Central Publishing Co., Ltd. Medical information magazine monthly “Concentration” March 2023 issue “Putt ing an end to the history of fighting diabetes”

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Medical information magazine “Concentration” March 2023 issue “Putting an end to the history of fighting diabetes”, “Fostering self-awareness and preparedness and leading examinees to pass”, etc.
-Announcement of the latest issue of the monthly “Concentration”, a compass for hospital managers-

The monthly “Concentration” published by Concentration Publishing Co., Ltd. is an annual subscription magazine that disseminates a wide range of information such as medical care, politics, economics, etc. for hospital managers, medical professionals, and executives of
medical-related companies.
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▲Medical information magazine monthly “Concentration” March issue Highlights of the March 2023 issue of the medical information magazine “Concentration” (annual subscription system)
Introductory interview
・Hideto Kojima, Shiga University of Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Bioinformatics, Special Professor
Put an end to the history of fighting diabetes
~The Light of Organ Regeneration Born from the Concept of Stem Cells~  https://www.medical-confidential.com/prtimes/2303_KantoInterview.pdf Art in Hospital
・Be kind to patients by utilizing local resources and considering the environment
Matsuyama Red Cross Hospital
Concentration OPINION
・ Tomohiro Sakamoto, President of Fuji Gakuin Co., Ltd.
Cultivate the awareness and determination that are essential for a good doctor, and enthusiastically lead students to pass exams CONTENTS
・Will Prime Minister Kishida be able to bounce back from the Security Treaty “involvement theory”?
・There are barriers to the realization of Prime Minister Kishida’s “different dimension of countermeasures against the declining birthrate”
・Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare monitoring: 0.6% reduction in pension payments in FY2023
・Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Personnel Watching Shiro Yamazaki draws attention to whether he can support countermeasures against the declining birthrate in a different dimension
・Political world search Unification election with 4 House of Representatives by-election approaching
・There is an urgent need to develop laws related to electronic payment methods, etc.
・Many people are deceived in the sports world?
・”I can’t hear” Japan, why aren’t hearing aids popular?
・ Unconfirmed information “Ivermectin NO!” Is the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare serious? / “Nematode cancer test” that has been flamed with the approval of the local government
・ A bag of legal wisdom that can be used in management Kiyonari Inoue Inoue Law Office Director, Lawyer
・ Me and medicine Yoshiki Sawa Director of Osaka Police Hospital Specially Appointed Professor of Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
・Hiroyuki Takao, Associate Professor, The Jikei University School of Medicine / Asako Shimotsukazaki, Journalist, What Doctors Seen as Patients
・ A global perspective looking at “Japan’s medical care” Toshiki Mano Professor, Chuo University Graduate School, Specially Appointed Professor, Tama University Graduate School, Physician
・Overseas study memoirs Tomohiko Sugishita Director of Yakushima Onoma Clinic, Visiting Professor of Tokyo Women’s Medical University ・Our recommendations
・French cuisine “Estelle” ・La Mer The Classic
・Hamarokuro’s clinical side effect notes Representative of the Pharmaceutical Vigilance Center (medicine check)
・Patient’s feelings Doctor’s heart Rika Kayama Psychiatrist, Mukawa Town National Health Insurance Hobetsu Clinic Deputy Director ・Tachiki Tourei’s “Star Fortune Diagnosis”
・Book review
・”The Dark Side of Psychiatric Medicine” Latest News, Hikaru Sato, Journalist Medical information magazine Monthly “Concentration”
Boasting a readership that specializes in medical professionals such as hospital managers, directors, and hospital directors, doctors and other medical professionals, it covers hospital management strategies, welfare administration, trends in pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, domestic and foreign politics, economics, society, and more. This is a comprehensive medical information magazine that covers cultural information. Because it is a direct sales method by regular subscription, it cannot be purchased at general bookstores.
[Media overview]
Media name: Concentration / Medical Confidential
Fixed price: Annual subscription fee 18,000 yen (1,500 yen including tax) Format: B5 size
Release date: End of every month
[Subscription application]
About Chubu Publishing Co., Ltd.
○Issuance of medical information magazine “Concentration”
Monthly publication “Concentration/Medical Confidential” (first published in April 2008). Provide useful information to healthcare professionals and managers of medical-related companies, and disseminate information from medical institutions. others,
・Publication planning, production, consulting
・Advertising planning, advertising agency business
・Health and medical information, consulting on management
・ Holding and managing symposiums and seminars, etc.
○Japan-UK medical exchange
In 2018, started a Japan-UK medical exchange program with the University of Cambridge, UK. As a “University of Cambridge Japan Consulting Supervisor”, implements educational programs and study abroad support. Cambridge office opened on August 26, 2022.
Japan office: Strong Akasaka Building 6F, 3-3-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Cambridge Office: Suite 219 23 King Street Cambridge CB1 1AH UK Details about this release:


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