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Developed “Ichiban Rakuda” that allows you to easily order contact lenses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using the LINE app!

HENZA Co., Ltd.
Developed “Ichiban Rakuda” that allows you to easily order contact lenses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using the LINE app!
The service has started at all stores of Megane Ichiban Co., Ltd. [Headquarters: Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture; Representative: Manabu Miyazato], with over 7,000 registered users and over 13,000 orders!

“Ichiban Rakuda” is a limited service for users who have a contact lens subscription contract with Megane Co., Ltd. Members of the service can order contact lenses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year simply by linking information within the LINE app. Users can place two-tap orders within the LINE app.
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■ Background of development
[Glasses No. 1 Vice President Tomoki Miyazato]
Until now, Megane No. 1 has received more than 300 orders from contact lens subscription subscribers over the phone every day. While the number of members of the service increased and the number of calls increased, we also had to increase the number of holidays as part of work style reforms, so we had a big problem in improving work efficiency and productivity. Therefore, we set up an in-house DX team together with HENZA Co., Ltd. [development cooperation: ObotAI Co., Ltd.] and started developing the system “Ichiban Rakuda” that allows you to order contact lenses using the LINE application [including AI chatbot]. Through trial and error, we aim to reduce work by
drastically reducing the number of telephone orders for contact lenses, improve ES (employee satisfaction), and improve CSAT (customer satisfaction). After a trial period of 2 years, we were finally able to introduce it to all stores.
■ How to use Ichiban Rakuda
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■ Effects before and after introduction
Before the introduction of Ichiban Rakuda, there were more than 300 calls per day, but now the number has decreased by more than 60 per day on average. It used to take about 1 minute and 30 seconds for each phone call to order contact lenses, but now the number of phone orders has been reduced to about 60 minutes per day, leading to improved operational efficiency. In addition, the reduced time leads to improved service for customers visiting the store, which leads to improved satisfaction and productivity. In addition, since the LINE app is used to use Ichiban Rakuda, the number of LINE friend registrations has increased rapidly, currently exceeding 18,000, and is also being used as a new promotional tool.
■ About future development
In December 2022, Megane No. 1 was introduced to all stores, and the number of registrants is increasing by an average of 50 or more per day. In the first phase, we will promote the registration of existing members, in the second phase we will acquire new customers, and in the third phase we will aim to reduce the number of people who withdraw due to the improvement of satisfaction. We would like to create a successful case of “substantially reducing the number of telephone orders, leading to improvement of ES and improvement of CSAT” through a unique initiative nationwide, and we would like to expand nationwide on the premise of utilization in various industries. thinking about. ■ Development area
・Installation area
Entire Okinawa Prefecture [including remote islands]
・Introduced stores in Okinawa Prefecture
18 stores [all eyeglasses No. 1 stores]
■Usage status [as of February 2023]
・Registered number: about 7,000
・Monthly number of orders: about 1,700
・Average number of orders per day about 60
・ Monthly repeat number: about 700
Details about this release: