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Danmee Co., Ltd. Classmates are super gorgeous! What are the top 3 idols whose graduation album photos are “too beautiful and beautiful”?

Danmee Co., Ltd.
Classmates are super gorgeous! What are the top 3 idols whose graduation album photos are “too beautiful and beautiful”?
In Korea, the graduation season begins in February, a little earlier than in Japan. A high school graduation album called “Korea’s Horikoshi” is full of famous idols. From among the candidates, we voted for “Idols with beautiful graduation photos”.

From February 15th to February 22nd, 2023, Danmee asked Internet users, “Who is the No. 1 idol whose graduation album photos are too beautiful?” ] Questionnaire survey. We’ll let you know the results of the vote!
The Korean school year starts in March and ends in February of the following year, so the graduation season has come a little earlier than in Japan.
[Image 1d114839-33-9404235c84a174f8b6b2-0.jpg&s3=114839-33-8a1d6a9e3938b7530d81780b0b1d4412-950x610.jpg
The school, which is also called “Korea’s Horikoshi,” has K-POP idols in each grade, and the graduation ceremony is gorgeous every year. It is said that the media and fans visit the school to catch a glimpse of such a sunny appearance.
In February 2023, IVE’s Jang Wonyoung, NewJeans’ Minji, NMIXX’s Seolhyun & Bay, and ENHYPEN’s Jeongwon will all graduate from the group, which has become a hot topic locally.
The graduation album with such celebrities is full of celebrities just like a school drama.
At Danmee, we conducted a survey on 12 idols (regardless of their year of graduation) who got a lot of attention as “the photos in their graduation albums are too beautiful!” I was.
ASTRO Cha Eun Woo
New Jeans Minzy
IVE Jang Wonyoung
BTS Jungkook
NMIXX Soryun
Hyunjin from Stray Kids
Kep1er Kim Da Young
-Survey period: February 15 to February 22, 2023
● Research agency (survey subject): K-POP & Korean wave specialized web media “Danmee” (in-house survey)
● Survey target: Men and women who like K-POP and Korean dramas ●Number of valid respondents: 2,798 votes
●Survey method (aggregation method, calculation method): Questionnaire on the Internet
● Survey page: * Due to the strictness of the survey, the survey was conducted with only one vote per person.
★ 1st place BTS Jungkook
[Image 2d114839-33-c585b32e068aa3383dee-1.png&s3=114839-33-24843a9f2c75be0365066a1b19dbc100-394x594.png
First place
was decorated by Jungkook of BTS (bulletproof boy band)
In the vote, 43.17% of the total, 1,208 votes
is getting
The blazer of his high school is so unique that it is also called “Karashi High School”, but when Jungkook wears it, even the uniform is like a costume.
On the day of the graduation ceremony, all the members visited the school to congratulate the youngest member of the group on her graduation.
★2nd place TOMORROW X TOGETHER Beomgyu
[Image 3d114839-33-43477814498e9b42f91c-3.png&s3=114839-33-971bc56f2725f7f930c6b9442225fd30-594x365.png
2nd place
TXT’s Beomgyu, a junior of BTS,
(photo center) ranked in.
In the vote, 39.74% of the total, 1,112 votes
Fans commented, “You’re handsome”, “You’re too beautiful!”, “It’s amazing that you can take such beautiful pictures with a graduate,” and “You look like you just came out of a manga.”
There was a series of voices of admiration at the perfect appearance without processing.
★ 3rd place ENHYPEN Jay
3rd place
has entered. In the vote, 5.36% of the total, 150 votes
is obtained.
He also made his debut while still in high school and has already been included in the yearbook with his sophisticated features.
Still, maybe because she has black hair and no makeup, you can get a glimpse of her youth.
-Final result-
1st place BTS Jungkook
2nd place TOMORROW X TOGETHER Beomgyu
3rd place ENHYPEN Jay
4th place ASTRO Cha Eun Woo
5th NMIXX Seolhyun
6th Stray Kids Hyunjin
7th place IVE Jang Wonyoung
8th place ITZY Yuna
9th place SEVENTEEN Dokyeom
10. New Jeans Minji
11th LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon
12th Kep1er Kim Da Young
What rank did the idol you chose rank in?
Danmee will continue to conduct unique surveys in the future! Details about this release:

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