Colors Co., Ltd. “Release your skin and mind in 60 seconds” From Sea The Public Organic, a flower butter c leansing that cleanses makeup and keratin plugs is now available

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“Releasing the skin and mind in 60 seconds” From Sea The Public Organic, a flower butter cleansing that cleanses makeup and keratin plugs is now available.
Pre-sale at the official online store from February 1, 2023

Skin and mind in 60 seconds from C THE PUBLIC ORGANIC, a skincare brand that resonates with organic and science, which debuted in the fall of 2022 from Colors Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Muneki Hashimoto). Prior to the release on March 1, 2023, the official online store
( will be available from February 1st. We will pre-sell at.
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Sea the Public Organic Synchro Nudie Flower Butter Cleansing Balm 90g ¥ 4,400 (tax included) *W face washing not required, eyelash extension compatible
■ Point of focus: “Stressed skin * 1” at the end of the day
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At the end of a busy day, have you ever been disappointed to find that your face doesn’t look the same as the train window or morning reflection in the mirror? I’m worried about shine and pores due to my makeup coming off, dullness due to dryness*2, and lack of firmness and luster.
Sea the Public Organic, which studies the relationship between stress and beauty, has named this nighttime skin condition “Stressed Stagnant Skin*1”.
Use cleansing to remove unnecessary make-up stains, sebum, and old keratin from your skin.
Flower wax that melts at body temperature *4 and 5 is comfortable and relaxing, and the refreshing scent of essential oils will leave you feeling refreshed. A pleasant cleansing experience that will reset everything.
■ A method that completely releases the skin and mind in 60 seconds POINT1.
Flower wax *4, 5 x concentrated vegetable oil *6-8
Luxurious moisture gently lifts makeup
Mimosa wax*4 and damask rose*5 are combined with carefully selected dense plant oils*6-8 and plant-derived waxes*9 to create an exquisite texture that melts at body temperature without being too hard or too soft. Luxurious moisture lifts makeup.
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Two types of oil that cleanly wash away makeup and pore dirt Plant-derived phytohold oil*10 wraps up makeup and dirt to prevent reattachment. In addition, short squalane oil*11 derived from sugarcane with a small molecular weight penetrates into the pores and removes pore dirt and keratin plugs.
POINT 3. “Skin active boost prescription * 12” to the original vitality of the skin
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Adopts “skin active strike formula * 12” containing enzymatically decomposed olive fruit oil * 12. In about 60 seconds after the makeup is lifted, the moisture of the skin care to be applied later can be efficiently absorbed *13 skin condition.

100% essential oil. Refreshing, transparent scent
A calming citrus scent that combines bergamot essential oil*14, lime essential oil*15, and neroli essential oil*16, which has both gorgeousness and calmness. Get rid of your daily worries.
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■ Product overview
Released at the official online store:
February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) to February 28 (Tuesday) Pre-sale *Free shipping will be provided during the pre-sale period.
On sale March 1, 2023 (Wednesday)
Sea the Public Organic Synchro Nudie Flower Butter Cleansing Balm 90g ¥4,400 (tax included)
■ After returning home, a new habit of 60 seconds. Flower butter cleansing that removes keratin plugs and liberates me
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When I get home, the first thing I want to do is remove my makeup. Such a cleansing balm was born based on the knowledge of beautiful and powerful flowers and plants. Melting flower wax*4, 5 and dense plant oil*6-8 lift make-up and dirt away, preventing reattachment and cleanly removing it. Also contains plant-derived oil*10 and 11 for pore dirt. In addition, the “Skin Active Sting Prescription*12” cleanses the skin to make it lively and healthy. It does not require double face washing and is compatible with false eyelashes. Enveloped in the scent of calming citrus, enjoy a pleasant and radiant cleansing time.

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About Sea the Public Organic
A hybrid brand that aims for even stronger effects while inheriting the DNA of The Public Organic. C stands for “Chapter”. It was named with the hope that modern people who suffer from multiple stresses can put a break in their worries and live a life full of happiness. ■ Efforts to donate and support
We will donate 2% of the sales of SEA THE PUBLIC ORGANIC to
organizations that support the “COLOURS NEXT20” project to update society.
Click here for details: *1 Due to dryness and old keratin *2 Due to old keratin *3 Due to pore dirt *4 Silver acacia flower wax (base material) *5 Damask rose wax (base material) *6 Avocado oil (emollient ingredient) *7 Persia walnut seed oil ( Emollient component) *8 Meadowfoam oil (emollient component) *9 Sunflower seed wax (base material), candelilla wax (base material) *10 Dimer dilinoleyl bis(behenyl/isostearyl/phytosteryl) dimer dilinoleate (emollient Ingredients) *11 Hydrogenated farnesene (emollient ingredient) *12 Olive fruit oil (emollient ingredient) *13 Up to keratin *14 Bergamot fruit oil (fragrant ingredient) *15 Lime oil (fragrant ingredient) *16 Bitter orange flower oil ( fragrance component)
Sea the Public Organic
[Customer Inquiries] 050-2018-2557
[Official online store] [Official Instagram] ■ Colors Co., Ltd. / Company Profile
Colors is a “modern clean company” with a vision of “living with hope”. We have our own laboratory on Aoyama Kotto-dori, order cutting-edge raw materials and essential oils from all over the world, accumulate information and data, and use them to develop various brands. In addition, we have launched the project “COLOURS NEXT20” to address current environmental and social issues, and are conducting activities that can directly contribute to sustainable economic activities and the creation of society.
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