Continental Tire Releases “ComfortContact CC7” Silent Comfort Tire Pursuing Truly Comfortable and Enjoyable Driving

Continental Tire Japan Co., Ltd.
Continental Tire Releases “ComfortContact CC7” Silent Comfort Tire Pursuing Truly Comfortable and Enjoyable Driving

・Commence sales of 7th generation silent comfort tire “ComfortContact CC7” from March 2023
・Highly quiet and smooth ride, developed with top priority on driver and passenger comfort
・The long-life performance, which allows you to enjoy a comfortable ride for a long time, is ideal for drivers who drive on a daily basis.

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Continental Tire Japan Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinagawa-ku,
Tokyo/Managing Director: Nikolaos Kyriazopoulos) has developed a highly quiet and stress-free smooth ride so that drivers and passengers can truly enjoy driving. Silent comfort tire
“ComfortContact CC7” will be released sequentially from March 2023. The release size is 28 sizes from 13 to 17 inches and will be expanded in the future. The price is an open price.
According to Continental research, about 50% of the noise generated while driving is caused by the tires. Especially when driving at high speeds, the contact noise and turbulence between the tires and the road surface increase, making the noise more noticeable. In addition, improving tire noise is becoming more and more important in vehicles with any powertrain, including electric vehicles that run almost silently. So whether you’re driving a vehicle with a conventional internal combustion engine, a hybrid or an electric vehicle, choosing the right comfort tire is very important for your comfort in the car. The ComfortContact CC7 is a comfort tire developed with top priority on driver and passenger comfort. The Comfort+ (Comfort Plus) technology installed in the ComfortContact CC7 provides a quiet interior environment, a smooth ride, and quality time. It exhibits stable driving performance in a wide temperature range and has excellent wear resistance, so it is recommended for daily commuters and drivers who use cars on a daily basis. Lineup of 6 sizes for mini vehicles for Japan. Compatible with a wide range of vehicles from compact cars, mid-size cars, minivans to electric cars.
[Video 2:] [Technology and user benefits adopted by ComfortContactTM CC7] The three main technologies “Z.E.N.” that make up “Comfort+
Technology” to realize truly comfortable and enjoyable driving. [Image 2

1. Zero Shock Pattern
Zero shock pattern with unique rib construction and siping reduces impact. It provides a quiet and smooth ride even on uneven road surfaces.
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2. EverFlex Compound
The Ever Flex compound used in the ComfortContactTM CC7 reduces impact by flexibly adapting to road surface roughness, providing a smooth ride without fatigue. It is also excellent in wear resistance and maintains stable performance in a wide temperature range, making it suitable for daily commuters and drivers who frequently use cars on a daily basis.
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3. Noise Muter
Two technologies of Noise Muter effectively reduce noise to achieve high quietness. Noise Breaker 3.0 finely disperses sound waves passing through the vertical grooves to prevent noise from accumulating inside the vehicle. A Helmholtz resonator (muffler) neutralizes noise by absorbing the sound of the resonance frequency in a chamber designed using the principle of Helmholtz resonance, reducing the noise level felt inside the car. A quiet environment where passengers can enjoy conversation and music makes driving more enjoyable.
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[Sidewall design]
The 7th generation product pursues not only tire performance, but also sidewall design and aesthetics.
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[Release size]
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[Click here for 7th generation products and new lineup information for 2023] ・ComfortContact CC7: Silent comfort tires that pursue truly comfortable and enjoyable driving ・UltraContact UC7: Safety/comfort tires with excellent quietness and long life that prioritize safety
・SportContact 7: Next-generation supersport tires that offer the greatest driving pleasure in Continental history
・AllSeasonContact: An all-season tire that can handle sudden changes in temperature and weather throughout the four seasons, allowing you to drive with a sense of security.
[About Continental]
Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable mobility that connects people and things. With a history dating back to 1871, today the technology company provides safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machinery, traffic and transportation. In 2021, it will generate sales of EUR 33.8 billion and employ approximately 190,000 people in 58 countries and regions around the world. On October 8, 2021,
Continental celebrates its 150th anniversary.
[Continental Tire Division]
The tire division has 24 production and development bases around the world. It is one of the leading tire manufacturers with more than 57,000 employees and sales of €11.8 billion in 2021. One of the technology leaders in tire manufacturing, we offer a wide range of products for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, special vehicles and two wheelers. Through our continuous investment in research and development, we make a significant contribution to safe,
cost-effective and environmentally friendly mobility. The Tire Division’s business includes tire commerce, fleet application services and tire digital management system.
Continental Tire is a premium partner of the electric SUV off-road race “Extreme E”, an official partner of the national team competition hosted by the AFC, and a main partner of the Tour de France. [Information about Continental]
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