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Suisei Hoshimachi 2nd Solo Live 《Hoshimachi Suisei 2nd Solo Live “Shout in Crisis”》 official report released! @ Tokyo Garden Theater Archive viewing tickets are currently on sale at SPWN & ZAIKO until 20:00 on Tuesday, February 28, 2023! (Unlimited viewing until the deadline!)

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On January 28th, Suisei Hoshimachi held her 2nd Live “Hoshimachi Suisei 2nd Solo Live “Shout in Crisis”” at the Tokyo Garden Theater. With a set list centered on songs from the 2nd album “Specter” just released on January 25, the main part of the live will also be distributed online. Among the talents belonging to Hololive, the performance was highly rated due to the high evaluation in terms of music and artist activities, and the impact of appearing in “THE FIRST TAKE” just before.
In an e-mail interview when the album was released, Hoshigai showed his determination, saying, “After the live, I want people to feel like they’ve finished watching a story.” Today’s live was a satisfying story, as if the trajectory of Hoshigai’s life was “performed”. It was his first live band and a live performance with vocals, and it must have been a day with various meanings for each Hoshiyomi.
Seven vertically long monitors were lined up above the stage of the venue. When the scheduled time arrives, the memories of the past, including the 1st Live, will be projected, and the expectations will be stirred up along with the emotional feelings.
When the familiar a cappella of “Stellar Stellar” resounds
majestically, that one phrase instantly transforms the space into a starry sky. This song, produced by TAKU INOUE, has become synonymous with Hoshigai, and since it was sung at the end of the main part of the 1st LIVE, you can feel the continuation of the live story. Every time Hoshimachi dances the choreography, the hem of the same costume as that day sways, and in “Sono no Te stretche”, Hoshiyomi and the others reach out to each other.
M1: Stellar Stellar
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As “Stellar Stellar” came to an end, glitch noise suddenly entered the streets of Hoshimachi, and the moment the audience became noisy, “TEMPLATE” began running with a costume change. “Are you ready to get hot? Let’s go to Ariake!”
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When you think that the successive costumes were displayed on the monitor in the venue in order, the screen will be broken, and it will be the “TRUE GIRL SHOW”. Since the lyrics include a familiar self-introduction, Hoshiyomi gave her full power “Today is also cute” in her own voice at the venue and in the comments on the stream. My first MC here today. Hoshimachi felt shy for a moment, as if they were overwhelmed by the voices and energy of the audience, but once again enjoyed the exchange of greetings. When announcing the end of free distribution on YouTube/TikTok LIVE, the audience at the venue raised a dissatisfied voice, “Yeah!” There is also a mischievous act. “Today, I would like to show you a slightly different version of me than the usual idol VTuber Suisei Hoshimachi.” The song was written and composed by Tomoya Tabuchi (UNISON SQUARE GARDEN) and arranged by Shota Horie, also known as Vocaloid P “kemu”. sang.
M4: Burning de Junjo (wii-wii-woo)
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After that, the secret guest, Mikito P, was invited, and the number “Kakero”, which literally has a sense of speed, was performed. Mikito P’s guitar and harmonies add a touch of beauty to Hoshigai’s singing, delivering a special arrangement only for this day. During the MC, Hoshigai revealed his respect for MikitoP and episodes during the recording, and performed MikitoP’s popular Vocaloid song
“Sarishinohara” together.
M5: Run
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The audience regained calmness and silence after watching a movie that portrayed their emotions like a passage from a poem. Hoshimachi performed “Debutante Ball”, which he wrote the lyrics for, with a stand mic. When the sound of the piano eventually changes to a rhythmic one, it connects to “Faded Hanamidori”. In these two songs, the slow and steady singing and delicate movements stand out, showing a new side of Hoshigai that is different from “cute” or “cool”. M8: faded dogwood
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If you think that a blizzard of flowers suddenly broke out,
Hoshimachi, dressed in a new costume for the 2nd live, will appear like a flower blooming from it. It is a chic dress coat based on black, and the red roses along the side of the body are gorgeous. “7days” (VR adventure game “DYSCHRONIA”) fulfilled the dream of “singing the theme song of the game” by delivering “Michizure” provided by Ayase (YOASOBI) with the ponytail swaying to the jazzy beats. : Chronos Alternate series theme song).
M9: Michizure
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Next is “Bye Bye Rainy”, which boasts a deep-rooted popularity. When the light cutting sounds, Hoshimachi announces the appearance of the second secret guest, Shouta Horie. While swinging his arms to the sideways rhythm, he does not miss the service such as waving at the camera for distribution occasionally. After working as an MC, he collaborated with Horie (kemu)’s Vocaloid song “Defeated Boy”. The live arrangement, which is more intense than the original song, further boosts Hoshimachi’s song, and you will be intoxicated by the extravagant stage.
M11: Bye Bye Rainie
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When Hoshimachi raises his right arm high and a heavy chorus echoes, he will perform the new song “Sensha”, which was released for the first time at a live performance by Soichiro Yamauchi (Fujifabric). -What’s wrong with expecting yourself–The destination is a savage era–Don’t build walls, don’t stop your feet-The hot lyrics are interspersed with messages that inspire you, and at the forefront of VTuber’s spread. It makes us feel the future of Hoshigai, which will open up a new era.
M13: Pioneer
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“Broadcast Room” released a live-action MV in December without taking a break. She sang while bathing in the light of the penlight dyed in orange, and in the following MC, she said, “As an entertainer, I want to bring smiles to everyone, but sometimes things don’t work out. The lyrics are filled with my feelings.” introduced.
M14: Broadcast Room
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In the MC after that, he touched on his own anguish and conflict that he put into this live and album. “At first, I was doing this activity because I wanted someone to find it, but because it was seen by so many people, I started to worry more and more. Today, seeing so many people cheering me on made me feel like I was blown away!Thank you.I think everyone has their own anguish and conflicts in their lives, just like I do, but today I see myself like that. , I think it would be nice if you could accept it because you don’t have to get over it and go home with a smile.”
Switching the moist atmosphere with vocals with the audience and screen shots of the new costumes, he shouted with a big smile, “Let’s go home with a smile on the last song! Are you ready to get excited!” To the last “Soiree”. The refreshing rock tune presented by the hit maker Nanahoshi Orchestra is suitable for the ending of today’s anniversary, and Hoshigai sings a powerful song as if to leave everything behind. As the silver tape released during the last chorus rained down like a meteor shower, the live came to a climax. M18: Soiree
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Between the reality and the virtual, Hoshigai’s singing voice accompanied by a live band had the most persuasive power. She is no longer a “raw stone”. Its brilliance is not limited to the internet scene, but will eventually reach the entire major scene.
Interview / Text / Yuka Higaki Photo by Takashi Konuma
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