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Branch room Inoma de Omotenashi Currently being held for a limited time on the 1st floor of the Isetan Tachikawa store.

JAGA Corporation
[Branch room Inoma de Omotenashi] Currently being held for a limited time on the 1st floor of the Isetan Tachikawa store.
We are holding a branch room Inoma de Omotenashi for a limited time.
The National Federation of Commerce and Industry Associations (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Yoshihisa Mori) and Studio Number Five Co., Ltd. (Location: Taito-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ko Inomata) will be held from February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) to February. Until the 7th (Tuesday), we are holding an event called “Inoma de Omotenashi” on the 1st floor of the Isetan Tachikawa store. A collection of local specialties recommended as a reward for yourself or as a souvenir
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The oldest building in Taito Ward, the Tiger Building, which is registered as a national tangible cultural property.In one room of such a building, INOMA is a shoe order salon that takes reservations. Favorite teas and sweets in cups collected by designer Inomata This is the only time and place where we can entertain you, but in order to give everyone a little taste of the atmosphere, we have specially collected pottery and sweets from Inoma this time. Please enjoy it as a gift or for your home.
Some products for sale
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List of companies (in no particular order)
Nakai Tea Factory Co., Ltd./Athmail Japan Co., Ltd./Cool Copan Co., Ltd./Haruka Horse Ranch Co., Ltd./Natura Farming LLC./Ehime Herb Co., Ltd./H2R Japan Co., Ltd./Yoshida Coffee Honpo/Ohashi Chinmido Co., Ltd./Ishida Co., Ltd. Teahouse/Norte Carta Co., Ltd.
Overview of the event
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■ Date and time
February 1 (Wed) ~ February 7 (Tue), 2023
10:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
*Closes at 6:30 p.m. on the last day
■ Venue
Isetan Tachikawa 1F
(2-5-1 Akebonocho, Tachikawa City, Tokyo 190-0012)
■ Organizer
・National Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry
■ Planning cooperation and operation
・Japan Global Association Co., Ltd.
・Studio Number Five Co., Ltd.
Japan Global Association Co., Ltd.
Interview receptionist: Hamada and Munakata
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