dotBravo Co., Ltd. Reservations for 1000 units in 30 minutes after US release! Reservations for new keyboard “GrabShell” started in Japan

dotBravo Inc.
Reservations for 1000 units in 30 minutes after US release!
Reservations for the new keyboard “GrabShell” are now open in Japan In meditation, on your desk, while walking, anywhere. GRABSHELL has started accepting reservations in Japan.

“GrabShell”, a device for engineers and E-SPorts Players planned and developed by dotBravo Inc. (Headquarters: Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture; Representative Director: Masatoshi Mori), has started accepting domestic reservations after being well received by test marketing in the United States and China. Did.
International patent application number: “PCT/JP2022/043894” [Image 1

Originally, it was planned a little earlier.
We have achieved 1000 pre-orders in just 30 minutes after the release in the US. (although it was unexpected)
We have decided to start accepting reservations in Japan as well.
[Image 2:] [Product Features]
■ Grab & Hack
It has the feature that it can be held and the feature that it can be transformed and placed on the desk. The world’s first keyboard with a new form originating in Japan.
■ Makes you stand out
If you use it on a train, in a coffee shop, or in a place where gamers gather, you can get a lot of attention. With your XR device, you are now a futurist. It may be good for Youtuber’s video story.
■Driver unnecessary!
There is no need to install drivers or special software. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go.
■ QMK/VIA compatible, easy customization with programmable keyboard It is a keyboard that can be easily customized and shortcut
assignments can be changed from a PC. Easily customize preconfigured shortcuts or create your own from scratch. In addition, the degree of freedom expands infinitely by setting the simultaneous pressing function of multiple keys and the macro function. You can create the strongest environment for you by you.
■ Dedicated typing test practice web app also provided
Based on feedback from our test users, we’ve developed a practice typing web app to make it easier for you to familiarize yourself with GrabShell.
[Video 2:] [Thoughts for product development]
This keyboard was born from the desire to make the keyboard, which is the most important interface between computers and humans, more flexible. At our company, engineers, writers, and designers use keyboards to communicate with their PCs every day. Recently, with the advent of Grass-type terminals such as Nreal devices, there is no need to put the keyboard on the desk even though there is a screen in front of you. ”, “I want to have a development meeting while wandering around”, “I want to lie down while playing an online game on an AR glass”, “I want to write code while sitting cross-legged on a chair”, etc. This is the shape I made. Of course, it can also be used on a desk, and it is also a popular programmable keyboard (a keyboard with a high degree of freedom in changing keymap settings). I want engineers who use Grabshell to think it’s cool. That’s how I came up with this shape. It is a product that everyone from gadget lovers to online gamers and beginners who use keyboards should use at least once.
The coolest keyboard available only to select pioneers.
[Image 3: ]
■ Voices of test users
positive opinion
・The idea is new.
・It’s really nice to be able to put it down and use it, unlike the keyboards I’ve had so far
・There is a light source, which seems to be aimed at gamers, but it is cool. ・There is coolness like Gundam or that controller.
・Even if you get used to this, it is good to be able to return to a normal keyboard
・The futuristic feeling is amazing when used with Nreal.
・It was easy to use in Minecraft and Fortnite
・Although I was tired at first, the fatigue of my hands decreased significantly. ・ Impressed by being able to type on the keyboard while sleeping ・I want to have a meeting using this keyboard and VR glasses ・I want to challenge if I say well, if I say badly, I can’t get used to using it right away
・I think it would be really cool if I could master this.
・If there is no display in the future, I’m sure there will be a keyboard like this.
negative opinion
・ I want more color variations
・It took me a while to get used to it. I trained with Monkeytype for 3 days. (Or rather, I want practice software for that)
・Relatively expensive compared to other keyboards (although there are left-handed keyboards that cost 30,000 yen, so it’s not too expensive) ・ It may be convenient to have something with a slightly smaller size ・I couldn’t change the key layout of the test model, so I want you to be able to change it.
・It was cool, but it was hard to get used to using it
・I want a non-engraved version
・My head was so tired on the first day

■ Questions when making advance reservations overseas
Q: The video looks like it was made with a 3D printer, but what about the product?
A: The product will be made from a mold, so it will be a more beautiful shape. Q : When is the pre-order period?
A : It will be until July 1st, but due to production volume issues, we will stop accepting orders when the specified number is exceeded. Q : What about warranty?
A : The warranty is 1 year. Sendback correspondence is possible. Q : Where is the production area?
A: We design and manufacture our products in-house in Japan, and manufacture them at our partner factory in Shenzhen, China. Production has started now, and the initial model will be completed in May. Q : Do you have distributors or affiliates?
A : Yes. If you contact us, we will consult with you.
[Origin of GrabShell name]
Grab grabs, shell has the word of the role of mediating between the kernel and the terminal, but it has the meaning of the interface between cross reality, AR, VR, MR, etc. increase. It also comes from the fact that it looked like the shell of a crab that I happened to eat. To the last, SHELL, who is an intermediary, and Grab who grabs it. It means to hold the intermediary role with XR by hand.
【Product Info】
Product name: GrabShell Standard
Pre-order price $299 (shipping included) ($29 deposit price) General sale price after July $399 (shipping fee not included) Color: Onyx (Black), Moon (White)
Key Switches: Mechanical (Cherry MX)
Battery: 2000mAh
Supported OS: Windows/Mac OS
Connection interface: Type-C and Bluetooth
[Image 4

Size: Folded: 220mm x 160mm x 90mm
Open: 490mm x 240mm x 40mm
[Image 5

Warranty period: 1 year
Included items: Product body, warranty card and warranty rules, dedicated portable case
[Image 6

International patent application number: “PCT/JP2022/043894” [Sales information]
Advance release nationwide from February 22, 2023 (February 21 Japan time) Domestic release will start from February 24, 2023.
Delivery is scheduled to begin in June 2023.
(Because it is a Japanese company, it will be shipped from Japan) Pre-orders can be made at the official online store.
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
-dotBravo Operation Center-
TEL: 050-3184-3663
Fax: 050-3198-8551
Product Website:
Person in charge: Mori, Hisayama
*Company names and product names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Details about this release:

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