bayfm78 A live broadcast that makes the late night of the bay area noisy! / February 13th (Monday) to 15th (Wednesday) “MOZAIKU NIGHT”

A live broadcast that makes the late night of the bay area rustling! / February 13th (Monday) to 15th (Wednesday) “MOZAIKU NIGHT”
Every Monday to Wednesday 1:00-3:00 “MOZAIKU NIGHT”

“MOZAIKU NIGHT” is lively broadcast every Monday to Wednesday from 1:00 am on bayfm!
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Each day of the week, a unique DJ gives off a different color, keeping the nights in the bay area awake!

On Monday, February 13th, radio to heating equipment! Feeling Temperature Explosion Plan Consecutive Gomeman!
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In order to keep the rising heating costs down, we will send you a lot of projects that will make your body hot just by listening to the radio!
As for the present of program sticker!
We present stickers to 5 people!
DJ: Takuya Gomyo (Grunge)
Listen to the program:
On Tuesday, February 14th, Masaru Ikeda and Megane will challenge various projects! All members of the Tuesday Defense Force, assemble! [Image 3d78831-391-e54e4ab0efadbbab01c6-3.jpg&s3=78831-391-e1058ea0793cb7e7a9fcccee990d2266-480x300.jpg
DJ: Masaru Ikeda (Zigzag Ziggy) & Megane
Listen to the program:
On Wednesday, February 15th, Imayasu and Shikoru (Nara Yoshitaka) will deliver “Email Craftsman Training Course!”
[Image 4d78831-391-2057c997e6a633054723-4.jpg&s3=78831-391-c183aa5ac9f3b884b133c4d5859115ff-480x300.jpg
Listeners who can participate in various bayfm programs from “Mozasui”! Which program would you like to send a message like this? This program is easy to read such a message! And other bayfm programs are featured without permission!
Mozasui goods set will be presented to (maximum) 3 people! ! DJ: Imayasu & Nara Yoshitaka
Listen to the program:
Program name: “MOZAIKU NIGHT”
Broadcast date and time: Every Monday to Wednesday midnight 1:00-3:00 Monday: Takuya Gomyo (Grunge) / Tuesday: Masaru Ikeda (Zigzag Ziggy) & Glasses / Wednesday: Imayasu & Yoshitaka Nara
Program HP:
Program email:
Hashtag: mozaiku

February 13th (Monday) ~ 1 week when the radio is special! bayfm SPECIAL WEEK [Image 5d78831-391-64e05b5a776365fdd1eb-0.jpg&s3=78831-391-d43e6b5fb86d8d8197cc507d8bcdccb9-1920x1080.jpg
During the period, we will welcome you with a talk that you can only listen to here with gorgeous guests, and a lot of projects that you want to listen to, such as limited gifts! Would you like to try “life with radio” for the first time? Check the special site for the contents of each program!
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