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Axesia Co., Ltd. Cross-border collaboration with TikTok China headquarters “Douyin”! “Treatment mask GK/M W/AG” presentation

Axesia Co., Ltd.
Cross-border collaboration with TikTok China headquarters “Douyin”! “Treatment mask [GK/MW/AG]” presentation
-Three types of sheet masks that combine the blessings of the sea and Axesia’s latest beauty chemistry-

Axesia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Dan Zhuo) is a cross-border EC platform “Douyin EC Global” operated by TikTok China headquarters “Douyin”. Under the
collaboration, a presentation of the sheet mask “Treatment Mask [GK / MW / AG]” that fuses the blessings of the sea and Axesia’s latest beauty chemistry will be held on February 3, 2023 (Friday). It was held under the invitation of the house and models.
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(From the top left, the SNS account name, @ayumihills, @爱吃草莓的Sandi, @Ku Jiahui, @Cocokai, and everyone in the bottom row)
At this event, we invited influencers, beauticians, and models from overseas to present a sheet mask “Treatment Mask [GK/MW/AG]” (3 In order to convey the appeal of the type development), it was held in collaboration with the cross-border EC platform “Douyin EC Global” operated by the Chinese version of TikTok “Douyin”.
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We welcomed total beauty advisor Mariko Mizui and Chinese influencer Ouyo in Japan as guests, who shared their commitment to beautiful skin and this year’s hottest beauty items. At the runway show, a model holding a see-through bag containing a sheet mask excited the venue. The “Treatment Mask” contains carefully selected sea-derived beauty ingredients that are highly compatible with the skin. Three types of sheet masks are developed according to skin troubles, and different beauty ingredients are blended according to each type. In the talk show, the two beauticians talked about their impressions of actually using sheet masks and what skin types each sheet mask is recommended for.
Through this event, Axesia will spread the appeal of its “Treatment Mask” to more people and propose salon-quality care for those with various skin concerns.
“Treatment mask” presentation event report
A beauty talk show by Mariko Mizui and Ouyo
Mariko Mizui, who is active as a total beauty advisor, and Mr. Ouyo, who boasts a high profile as an EC live commerce buyer, appeared as guests.
-What you do to keep your beauty-
Mizui says, “Cleansing is important to keep your skin healthy. Cleansing gently and properly is the basis of beautiful skin. Even after washing your face, apply lotion, beauty essence, and cream carefully. It’s a matter of course. , By continuing this twice a day for 365 days, you will be able to feel more skin care, so it is important to continue.”
Mr. Ou commented, “Because the foundation of beauty is to be healthy, it is important to pay attention to the nutrition of the food you eat. I take measures such as taking supplements to make up for the shortfall.”
– Impressions using “Treatment Mask” –
When asked about his impressions of using the mask, Mr. Mizui said, “I like the fact that when you first open it, there is plenty of beauty essence that overflows. It sticks tightly without any gaps, so I’m happy that the serum penetrates deep into the stratum corneum of the skin.”
Mr. Ouyo says, “I especially like taking care with ‘Treatment Mask AG’. You can see that the impression of the skin becomes brighter after using it once. Recommended as a special care once or twice a week. 3 types. I recommend using a mask in the morning, and this morning I also used a treatment mask!”
◆ Runway show
Male and female models with see-through bags containing “Treatment Masks” and KOL* walked on the runway on a blue-based stage that was inspired by products that use plenty of carefully selected sea-derived ingredients. I made it up.
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*Key Opinion Leader, an influencer who has a strong influence on the purchasing decisions of Chinese consumers
Event speaker profile
Mariko Mizui
Beautician and total beauty advisor. Active in beauty magazines, fashion magazines, websites, etc., focusing on beauty pages and lectures for a wide range of ages from teens to 60s. Based on his esthetic experience, he specializes in personal skin diagnosis and gives lectures on skin care methods and how to interact with cosmetics. We value beauty that approaches not only the skin, but also the inner body and mind, and disseminates beauty information in a wide range of fields, including diet, exercise, lifestyle, and the state of mind.
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Chinese influencer in Japan. As a buyer, he is active in exhibitions and EC live commerce. In the online mall “Taobao”, a total of 3 stores are developed, centering on the main shop “Yu Jia Zimono Neko”. He is well versed in a wide range of products, from fashion to beauty products and jewelry. In 2019, he was awarded the TAOBAO Year’s Strongest Buyer Award, and in 2021, he was awarded as the TAOBAO Most Popular Buyer.

Beauty Force Treatment Mask [GK/MW/AG] Overview
Axesia Beauty Force Treatment Mask [GK/MW/AG]
-Sheet mask-
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1 piece (25 mL) x 7 pieces
Each ¥ 4,180 tax included (body price: ¥ 3,800)
The 3 types of “Treatment Masks [GK/MW/AG]” are close to skin problems and skin conditions that change depending on the season. Plenty of 25mL beauty essence is used in one mask. The sheet uses “cotton linter,” which has excellent liquid retention, does not drip easily, and adheres well to the skin. Fluctuating skin care type “GK”, moisturizing and glossy skin care type “MW”, and aging care type** “AG” contain beauty ingredients according to the purpose of each type. In addition to the beauty ingredients for each type, carefully selected blends of 3 types of sea-derived ingredients*** that moisturize and condition the skin. With a clean scent inspired by the water and sea that symbolize the brand image, we propose mask care like an esthetic at home.
【how to use】
After cleansing your face with lotion, remove the sheet and let it adhere to your skin for 10 to 15 minutes. After removing the sheet, use the palm of your hand to absorb the essence remaining on your skin. It is also recommended to use a generous amount of serum on the neck, elbows, knees, heels, etc.
**Age-appropriate care
*** Skin conditioning, firmness, and moisturizing ingredients: Eryngium maritimum callus culture solution, Chrismum maritimum callus culture solution,
 Hydrolyzed conchiolin
brand description
beauty force series
The brand name “Beauty Force” contains the desire to support you in your pursuit of beauty. Carefully selected ingredients support face care for the bare skin you are aiming for.
What is Axesia
Axesia was born in 2011 as a skin care brand exclusively for beauty salons. The “Beauty Eyes” series, which was developed in 2016 with the concept of “Essence of eye care for home care”, has been a big hit in China and other Asian countries. Currently, we are developing in Asian countries such as China and Singapore, as well as in the United States, Canada, and Australia. In Japan, many stores such as department stores and variety shops, including directly managed stores “AXXZIA GINZA SIX store” and “AXXZIA Haneda Airport Garden store”, have been well received by everyone.
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