Brother Industries, Ltd. Brother donates a documentary video of an Asian elephant giving birth to a library in Nagoya City

Brother Industries, Ltd.
Brother Donates Documentary Video of Asian Elephant Birth to Nagoya City Library An opportunity to think about the importance of life

Brother Industries, Ltd. and Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens jointly produced a video about Asian elephant births titled “Forests Encountering Life on Earth ‘Asian Elephant Birth Documentary'” and donated it to 21 libraries* in Nagoya City, including the Tsurumai Central Library. bottom. Blu-ray and DVD lending has started from February 10th at each library.
DVD (left) and Blu-ray (right) that have started lending at the library In June 2021, Brother signed an official public relations partner agreement with the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens to promote the “species conservation” activities aimed at preventing the extinction of animals and plants promoted by the zoo, as well as human activities that contribute to the extinction of animals and plants. It is responsible for disseminating information on “environmental education” that introduces the As part of these activities, when a baby Asian elephant was born at the zoo in June last year, in addition to cooperating in a petition for a nickname, the team participated in a project titled “Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens x Brother Asian Elephant Birth and Conservation of Species.” A video was produced and published on the website “SDGs STORY”. (“Zoo and botanical gardens and SDGs”
This video introduces the history of the Asian elephants that have been bred at the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens, and the thoughts of the zookeepers on giving birth to Asian elephants. . Brother recently donated the videos to 21 libraries in Nagoya City in the form of Blu-rays and DVDs, with the aim of having more people watch the videos and using them for environmental education. *: Tsurumai, Chikusa, East, North, Kusunoki, West, Yamada, Nakamura, Mizuho, ​​Atsuta, Nakagawa, Tomita, Minato, Nanyo, South, Moriyama, Shidami, Midori, Tokushige, Meito, and Tenpaku within Nagoya City each library
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