Da Vinci Line Co., Ltd. 6930 yen No need to visit the hospital China Travel Certificate Issuance Service (Embassy Authorized) Notice of extension of 10% OFF period ~ 6930 days (Ambassador Approved) 10% OFF Preferential period extension

Da Vinci Line Co., Ltd.
6930 yen [No need to visit the hospital] Chinese travel certificate issuance service (authorized by the embassy) 10% OFF Notice of extension of period ~ 6930 days [Wuyuan Medical Clinic] Chinese National Nucleic Acid Examination Certificate Publication Service (Ambassador Approved) 10% OFF preferential period extension
Our travel certificate issuance is Japan’s first service that does not require a visit to a hospital. The company’s departure certificate is the first hospital service in Japan.

No need to come to the store! Our Chinese travel certificate service is very popular. We will extend the 10% OFF campaign scheduled to end on February 19th until February 26th. We are currently receiving a lot of inquiries due to the flood of orders. Our staff will respond to them in order, so please wait for a while. ~ No need to visit us! Originally scheduled for February 19th, the final 10% preferential activity extended to February 26th. Due to the current increase in the number of single products, there are many related products, so please wait patiently.
[Campaign overview]
Period: ~ 23:00 on February 26, 2023
Contents: 10% OFF
Target product: PCR test kit for traveling to China with a negative certificate
Coupon code: 3z1ku4k1isegz1kofto5
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Takesho will start issuing a PCR result certificate for traveling to China, which does not require a hospital visit, developed by 58 Japan. This service was launched in consultation with the Chinese Embassy in Japan and the Chinese Health Insurance Bureau, so you can use it with peace of mind.
(Takesho started “58 Japan” as a non-required former hospital in China with a confidentiality-certified business for international use. This service is based on the Japanese Ambassador to China and the Chinese Maritime Business Partnership, so it can be used without hesitation.)
In March 2020, we started selling antibody test kits, antigen test kits, and PCR test kits for the new coronavirus early on, and have provided many products to government agencies and hospitals. (Starting in March 2020, the company will launch a new antibody test, antigen test, nucleic acid test, mass-produced products for
government-affiliated hospitals, etc.)
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As the coronavirus has calmed down worldwide and the world has become a post-corona world, a PCR test result certificate is required for travel to China. Utilizing the know-how we have accumulated so far, we have established a system to reliably issue certificates to customers who are planning to travel to Japan by the due date.
In addition, we have succeeded in developing our own system, so it is now possible for Chinese people who have traveled to Japan to print their documents when they return to Japan simply by entering the number into the copy machine at the convenience store.
Of course, even Japanese customers can use super-easy printing at a convenience store if they do not have a printer at home.
(At the same time, the global new crown is trending, the travel opening, China’s entry requirements, and the security of the transaction is certified. The company has a wealth of experience, and the company has completed the security certification system before the departure date of the guests. In addition, the company has
successfully developed. Self-testing system, just need a convenience store’s stamped desktop import number, immediately after the country’s pre-printed export certification.
Of course, the immediate use is a visitor from Japan, and if there is no printing machine in the family home, it is possible to use online printing services at convenience stores. )
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The service flow is as follows.
1 Order a travel PCR kit from this site
2 Enter your name, passport number, and attached specimen number into the system 3. When the product arrives, collect saliva within 48 hours of boarding the aircraft and send it to our laboratory (an envelope with a stamp for express mailing is enclosed.)
4. Send the PCR result certificate by e-mail within 3 hours after the sample arrives
5. Traveling to China requires a paper certificate, so please print it out. If you don’t have a printer, you can easily print it with a convenience store’s net print service.
Under the measurement flow
1 The product for purchase from this site
2. Apply for nucleic acid test
3. Collected books within 48 hours of registration, designated inspection center (unnecessary purchase mail, mail mail box, direct investment box.)
4 Within 3 hours after arrival of the main item Notification of inspection result + security certification
5. China entry requirements paper quality security certification, stamped envelope. There is no stamping, no stamping, can be used by convenient stores for online printing.
*This product is not an in-vitro diagnostic drug based on the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act.
*This product is intended for research purposes only. Do not use test results for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.
*Product design is subject to change without notice.
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