Baked confectionery specialty store White Day & spring spring limited gorgeous freshly baked products and baked confectionery gifts! Released sequentially from February 15 (Wednesday)

Edelweiss Co., Ltd.
Baked confectionery specialty store – Biscuit Terrier Bretonne – White Day & spring limited gorgeous freshly baked products and baked confectionery gifts! Released sequentially from February 15

At “Biscuiterie Bretonne” (, a baked confectionery specialty store that delivers the deliciousness of Brittany, France, “Le Bonheur a Vous-Spring baked confectionery that brings happiness-” Based on the theme, we will develop a wide variety of assorted gifts such as spring-only baked sweets and cookie cans that combine chocolate and berries with the flavor of high-quality butter, and gorgeous assortment packages of flower bouquets such as violet and viola. Gift products will be on sale from February 15 (Wednesday), and freshly baked products will be on sale from March 1 (Wednesday). (*Freshly baked products are available only at stores) [Image 1

White Day & Spring Freshly baked product details
[Image 2

[Limited to 50 each day] Financier et tablet chocolate
A special dish that sandwiches a bitter and fragrant Belgian chocolate bar between a popular freshly baked financier in Bretonne. The fragrant and flavorful financier is accented with the crisp texture of tablet chocolate. Two types of -strawberry and white chocolate- and -chocolat- will be sold for a limited number of 50 at each store each day.
【 price 】
(Before photo)-Strawberry and white chocolate-tax included ¥389 (body price ¥360)
(Photo back)-chocolat- tax included ¥368 (body price ¥340)
[Sales period] March 1 (Wed)-March 14 (Tue)
*This product is sold only at stores. No online shop sales.
[Image 3

Berries, cherry blossoms, citrus fruits, etc. Three types of gateau nante for spring
Three limited-edition Gateau Nantes, which are gorgeously finished like spring, will be available from March 1st (Wednesday). It’s the perfect taste for spring, with the flavorful dough of fermented butter and ingredients such as berries, cherry blossoms, and citrus fruits. Please enjoy it with tea.
[Price] (* Clockwise from the front of the photo)
-Sakura cranberry-tax included ¥400 (body price ¥370)
-Chocolat Framboise- Tax included ¥ 422 (body price ¥ 390)
-Agrume Printemps-¥432 including tax (¥400 without tax)
[Sales period] March 1st (Wednesday) to March 31st (Friday) *-Sakura Cranberry- is until April 11th (Tuesday)
*This product is sold only at stores. No online shop sales.
White Day & Spring Gift Product Details
[Image 4

[Image 5

[White Day Limited] Popular “Pink Can” Brittany Cookie
Assolti-Can-Bonheur Printemps
The “Pale Pink Can” limited to White Day has been renewed and will be available again this year. A cookie tin that is perfect for spring tea time, with a pale pink can filled with 6 varieties of butter-scented cookies. You can enjoy special flavors limited to pink cans, such as “Galette Bretonne Demi-Chocolat-”, which is very popular every year, “Chocolat Caramel” and “Diamant au Te”.
[Image 6

[Price] ¥2,808 including tax (¥2,600 body price)
[Contents] 25 pieces per can (Galette Bretonne Demi-Chocolat Chips-2 pieces / Chocolate Caramel 4 pieces / Diamant au Te 3 pieces / Apricots 5 pieces / Pistache 6 pieces / Framboise 5 pieces)
[Reservation period] February 15 (Wednesday) to February 27 (Monday) [Sales period] March 1 (Wed)-March 14 (Tue)
* The online shop is scheduled to arrive and sell in limited quantities on February 15 (Wednesday) and February 22 (Wednesday). [Image 7

Chocolat Assortment-Printemps- 7 pieces
A limited-time financier that combines Belgian couverture chocolate and fragrant hazelnuts-chocolat noisette-and three popular baked sweets are assorted in a gorgeous spring-like box. The design says “Le bonheur a vous (happiness to you)”, and it is recommended not only for White Day, but also as a gift for those who are starting a new life in spring.
[Price] 2,031 yen including tax (body price 1,880 yen)
[Contents] Financier-Chocolat Noisette-2, Financier 2, Madeleine 2, Galette Bretonne 1
[Sales period] February 15 (Wednesday) to April 20 (Thursday) [Image 8

Lop Ear Pochette-Chocolat Assortment-Printemps 5 pieces
The popular original cotton pouch, which looks like a bunny with droopy ears, will be available again this year in baby pink, a spring-only color. An assortment of limited-time financier-chocolat noisette-and baked sweets with a rich buttery flavor. [Price] 1,620 yen including tax (body price 1,500 yen)
[Contents] Financier-Chocolat Noisette-2, Financier 1, Madeleine 1, Galette Bretonne 1
[Sales period] February 15 (Wednesday) to March 14 (Tuesday) We also have many other limited edition products. Bretonne baked sweets just now, perfect for the spring season.
Please use it for gifts and tea time from White Day to spring! [Image 9

Baked confectionery specialty store -Biscuiterie Bretonne- is a baked confectionery specialty store developed by Edelweiss Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Kobe / President: Yoshiyuki Hiyane), which opened in October 2012. We deliver rustic yet delicious baked goods, centering on sweets that have been loved in Brittany, France. [Brand HP]
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