Daiwa Tsushin Co., Ltd. AI facial recognition attendance notification system FACE FOUR CONNECT released

Daiwa Communication Co., Ltd.
Released FACE FOUR CONNECT, an AI face recognition attendance notification system
Using an AI face recognition device to notify parents of their child’s arrival at kindergarten via LINE

Daiwa Tsushin Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) will start accepting orders from March 1, 2023 with the release of “FACE FOUR CONNECT”, a kindergarten attendance notification system that utilizes an AI face authentication terminal.
In response to the recent accident of children being left behind on a kindergarten bus to kindergartens and nursery schools, there is a need to review safety measures nationwide. In order to eliminate the anxiety of children, we developed a kindergarten attendance
notification system that combines reliable confirmation of
kindergarten attendance by AI face recognition and automatic notification to LINE.
FACE FOUR CONNECT installs a face authentication terminal at the entrance of the kindergarten, and when a child who arrives at the kindergarten holds his face over the terminal, the kindergarten’s LINE official account automatically notifies the guardian of the
kindergarten attendance confirmation to the child’s guardian. It is a system that For example, it eliminates the concerns of parents that they cannot confirm whether they are going to kindergarten just by confirming when getting off the shuttle bus, such as when a child gets lost after getting off the bus or an unexpected accident. In addition, by holding the face over the terminal, the temperature can be measured at the same time as confirmation of attendance, so it can be used to manage the temperature of the children.
■ Operation steps
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[Image 4d55723-14-731cb9b37587bc98ad51-3.png&s3=55723-14-ff9d7d03c74a8d3b60049e5669ab834b-872x205.png
■ Other features
・It supports real-time monitoring using dedicated software.
・Face recognition and temperature measurement logs are recorded on the device itself and can be exported as CSV data.
・Because it can also handle face recognition of employees, it is possible to keep authentication records such as who authenticated at what time.
For FACE FOUR CONNECT, we plan to provide a consistent introduction service from device provision to installation and maintenance services.
We will continue to develop various solutions to realize a future city = Safe City where everyone can live safely, securely and conveniently using technology.
*LINE is a trademark or registered trademark of LINE Corporation. *The information contained in this release is current as of the date of the announcement. The contents may change due to the passage of time or various subsequent events. Please note.
■ Product leaflet

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