Discovered a new species in a flower garden of sweets that are too cute? ! “Adventurous sand that no one knows yet” announced. Pre-sale at the 4th anniversary Seibu Ikebukuro store TOKYO Tulip Rose

Grapestone Co., Ltd.
Discovered a new species in a flower garden of sweets that are too cute? ! “Adventurous sand that no one knows yet” announced. Pre-sale at the 4th anniversary Seibu Ikebukuro store [TOKYO Tulip Rose] Pre-sale at TOKYO Tulip Rose Seibu Ikebukuro store from Saturday, February 18, 2023, and sales at each store from Thursday, February 23, 2023

Grapestone Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) sweets brand “TOKYO Tulip Rose” will pre-release “Tulip Rose Sand” from Saturday, February 18, 2023 to commemorate the 4th anniversary of the Seibu Ikebukuro store. It will be on sale at each store from Thursday, March 23rd.
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●Chef’s new challenge. Birth of “adventurous sand that no one knows yet” only for TOKYO Tulip Rose
“TOKYO Tulip Rose” by Chef Rihito Kanai has sold more than 25 million units since the brand was born, and continues to attract fans as “the flower garden of too cute sweets”. The representative product “Tulip Rose” has captivated fans since its release, saying, “It’s already cute,” “The surroundings are crispy and fluffy inside, and the taste is as stylish as it looks,” and “You can’t help but smile.”
This spring, “TOKYO Tulip Rose” will announce a new gift for the first time in 1 year and 8 months. From February 18, 2023 (Saturday), the TOKYO Tulip Rose Seibu Ikebukuro store will be on sale in advance to commemorate the 4th anniversary, and will be on sale at all TOKYO Tulip Rose stores from February 23 (Thursday). Please try to taste the “adventurous sandwich that no one knows yet” that Chef Kanai has been looking for!
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●The calculated balance of the Trinity. It’s a product I’m proud of that I want people to say, “It’s probably the first in the world.” “My mission in making sweets is -discovery-. Macarons, ganaches, sable roses… I found a new sandwich with an adventurous recipe that gently connects the three moist layers. (Chef Rihito Kanai)”
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The “Tulip Rose Sandwich” is made by sandwiching a smooth ganache that melts in your mouth with a macaron, a representative of Parisian sweets, and a beautiful sable rose. Exquisitely calculated balance with three moist layers that resonate exquisitely. It’s neither a macaron nor a cookie sandwich, it’s a “Tulip Rose Sandwich”. It’s a new sweet that people want to say “it’s surely the first in the world”.
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There are 3 types of taste. Sweet and sour and juicy -strawberry-, tropical scent dripping -passion-, cacao richness and fragrance spread -chocolat-. If you take a bite, the taste full of Chef Kanai’s esprit will fill your mouth.
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● “Beauty of subtraction”. Clean and stylish design packaging A stylish design package with boldly drawn tulip illustrations on a clean white background. Accented with a sparkling logo mark. When you open the lid, colorful sweets jump into your eyes, creating an atmosphere that makes your heart flutter. The individual packaging features a symbolic rose petal and a relief-like illustration of a tulip. Expressing the “beauty of subtraction” that does not omit the details. It’s simple yet eye-catching, so it’s perfect for white day and spring gifts, as well as rewards for yourself.
It will be available for a limited time only until early April, so be sure to check out the latest work “Tulip Rose Sandwich” released by TOKYO Tulip Rose!
[Product name] Tulip rose sand
[Price] 3 pieces 1,026 yen (main unit price 950 yen), 6 pieces 2,052 yen (main unit price 1,900 yen)
[Release date] February 23, 2023 (Thursday holiday) to early April * Pre-sale at Seibu Ikebukuro store from Saturday, February 18, 2023 [Stores] TOKYO Tulip Rose (Seibu Ikebukuro, JR Tokyo Station, Haneda Airport Terminal 2, JR Nagoya Takashimaya, Hankyu Umeda)
[Request for number of purchases]
・At Seibu Ikebukuro, JR Nagoya Takashimaya, and Hankyu Umeda, 5 boxes per person, up to 10 boxes in total.
・Up to 10 boxes per person, including 3 boxes and 6 boxes at the JR Tokyo Station store.
・At the Haneda Airport Terminal 2 store, 10 boxes per person, up to a total of 20 boxes.
*Since the number is limited, please forgive us if it is sold out.

What is TOKYO Tulip Rose?
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■Chef information/Rihito Kanai (Kanai Masahito)
Born in 1986. Learned how to make sweets at the Tokyo Confectionery School while studying at the Faculty of Business Administration, Senshu University. As a patissier, he has refined all kinds of Western confectionery techniques at Hyatt Regency Tokyo, from plate desserts and petit gateaus to chocolates and gorgeous handicrafts for weddings. Moved to France in 2013. Worked as a chef pastry chef in Paris. After returning to Japan in 2017, he worked on “TOKYO Tulip Rose” as a culmination.
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■ About TOKYO Tulip Rose
・Official website
・Official Instagram
The concept of “TOKYO Tulip Rose” is “Enjoy cute tulips and roses with authentic taste!”. You can fully enjoy the world of young chef Rihito Kanai (Kanai Masahito), who honed his skills in Paris, in a stylish style.
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