Brother Industries, Ltd. Brother Receives First Bronze Certification in “Sports Yell Company 2023”

Brother Industries, Ltd.
Brother Receives First Bronze Certification in “Sports Yell Company 2023”
Brother Industries, Ltd. has been certified as a “Sports Yell Company 2023” by the Japan Sports Agency as a company that actively promotes the health of its employees. Since the first certification in 2019, it has been certified for the fifth consecutive year this year, and was also awarded the bronze certification, which is given to companies that have been certified five times or more in total.
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The Sports Yell Company actively promotes initiatives to promote the health of its employees at workplaces where the “prime working generation”, who tend to lack exercise due to work, housework, and childcare, spends most of their day without time to play sports. This is the 6th year this year to certify companies that are doing it on a regular basis.
Brother Industries believes that it is important for each and every employee to manage their health so that they can continue to play an active role over the long term. It is said that we will actively make efforts to create opportunities and opportunities to exercise. ■ Part of our efforts
Active Challenge (Age management measures)
We provide an opportunity to exercise for two months so that you can acquire exercise habits. We set up three stages of courses according to the exercise level of employees, and introduce exercises that can be done at home. , Efforts aimed at establishing exercise habits. Inventing original exercises and disseminating them to employees In 2021, we devised an original exercise that can be easily done during breaks to solve the lack of exercise due to working from home and continuing to refrain from going out. Aware of Brother’s uniqueness, we created a video of the president himself doing physical exercises, incorporating movements such as sewing machines and opening the lid of the printer. The videos are available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Vietnamese and distributed to each site, and a contest is held every year to promote the use of gymnastics.
[Image 2d11621-569-7f5698b6560e25098137-1.jpg&s3=11621-569-35b62c0dca37ac111adefc832f6f38b0-1280x720.jpg
The opening part of the Brother gymnastics video
Promotion of use of stairs
In order to promote the use of the stairs, the staircase in the factory displays the calorie consumption and a message such as “Thank you for always using the stairs.”
[Image 3d11621-569-b4f4534690ee4d3dcc34-2.jpg&s3=11621-569-3bcc27a636290350927dcfbe55d62f8d-1389x748.jpg
Calorie consumption and messages displayed on the factory stairs

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