educational dashboard utilization example in Shibuya Ward
-Background before building the education dashboard-
The purpose of using educational data is to realize the well-being of each student
In Shibuya Ward, from September 2017, two years before the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology launched the “GIGA School Concept”, ahead of local governments nationwide, the Shibuya Ward ICT education system “Shibuya Ward model” One tablet terminal environment for each student. has promoted the introduction of In addition, in 2020, we renewed our ICT education infrastructure and established “learning that brings out the potential of all children” using ICT equipment.
Under such circumstances, there was a debate about how to use data to improve the well-being (happiness and richness of mind) of each child. Based on this, the next step was to consider the use of educational data.
On the other hand, there are almost no precedents in Japan regarding the use of educational data, and under the facilitation of Microsoft, which is well versed in overseas cases, the Education Policy Division, the administrative and educational staff of the board of education, and the head of the ward department The ICT department participated and held a workshop for the utilization of educational data. At the workshop, we were able to organize the way of thinking that will serve as a compass for the future, and in Shibuya City, we were able to clarify the purpose and vision. rice field.
-Construction process and Zeal evaluation-
Conducted PoC of education dashboard centered on four themes ZEAL’s design concept was highly evaluated
In 2021, the data necessary for teachers to create time and improve density in 1on1 (one-on-one dialogue) with children will be
identified, frequency of occurrence, prioritization, and difficulty of acquisition. While considering such matters, a PoC (proof of concept) was conducted for two months from September 2021, mainly by the members who participated in the workshop, and ZEAL was in charge of technical support.
Shibuya Ward’s educational ICT infrastructure adopted Microsoft 365 A5 and introduced Azure AD (Azure Active Directory) to achieve single sign-on (SSO). Since the basic design of the Azure infrastructure was completed, Azure was adopted as the foundation of the educational dashboard, and Power BI, which can be used with Microsoft 365 A5, was used as a visualization tool.
ZEAL’s proposal and design concept for the overall concept of automatically collecting and utilizing most of the data used in the educational dashboards scattered in the on-premises environment in the cloud environment Azure was exactly what Shibuya Ward was looking for. We are getting evaluations.
In addition, in the PoC of the education dashboard, there are four themes from the perspective of the system: “security”, “ease of use of the dashboard”, “cost control” and “in-house production”. Our ability to make proposals and our high level of technological capabilities lead to the evaluation of our ability to solve the issues of each theme.
Based on the results of the PoC, Shibuya Ward will start construction in October 2021. Continuing from the PoC, ZEAL was in charge of the cloud part, and NTT East was in charge of the on-premises hardware and network, and the two companies worked together to proceed with the construction.
-Effects of Introducing the Educational Dashboard-
Homeroom teachers, schools, and the Shibuya Ward Board of Education share information. Aiming to strengthen the initial response by watching over students as a team.
From 2022, we will start rolling out to all 26 Shibuya Ward elementary and junior high schools, explain to schools and guardians, reflect the opinions of principals on school life questionnaires, etc., and conduct school life questionnaires in June of the same year. , After a trial implementation from July of the same year, full-scale operation began in September.
By enabling teachers to use data and gain awareness from various perspectives, Shibuya Ward was able to improve the density of time spent face-to-face with children and students one-on-one, and to provide early response and early support.
From the educational front, “I use it as a reference for student guidance as it is a way to talk to me and promote common understanding in grades,” and “I share information such as word searches that are likely to lead to risks with parents, and watch over them at home. I asked for it,” and the usage scene of the educational dashboard is expanding.
ZEAL will continue to support advanced ICT education in Shibuya Ward by making full use of its comprehensive strengths based on technology. ・ Please refer to the following URL for details on how to use the education dashboard in Shibuya Ward.
About Shibuya City Board of Education
The Shibuya City Board of Education is based on the vision of Shibuya City’s future: “Shibuya City, a city that transforms differences into strength.” We are working on education aimed at nurturing human beings. In addition, by utilizing various educational resources inside and outside the school, we will create a “future school” where each child can develop their individuality and acquire the skills to live a better life in the future. We are working to enhance
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[About ZEAL Co., Ltd.]
ZEAL Co., Ltd. provides a data platform that organizes and integrates internal and external data, and AI/BI solutions that analyze, predict, and visualize data through consulting and system development. We support promotion. We also develop ZEUSCloud, a cloud-based data analysis platform developed in-house, and ZEAL DX-Learning Room, an e-learning service that supports DX human resource development. A 100% subsidiary of Avant Group Co., Ltd., listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market.
Company name: Zeal Co., Ltd.
Established: July 2012
Representative: Takahiro Okabe, President and Representative Director URL: https://www.zdh.co.jp/
Main business: Business solution package development, license sales, consulting services, support services, etc.
Head office location: 6th floor, Meguro Tokyu Building, 2-13-17 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
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Avant Group Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Tetsuji Morikawa; Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market; Securities Code: 3836). ”, we started with a new governance system and group system on October 1, 2022.
Avant Group develops, sells, and maintains software for customers to make timely and appropriate management decisions and promote management reforms based on a variety of information, both financial and non-financial. We will provide consulting and BPO services and contribute to “management DX”. The main group business subsidiaries (both wholly owned) are as follows:
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