Deco Co., Ltd. Announcing the arrival of spring ~March 8th is Mimosa Day~ Many stained glass products made with mimosa will be available again this year.

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[Announcing the arrival of spring-March 8th is Mimosa Day-] Many stained glass products made with mimosa will be developed this year as well.

The coldness of winter has subsided, and it’s time to feel the arrival of spring. The season of mimosa, one of the representative flowers of spring, has arrived.
At Deco Co., Ltd., we sell mimosa stained glass products that were very popular last year.
How about in the entrance of your home or living room?
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Product introduction
mimosa octagonal mirror
[Image 2

An octagonal mirror of mimosa, a representative spring flower, made of stained glass.
The base mirror uses amber and white marbled glass with iridescent processing on the surface, so it shows various expressions depending on the viewing angle.
The three-dimensional mimosa is made by assembling yellow chalcedony (natural stone) and green glass leaves with copper wire and decorating it on the mirror.
It is a very luxurious work due to the high technology of stained glass craftsmen.
【Product Details】
mimosa mirror
・Size: Approximately 25cm wide x 25cm long x 3cm high
・ Product URL:
・ Product price: ¥ 19,600 (tax included, free shipping)
Mimosa mirror (L size)
・Size: Approximately 32cm wide x 32cm long x 4cm high
・ Product URL:
・ Product price: ¥ 23,800 (tax included, free shipping)
mimosa square mirror
[Image 3

It will be a mimosa square mirror made with stained glass.
The leaf glass is glued together after being cut and then fused (a technique of melting glass in an electric furnace).
Mimosa flowers are expressed using chalcedony beads. The mirror body is designed to float about 2 cm from the wall, so the light enters the clear glass bordering the mirror and is beautiful.
【Product Details】
・Size: Horizontal 18cm x Vertical 23cm x Height 4.5cm
・ Product URL:
・ Product price: ¥ 12,800 (tax included)
Mimosa mirror (antique style)
[Image 4

It will be a mimosa antique mirror made of stained glass.
It is manufactured using the same technique as the square mirror. 【Product Details】
・Size: Horizontal 15cm x Vertical 30cm x Height 5cm
・ Product URL:
・ Product price: ¥ 17,800
mimosa lamp
[Image 5

It will be a recommended mimosa lamp for the living room or on the dining table. Like the mirror, the leaves are fused after cutting the glass. The bluish white glass that becomes the base changes to a soft, warm white when lit.
Because it is a small lamp, it is suitable for use in toilets, stairs, entrances, kitchens, etc.
In addition, if you use it by attaching it to the lighting rail on the living room or dining table, you can create a stylish space by using 2 to 3 pieces side by side.
【Product Details】
・Size: Overall length about 69cm (from the top of the hanging ceiling to the bottom of the lamp)
・Size: Shade body about 13 cm in height x 18 cm in width
・Accessory: E17/40W with incandescent bulb
・ Product URL:
・ Product price: ¥ 29,600 (tax included)
Mimosa antique tray
[Image 6

It will be a mimosa tray made of stained glass. The bottom part is finished with a chic atmosphere using an antique mirror.
【Product Details】
・Size: Approximately 13.5 cm wide x 15 cm high x 4.5 cm high ・ Product URL:
・ Product price: ¥ 5,800 (tax included)
Various precautions
【About product】
We pay close attention to each product carefully.
The glass used is mainly imported glass.
Small scratches, air bubbles, and wrinkles may occur on the surface of the glass during the manufacturing and transportation process of the sheet glass itself.
I would appreciate it if you could understand it as a taste of handwork. [About handling]
Stained glass is made of glass and solder.
The glass is surrounded by solder, so you won’t get hurt, but the surface of the solder is soft for metal and easily gets dented or scratched by touching it with your fingernails or hard objects, so please handle it carefully. If the soldered part gets wet, white rust may appear. If it gets wet, wipe it clean with a tissue.
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