Cure Co., Ltd. Held the “1st Curecos Cosplay Stage Contest in Eternal Stage” with Ai Uehara as a judge

Cure Co., Ltd.
Held the “1st Curecos Cosplay Stage Contest in Eternal Stage” with Ai Uehara as a judge
Prize money of 100,000 yen will be presented to the winner

Cure Co., Ltd. operates “Curecos”, an online service that allows you to support cosplayers and acquire NFT from anywhere in the world using the virtual currency Cosplay Token (COT), and “Curecos Plus”, a news media specializing in cosplay. , regularly holds cosplay contests to discover new heroines who will lead the cosplay world.
This time, Curecos will hold its first real contest “1st Curecos Cosplay Stage Contest in Eternal Stage” on Sunday, March 12, 2023. Ai Uehara, who enjoys cosplay herself and is currently active as an influencer and investor, was appointed as a judge. Judging will be conducted at the venue and on the votes of the judges on the day, and the grand prize will be awarded with a prize of 100,000 yen. [Image 1d24718-114-34838fe7e642676918ed-1.png&s3=24718-114-d833ccb35d316bc7d13bccfbfbd1fcd7-1280x765.png
Contest overview
■ Schedule of “1st Curecos Cosplay Stage Contest in Eternal Stage” February 20th (Monday) to March 5th (Sunday), 2023 Contestant entry period February 20th (Monday) to March 5th (Sunday), 2023 Viewing application acceptance period
March 12, 2023 (Sunday) On the day of the contest, the judges and the venue will judge and decide the winner
■ Contest venue
eternal stage
Akihabara SIL Building 6F, 4-4-3 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
■ Contest target
・Those living in Japan
・Those who can attend the contest held at the Eternal Stage on March 12, 2023 (Sunday)
*Minors need parental consent.
*Transportation and accommodation expenses associated with
participating in the contest will not be paid.
■ Recruitment number of people
30 people
* If the number of applicants exceeds, participation will be a lottery. ■ Examination details
The judges at the venue will judge the quality of the cosplay costume, make-up, and the degree of dressing up as the character, and then vote.
On the day of the event, you will be asked to walk on stage and demonstrate a simple self-appeal.
■ How to apply
1. Access the contest event page.
Event page:
2. Fill in the application form
Application form:
3. Create an account in “Curecos”
Curecos site:
※Member registration is free.
*If you already have an account, you do not need to register again. 4. Post a cosplay photo that appeals to the event on the day of the event on “Curecos”
* Images posted for the event during the period may be used by Cure Co., Ltd. for advertisements and posters as part of Curecos marketing activities. Campaign participants are deemed to have agreed to the above.
*Regarding revenue comments on Curecos, points earned by contestants during the contest period will not be returned to the contestants as money (monetary) under any circumstances.
■ Examination method
This contest will be determined by the total points of two items, the votes of the general public on the day of the event and the votes of the judge (Ai Uehara).
*Cosplayers selected by the jury will receive the Jury Prize. ■ Winner benefits
-Grand Prix-
・100,000 yen prize money
・Gift virtual currency Cosplay Token (COT)
-Judges Award-
・Original novelty signed by Ai Uehara
-Participant benefits-
Right to participate in Curecos promotional movie
If you would like to view the contest, please apply from the following URL. Passticket: judge
[Image 2d24718-114-182974e028b968455a38-0.jpg&s3=24718-114-b6f6c58d84ba2daf4de0cdb692bc8bc3-1800x2700.jpg
Ai Uehara
Born November 12, 1992. Multi-talented who disseminates information such as diet and fashion. Once active as a sexy actress, she swept many award races and made a name for herself as a legendary actress who set numerous monumental achievements in the adult industry. Three years after retiring as a sexy actress in May 2016, she resumed her entertainment activities in June 2019. Eating habits adviser, possesses the qualification of diet test grade 2.
Currently active as an influencer and investor.
Event venue (Eternal Stage)
[Image 3d24718-114-96d9310e602f9bab2839-2.png&s3=24718-114-8e71af1a81ff486b8eb458780d6aaec9-1280x765.png
Produced by Ai Uehara in Akihabara! A stage development concept cafe where you can drink with idols.

Overview of Cosplay Token Project
[Image 4d24718-114-a45f8ffd207ad2b2161d-3.png&s3=24718-114-3dcb376d1ccac1ac10d2b837c7711c5b-869x157.png
Deploying Cosplay Token (COT) with the mission of bringing new value to the cosplay community around the world using blockchain technology. COT can also be obtained by uploading past photos on the Curecos site, and demand is expected to be large in countries where credit card penetration is low and people who have overwhelming fans.
We aim to use the wallet not only on the site but also at thousands of events around the world.
Cosplay Token:
Overview of Cure Co., Ltd.
[Image 5d24718-114-6c37cffbbec05facbf19-4.jpg&s3=24718-114-9bca2aeede63b338bb2ce09986543c05-595x130.jpg
“Make suki closer to you!”
We are a company that creates new value and fun in the world. We aim to provide a community where everyone in the world can enjoy what they want to do by utilizing blockchain technology.
We have concluded a business consignment contract with Cure Holdings limited for the promotion of Cosplay Token in Japan.
Official website:
Details about this release:

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