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Blockchain Lock Inc. Launches Locks That Unlock with NFTs

Blockchain Rock Inc.
Blockchain Lock Inc. Launches Locks That Unlock with NFTs
Realize NFT unlocking with QR code compatible authentication device “BCL-QR1”
Blockchain Lock Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Ken Okamoto) aims to further improve the efficiency of space sharing technology, and has newly added “BCL-QR1”, the main model of the “KEYVOX” service. Added the “NFT check-in” function that supports unlocking with NFT.
It can be used not only for NFTs issued for spatial businesses such as hotels, rental offices, rental spaces, and coworking spaces, but also for a wide range of businesses such as ticket-type NFTs for stores and events.
The “KEYVOX” solution launched by Blockchain Lock is an integrated platform for space sharing that integrates “service + device”.In addition to managing keys, reservations, payments, and check-ins can be performed with the KEYVOX application. . This time, we have added the “NFT check-in” function that supports unlocking by NFT to this integrated platform, and the QR code compatible authentication device “BCL-QR1”, which has been well received by businesses for guests such as hotels and rental spaces. is compatible with NFT check-in, and sales have started.
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By using this service, guests who hold NFTs (non-fungible tokens*) issued by hotels, coworking spaces, stores, etc. will unlock the lock by checking in with their own digital wallet. You will be able to * About NFT (non-fungible token)
NFT is a technology that uses blockchain technology to create digital assets with unique value.
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Benefits of checking in with NFT
Smarter and more convenient than traditional check-in methods By obtaining an NFT in advance, customers do not need to present or prove their card or ID at check-in.
Proof of participation and use of events and spots
A unique NFT will be issued as a ticket for check-in to an event or spot and distributed to participants. This not only fulfills the function of a ticket, but can also be stored as a means of proof of participation in an event or spot.
Benefits can be provided to participants using NFTs
Various secondary uses and marketing, such as airdrops of digital assets such as new NFTs, will be possible on the same day or at a later date for the checked-in wallet.
Reasons to use KEYVOX NFT
Abundant cloud functions of KEYVOX available
You can use the rich cloud functions that KEVYVOX has cultivated over many years. You can manage access with NFT as easily as managing an IC card. User access can be easily checked via the cloud.
Overwhelmingly comfortable user experience unlocking with QR code Instead of unlocking via WiFi, which is realized by combining existing devices and services, the direct link between the wallet and the QR code enables high-speed unlocking and an overwhelmingly comfortable user experience.
Free of charge NFT issuance support
In commemoration of the service release, we will not only provide the NFT check-in function free of charge, but also support the required number of NFTs for partners who can create NFT unlocking use cases together.
*Please contact us for various conditions.
Explanation video by CEO Okamoto
[Video 2:]

Details of NFT check-in can be found below. We have prepared many great events such as free distribution of KEYVOX NFTs, so please take this opportunity to participate in the KEYVOX official community.
It is being demonstrated at the Seki Furniture booth of the
International Hotel Restaurant Show held from February 7th (Wednesday) to 10th (Friday).
Please drop by.
For the time being, we will provide this function free of charge to facilities using KEYVOX who wish to use it.
Feel free to contact us at the email below.
■ About Blockchain Lock Co., Ltd.
A technical group specialized in blockchain and IoT, consisting of a management team with a lot of experience in the Internet, blockchain and IoT industries. We are based in Tokyo with the mission of “Unlock the World”, which means providing safe access to assets around the world. Aiming for a world where idle assets around the world can be shared more safely with the power of blockchain and IoT, we are developing and deploying the “KEYVOX” service (access rights management platform and IoT devices).
Service site:
Corporate site: https:/

Details about this release:

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