Birdman Acquired the domestic commercial rights for KPOP LUX, the sister festival of Europe’s largest K-POP concert K.FLEX

Acquired the domestic promotional rights for KPOP LUX, the sister festival of K.FLEX, the largest K-POP concert in Europe.
~ Partnership with KPOP LUX Limited! Starting for the first holding in Japan ~
Birdman Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Securities code: 7063, Representative Director: Akihiro Date, hereinafter referred to as “our company”) plans and promotes K-POP concerts globally in Europe and Asia “Live Company Group (hereinafter referred to as LVCG, Chairman: David Ciclitira), a division of “KPOP LUX Limited
(hereinafter KPL)”, we signed a partnership on Friday, February 10th. As a result, our company and KPL will jointly hold a K-POP concert “KPOP LUX (name: K-pop Lux)” in Japan for the next four years, starting with the first K-POP concert scheduled to be held in Japan. [Image 1

February 10, 2023 in Seoul, South Korea
Background of the initiative
K-POP is one of the entertainment genres that has gained many fans all over the world these days. It has gained explosive popularity in the Japanese music scene as well, with tickets and goods selling out instantly, creating a new market called the “fandom business” where artists create live performances, events, and communities with enthusiastic fans. is being cut open.
This time, Birdman has acquired the promotional rights in Japan for “KPOP LUX”, the world’s largest K-POP concert. We will realize business development such as goods, sponsorship, TV broadcasting, streaming, and cooperation with our own service 5D LIVE (C). Areas of responsibility of each company
At the time of this conclusion, our company is engaged in the operation, promotion and ticket sales of “KPOP LUX” (hereinafter referred to as concerts) in Japan, and “Entertainment Next Co., Ltd.”, a wholly owned subsidiary of Birdman specializing in the entertainment business. In cooperation with domestic companies, we will realize the smooth promotion of concerts in Japan.
KPL has also signed a separate contract with Live Company Korea (LVK) as executive producer of the concert. LVK will play a central role in selecting and contracting K-POP artists (hereafter referred to as “artists”) who will appear in this concert.
A total of 7 artists, including at least 2 world-class artists (*1), 3 top artists, and 2 new artists, are scheduled to perform at future concerts.
KPL owns all copyrights and commercial rights (including live streaming rights, distribution rights, merchandise rights, and sponsorship rights) related to this concert.
(*1): World-class artists are the most popular and well-known artists in the K-POP world.
About “K.FLEX” and “KPOP LUX”
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“K.FLEX” is a concert that aims to meet European K-POP fans by embodying a new form suitable for the current era of “WITH Corona” as Europe’s largest K-POP festival. . And as a sister event, “KPOP LUX”, which is scheduled to be held in Japan in the future, will bring together a wide range of artists, from world-class K-POP artists who have received support from all over the world to rookies who will be responsible for the next generation of entertainment. As a large-scale festival, we have announced that it will be held in Madrid in July and in London in September.
*We will announce the event in Japan as soon as the details are decided. ▼ “K.FLEX” held results
○Holding results
May 14th (Sat) – 15th (Sun), 2022
Frankfurt etc.
○ Performers (in no particular order)
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Comments from representatives of each company
[Image 4

Live Company Group / Chairman David Ciclitira
I was impressed by the enthusiasm of Birdman, who boldly challenges various businesses without being bound by conventional concepts, and decided to team up with him this time. I am very happy to be able to hold “KPOP LUX” in Japan for the first time, and I will continue to hold a lot of discussions with Birdman on how our festival will be received in Japan and be enjoyed even more. I’m excited to be able to go.
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Birdman Co., Ltd. / President Akihiro Date
Through our partnership with KPL, we are thrilled to have the exclusive rights to hold ‘KPOP LUX’ for four years. We would like to make the most of the creativity that Birdman has cultivated so far and realize a new form of entertainment that has never been seen before with “KPOP LUX”. We can’t wait to deliver “KPOP LUX” to all Japanese fans who want K-POP concerts.
Live Company Group Company Profile
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Live Company Group (LVCG) promotes live event, entertainment and sporting event businesses. Among them, LVCG is divided into four divisions, one of which is the K-POP division “KPOP LUX Limited (KPL)”. KPL signed a separate contract with Live Company Korea (LVK) as executive producer of the concert. LVK will play a central role in not only selecting and signing contracts with K-POP artists (hereafter referred to as “artists”) who will appear in this concert, but also in Madrid in July 2023 and in London in September. LUX” concert is being produced in partnership with South Korean TV station SBS.
It also owns the rights to the “K.Flex” brand and is also an executive producer as a partner of “K.Flex” in Frankfurt through a joint venture with Explorado Group’s K-POP Europa (KPE).
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Birdman Co., Ltd. Company Profile
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We will implement ideas that transform business by making full use of creative and business solutions that break through preconceived notions, and the technologies that make them a reality. From branding, business/product/application development to financing and advertising to make them successful. We will continue to pursue the challenges faced by companies and society by facilitating the vertical division of businesses such as consulting companies, advertising companies, and PR companies.
In addition, from 2021, in order to update the entertainment industry, which continues trial and error due to the corona disaster, we will newly establish the “Entertainment Transformation Business” to create new forms of entertainment in collaboration with up-and-coming artists and creators.
In July 2022, “Entertainment Next Co., Ltd.” was established with the aim of further strengthening the existing EX business and creating a new form of entertainment with artists not only in Japan but also overseas. We aim for further growth in both the MX business and the EX business.
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