Biz Creation Co., Ltd. A must-see for contractors and builders!! DX Seminar held on February 17_Biz Creation Co., Ltd.

Biz Creation Co., Ltd.
A must-see for contractors and builders!! DX Seminar [held on February 17]_Biz Creation Co., Ltd.
A limited release of the secret to reducing complicated work and increasing the number of visitors_Seminar co-sponsored by Ururu Co., Ltd.

Biz Creation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Okayama City, Okayama
Prefecture, Representative Director: Masahiko Hatsuya, hereinafter, “Our company”) will hold an online seminar on February 17, 2023 for contractor managers and people in charge of attracting customers on the secret to reducing complicated operations and increasing visitor attraction as a DX strategy for contractors and builders.
We often hear from housing companies that they can’t attract customers, such as “I’m too busy to work on attracting customers” or “I want to hold an event, but I don’t have enough staff.” This time, we have invited Mr. Kamiguchi, General Manager of Ururu fondesk Co., Ltd., which operates DX through smooth telephone brokerage and solves the shortage of personnel, to talk about solving the shortage of personnel at construction companies and increasing the number of customers through DX. There is a housing company that has been able to increase the number of customers and contracts by allocating time to more effective measures by improving operational efficiency. In this seminar, we will tell you how to use specific services. If you are a builders manager or a builders attracting customer, you can
participate online for free.
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Event name: [Must-see DX seminar for builders and builders] The secret to reducing complicated work and increasing the number of visitors Date: February 17, 2023 (Friday) 16:00-17:00
Venue: Online (Zoom webinar will be held, URL will be sent to those who apply) Contents: We will talk about the secrets of attracting customers with DX to the managers of construction companies and people in charge of attracting customers.
Target: Managers, sales managers, marketing managers, and sales representatives of construction companies, housing, and real estate companies
*Please contact us individually regarding visits by members of the press. Application method: Please apply from the application form link below.
[Seminar program]
◎Part 1: The key to streamlining operations at builders with many complicated operations (Ururu Co., Ltd.)
In the first part, Mr. Kamiguchi, General Manager of Ururu Co., Ltd. fondesk, which operates the primary telephone brokerage service “fondesk”, which has been introduced by 3,700 companies in three years since its release, is showing explosive growth. I would like to talk about the tips of By introducing fondesk and resolving the shortage of personnel, the number of builders that are achieving good results with a small number of elites is increasing. In this seminar, we will specifically talk about how DX should be for builders, such as how to attract customers with a small number of elites and lead to increased contracts.
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◎ Part 2: What information do customers want and how to meet them? (Biz Creation Co., Ltd.)
Simply holding an event will not lead to attracting customers. In this seminar, Mr. Hatsutani, CEO of Biz Creation Co., Ltd., which develops “KengakuCloud”, a cloud tool for attracting reservations and customers for housing companies, will talk about how to create a mechanism to “meet” customers efficiently and reliably. KengakuCloud, which has increased the number of companies that have introduced it to about 900 over the past two years, regularly collects success stories. In particular, I found that housing companies that are doing well in attracting customers are successfully approaching both new and existing customers. In this seminar, we will talk to everyone about what we have learned as a success pattern, regardless of the scale. [Image 4

■ Ururu Co., Ltd. [Company Profile]
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Be a company that is expected and supported by the world
Our strength is that we can develop multiple SaaS businesses because we have BPO and crowdsourcing. Create and enable a new workforce. Improving productivity by utilizing IT and AI and promoting DX. In addition, we must think and create new solutions with unique ideas without being bound by preconceived notions. We, Ururu, will solve the serious social problems that Japan faces, and furthermore, we will face the social problems of the world as a whole.
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■ Biz Creation Co., Ltd.
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Continuing to be an intermediary between thoughts and feelings As an advertising company specializing in the housing industry, in 2016, we launched the housing tour matching service “iemiru” with the desire to change the information infrastructure in the Japanese housing industry. In 2017, we released “KengakuCloud,” a cloud reservation reception and management system dedicated to the housing industry. In 2022, we will add functions such as “unmanned tour function” and “owner’s residence tour” and newly establish “tour insurance” to develop services that meet the needs of users.
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