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Biz Hits Ranking reasons for borrowing 50,000 to 100,000 yen after becoming a member of society Questionnaire survey of 327 people

Biz Hits
[Ranking reasons for borrowing 50,000 to 100,000 yen after becoming a member of society] Questionnaire survey of 327 people
Attitude survey on reasons for borrowing 50,000 to 100,000 yen after becoming a member of society

Biz Hits Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, Representative Director: Yosuke Ito) conducted a survey of 327 people who have borrowed 50,000 to 100,000 yen after becoming a member of society. ” was carried out and the data was ranked.
Click here for details ( When you become a member of society, your income will increase compared to when you were a student. However, there may be many people who say, “As income increases, expenses also increase.”
For example, some people may find it difficult to manage
“entertainment expenses” and “living expenses for living alone”. Therefore, this time, Biz Hits (, a media operated by Biz Hits Co., Ltd. ( that thinks about solving business problems, A questionnaire survey was conducted on 327 people who have borrowed 50,000 to 100,000 yen since becoming a child about their reasons for borrowing money. The results are summarized in ranking format.
Survey outline
Survey target: People who have borrowed 50,000 to 100,000 yen after becoming a member of society
Survey period: December 6-20, 2022
Research agency: In-house research
Survey method: Voluntary responses via the Internet
Number of valid responses: 327 (178 men/149 women)
Respondent age (at the time of borrowing money): Teens 0.6% / 20s 76.5% / 30s 17.4% / 40s 3.4% / 50s and over 1.5% / Unknown 0.6% Summary of survey results
・The number one reason for borrowing 50,000 to 100,000 yen after becoming a member of society is “compensation for living expenses” ・The average age at the time of borrowing money is 26.8 years old ・ The first place to borrow money is “parents”
・It took an average of 10 months to pay off 50,000 to 100,000 yen. ・The average number of times I borrowed money after becoming a member of society was 5 times
The number one reason for borrowing 50,000 to 100,000 yen after becoming a member of society is “compensation for living expenses” [Image 1d41309-171-6fc1d3e5e8c6cb07550b-0.png&s3=41309-171-f2d2b1bf241609633348c3655621d6ec-700x671.png
When we asked 327 people who have borrowed 50,000 to 100,000 yen after becoming a working adult about their reasons for borrowing money, the top answer was “compensation for living expenses (94 people).” 2nd place is “For entertainment/entertainment (56 people)”, 3rd place is “For purchasing and maintaining a car (40 people)”, and 4th place is “For repayment/withdrawal (32 people)”.
“Compensation for living expenses” is ranked first, and you can see that there are many people who are having trouble with their daily lives and are in debt.
-1st place Compensation for living expenses-
・Living expenses from graduating from university to getting a job and receiving your starting salary (22-year-old male)
・Because my husband suddenly lost his job and my savings alone weren’t enough for my living expenses (30-year-old female)
・When my job suddenly became idle and my salary was low, I ran out of money to pay for rent, so I borrowed money (43-year-old female) There are many people who have borrowed money because their salaries are low or their income has decreased, and they have run out of money to cover their living expenses.
Also, while your income remains the same, your expenses may increase due to reasons such as “a child was born” or “a child has gone on to higher education”, and you may not be able to cover your living expenses.
-Second place for entertainment and amusement-
・Because I played too much and didn’t have enough (21-year-old male) ・To go on a trip (28-year-old female)
・I needed entertainment expenses in a hurry (40-year-old male) More and more people are borrowing money for so-called “spending.” Many people think, “If you don’t have money, why don’t you just put up with playing?”
– 3rd place due to car purchase and maintenance costs –
・The place of employment was a place where it was necessary to commute by car. Therefore, I bought a used car, but I borrowed 100,000 yen because it was not enough (20-year-old male)
・Because the vehicle inspection fee was not enough (26-year-old female) ・I had a self-inflicted accident and needed repair expenses for my car (33-year-old male)
Owning a car or motorcycle costs money not only for the purchase cost but also for the maintenance cost. As a result, there are many people who suddenly need money for reasons such as “sudden accident or breakdown” or “vehicle inspection fee is higher than expected”, and have borrowed money.
If public transportation is developed, there is an option to let go of the car, but in rural areas, there are cases where “you can’t commute or shop without a car.”
-Fourth place: for repayment/withdrawal-
・Because I couldn’t prepare the money on the day my credit card was debited (24-year-old male)
・Because I couldn’t pay the scholarship after giving birth (27-year-old female) ・Because I could not pay the mortgage bonus payment (30-year-old female) Many people have borrowed money because they cannot prepare the money to pay for “credit card payments” or “loan repayments”. With credit cards, there are many cases where you notice that the amount used has increased, so it is necessary to use it in a planned manner. In addition, it seems that there are many cases where it has become difficult to repay scholarships and loans due to decreased income and bonuses.
-5th Place Moving Expenses-
・I borrowed 100,000 yen because I didn’t have enough money to move (25-year-old male).
・To buy bedding for living alone (29-year-old male)
・I had to move suddenly, so I borrowed 100,000 yen using a credit card cash advance (32-year-old female).
In addition to the “moving fee”, there are many costs involved in moving, such as “move-out/move-in costs” and “disposal and purchase costs of furniture and home appliances”.
Recently, the number of moving companies that accept credit card payments has increased, but there are still some that only accept cash on the day. As a result, some people had no choice but to borrow money because they could not prepare the money for a sudden move.
-6th as medical expenses-
・Because I needed hospital expenses and treatment expenses (26-year-old female) ・My parent was suddenly hospitalized and I needed medical expenses (35-year-old male)
Some people may not be able to prepare for hospitalization or surgery because they require a large amount of money. Although the
out-of-pocket costs can be reduced with public insurance for medical treatment covered by insurance, the cost of long-term hospitalization will still increase.
There were several people who borrowed money not for their own medical expenses but for the medical expenses of “parents” and “children”. -7th place I want to go shopping-
・There was a bag I wanted, so I borrowed 50,000 yen (22-year-old female) ・I wanted limited-edition clothes, but I didn’t have the money (25-year-old male)
Some people borrowed money because they said, “I really want something, but I don’t have enough money.” Especially when it comes to limited-edition items, some people feel like they might not be able to get them again if they don’t buy them now.
However, it is not easy to think that “If you want something, you can borrow it and buy it.”
The average age at the time of borrowing money is 26.8 years old [Image 2d41309-171-884fe991de6a25a74194-1.png&s3=41309-171-3562defcd71829c1f9a0d55f0f92c9e1-700x456.png
When asked about their age when they borrowed money, the average was 26.8. You can see that there are many people who rent before their 20s.
If you are in your 20s, your salary and savings are still small, and it is thought that you will soon be in trouble if there is a sudden expense. Another reason may be that they are still young and unfamiliar with household finances.
The first place to borrow money is “parents”
[Image 3d41309-171-2b0437a281af2134187a-2.png&s3=41309-171-d797e927bbbde88dbb79e002487273a4-700x460.png
Next, when we asked “who borrowed money”, the number one answer was “parents (36.1%)”. 2nd place is “Card loan (33.9%)”, 3rd place is “Credit card cashing (7.6%)”.
Reliable parents are number one. However, the number of answers of “card loan” is so high that it seems to be on par with “parents”, which indicates that the use is widespread.
-1st place parent-
・Because I was young and didn’t have the courage to borrow from a loan company, let alone friends or colleagues (25-year-old male)
・If you borrow from your family, there is no interest, and even if the repayment period is late, no one will say anything (29-year-old male) ・Because it was the easiest to consult and borrow (37-year-old female) Many people asked their parents for reasons such as “easy to consult” and “no interest”. He’s easy to rely on and flexible, so he’s easy to ask for.
If the reason is medical expenses, parents may offer to help. -2nd Place Card Loan-
・I needed money urgently, and there was no one around to lend it to me (25-year-old male)
・Because I was watching a commercial featuring a celebrity, I thought it would be safe to be famous. It was also the most memorable service (26-year-old male)
・Because I felt that it was easier to borrow from a parent or acquaintance (32-year-old female)
An increasing number of people have chosen a card loan because it is “easily available” and “difficult to ask family and friends.” Bank-affiliated card loans seem to have a strong image of “safety”. Since interest is accrued with a card loan, some people chose a card loan with “no interest for the first month” so as not to accrue interest as much as possible.
-3rd Place Credit Card Cashing-
・Because the card had a cashing frame. I couldn’t tell my parents or relatives, so I chose the method of borrowing without telling anyone (22-year-old female)
・Since I was unemployed, I wanted to eliminate the need for
examination and annual income proof when borrowing (27-year-old male) ・It was easy to use because it is a credit card company that I usually use (36-year-old male)
If you have a cash advance limit on your credit card, you can withdraw money immediately at a convenience store ATM. Many people are using it as a convenient method because they can get cash without screening and without anyone knowing.
If you use a credit card that you usually use, you will feel secure. -Fourth: Family/relatives other than parents-
・I borrowed it from my grandfather. Because I had financial strength (20-year-old female)
・I borrowed it from my sister. I would get scolded if I was a parent, and they seemed to understand the situation the most (23-year-old female).
・I borrowed it from my brother. I tried to get a credit card loan, but was told, “The interest rate is high, so I’ll lend it to you instead.” (32-year-old male)
Many people have borrowed from family members other than their parents for reasons such as “I can’t tell my parents, I can’t rely on them.” In particular, many people borrowed from brothers and sisters. There must be circumstances that “it is easy to understand the situation” and “easy to consult”.
-5th place friend-
・Because my friend had a lot of money and was right next to me (26-year-old male)
・I borrowed it from a friend in elementary school. We have a relationship where we can consult and help each other when we are in trouble (27-year-old male)
・Because I used to lend money to her (36-year-old female)
If you have a relationship of trust and a relationship of helping each other in times of trouble, it will be easier for you to ask for a loan. It can be inferred that there are many cases where they lend without interest, just like borrowing from family members.
Another said, “I borrowed it because I was out with a friend and didn’t have anything on hand.”
It took an average of 10 months to pay off 50,000 to 100,000 yen.

[Image 4d41309-171-aae0f8649eeb210dd51d-4.png&s3=41309-171-24569e040ce7381908efbc92791ff551-700x457.png
When asked about the length of time it took to pay off 50,000 to 100,000 yen, the average was about 10 months (excluding
Although many people repay within three months, those who took more than a year to pay off are pushing the average value up. Some people said, “I borrowed it repeatedly and it took more than 10 years to pay it off.”
In order to pay it off quickly, it is necessary to devise a method such as “repaying in a lump sum when you receive a salary instead of monthly repayment” or “repaying the full amount with a bonus”. The sooner you pay it off, the less interest you will pay.
The average number of times I borrowed money after becoming a member of society was 5 times

[Image 5d41309-171-232508b9f70a73183345-3.png&s3=41309-171-0c46dc9db5a63df8f0f444fb12678ef4-700x460.png
Finally, when asked about the number of times they borrowed money after becoming a member of society, the average was 5 times (excluding unknown).
Although many people said “only once” or “2-3 times”, those who borrowed many times pushed up the average number of times.
If you have a lot of debts, you will be more likely to fall into a state of multiple debts, such as “borrowing from another place to repay your debts”.
It would be nice if you could pay it back properly every time you borrowed it, but if you are behind in repayment, you should reconsider your balance of income and expenditure and how you use your money. summary
As for the reason for borrowing 50,000 to 100,000 yen after becoming a member of society, many people answered that it was to “compensate for living expenses.” You can see that there are more people who borrow money because they are unable to make ends meet than those who borrow money for wasteful spending and shopping.
Although most of the borrowers were “parents”, it was found that many people used card loans and cash advances because they “cannot rely on their parents”. Card loans and cash advances have the merits of being able to borrow immediately and not being known about the debt. However, if you borrow repeatedly with card loans and cash advances, the repayment period will be extended and the total amount of repayments will increase. When using a financial institution, try to borrow only the amount that you can plan to repay.
* All aggregated result data can be viewed from the following. URL:
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