Compatible with the invoice system. Usac System started offering a new version of the EDI system “EOS Meijin.NET”.

Usac System Co., Ltd.
Compatible with the invoice system. Usac System started offering a new version of the EDI system “EOS Meijin.NET”.

Usac System Co., Ltd. (head office: Osaka City, President: Naohiro Onoshima), which supports the digitalization of business processes from order receipt to shipment, has announced a new system that supports the invoice system of “EOS Meijin .NET”. The version will be available from Thursday, February 2nd.
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An EDI system that can flexibly respond to rapidly changing business environments
■ Development background
The Qualified Invoice Storage System (hereinafter referred to as the “Invoice System”), which will come into effect on October 1, 2023, will require support for electronic transactions as well. In the distribution industry’s EDI standard method, “Distribution Business Message Standard” (hereafter referred to as distribution BMS), a version (Ver2.1) specification corresponding to the invoice system was established and released. Retailers using distribution BMS are also beginning to announce their response policies. Our company also decided to develop version 8.0 for the EDI software “EOS Meijin.NET” compatible with the distribution BMS, which corresponds to the invoice system.
■ About EOS Meijin .NET
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EOS Meijin.NET
“EOS Meijin .NET” is online ordering package software for
manufacturers and wholesalers who do business with retailers. It is an EDI integrated package that supports legacy EDI such as distribution BMS (JX protocol), JCA protocol, Zengin TCP/IP protocol, etc. Features
1. EDI system for distribution BMS
It has a distribution BMS-compliant database and can send and receive EDI data to and from companies using the distribution BMS.
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Distribution BMS
* “Distribution BMS” is a registered trademark of the distribution system development center.
* “EOS Meijin .NET” is a product declared conforming to the technical specifications of distribution BMS (basic type V2.1) established by the Distribution System Standardization Promotion Council.
2.Compatible with the Revised Electronic Book Storage Law * Optional function We provide an optional service that can store EDI data in a state that conforms to the system requirements of the revised Electronic Book Storage Act, which came into force in January 2022.
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Electronic ledger cloud option
3. Compatible with invoice system New!
With EOS Meijin .NET Ver.8.0, which will be released this time, distribution BMS Ver2.1 with additional items necessary for invoice support will be available.
■ About the future
In conjunction with the release of EOS Meijin.NET Ver.8.0, we will hold a webinar to introduce points to note regarding invoice correspondence in distribution BMS and new features of EOS Meijin.NET. Details will be announced as soon as they are decided. Please wait for further information.
■Company Profile
Usac System Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1971. We provide the “Meijin Series”, which is a package software package of know-how and systems that solve customers’ business problems. In the fields of RPA, EDI, logistics, and forms, we have developed applications that offer excellent cost performance, can be introduced in a short period of time with peace of mind, and are easy to link with core systems.
We are thoroughly committed to improving the efficiency of our operations, and have developed many unique solutions. Barcode reading smartphone application “Pittaly” aimed at improving the efficiency of product management operations in stores and route sales, and “amazingEDI” that streamlines orders and shipping operations for BtoB transactions (vendor central) with Amazon. )”, 3DCG production that promotes regional revitalization and tourism attraction in local governments, and smartphone AR application “EeR”, etc., have received high praise.
Confronting customer issues, we contribute to the efficiency and improvement of work sites with the concept of “solutions that bring smiles and excitement to working people.” Microsoft Certified Gold Partner.
Details about this release:

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