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DXHUB Co., Ltd. 2022 access ranking TOP 10 of IoT media “IoTBiz” that accelerates business is released!

[DXHUB Co., Ltd.] 2022 access ranking TOP 10 of IoT media “IoTBiz” that accelerates business is released!
You can check the IoT media “IoTBiz” that accelerates your business from

DXHUB Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chudoji, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Representative: Kenji Sawada) announced that the access ranking of article content in 2022 for the IoT media “IoTBiz” that accelerates business released in April 2022 will be ranked TOP 10 in 2023. Published on February 7th.
[Image 1

We will publish the most viewed articles in 2022 in a ranking format on the IoT media “IoTBiz” that accelerates business.
* Measurement period: April 8, 2022 to December 31, 2022
[10th place]
“What is LPWA (LPWAN)? Introducing the characteristics, types, frequencies, advantages and disadvantages of LPWA (LPWAN), a communication method that is optimal for IoT.”
[Image 2

[9th place]
“What are strong AI, weak AI, general-purpose AI, and specialized AI? Introducing the characteristics and differences of each AI (artificial intelligence)
[Image 3

[8th place]
“What is a Smart City?” Introducing meanings, definitions, and domestic and overseas examples
[Image 4

[7th place]
“[SIM for IoT/M2M] Thorough comparison of 11 selections by application and company size! 』
[Image 5

[6th place]
“What is cloud computing? A thorough introduction to the meaning, mechanism, benefits, and challenges! 』
[Image 6

[5th ​​place]
“What is 5G? Easy-to-understand explanation of the features and mechanisms of 5G (5th generation mobile communication system)! 』
[Image 7

[4th place]
“What is an AI camera? Introducing the mechanism of AI cameras, usage examples, how to choose, and recommended AI cameras! 』
[Image 8

【3rd place】
“What are MNO/MVNO/MVNE? Clearly explain the advantages and
disadvantages of each role
[Image 9

【2nd place】
“What is the IoT system technology test (basic/intermediate/advanced)? Thorough explanation of content, qualification benefits, exam range, difficulty, past questions, etc.! 』
[Image 10

【The first place】
“[Smart fishery] Introduction of IoT/M2M utilization cases and products in the fisheries and fisheries industries, where DX is progressing! 』
[Image 11

■ What is IoT media “IoTBiz” that accelerates business?
Operated by DXHUB, it is a media that conveys the latest information centered on IoT in an easy-to-understand manner for business people. In addition to original content by the editorial department, we will disseminate original information that leads to solving IoT business issues, such as columns written by our company on the
telecommunications industry and articles introducing case studies. ■ What is “IoTBiz SIM Service”?
We have a large number of SIM service plans, mainly for high-quality in-house Docomo lines, for large-capacity cameras, and mainly for nighttime uploads. In addition, it is possible to introduce from one line, and it is also flexibly compatible with payment methods such as annual payment and lump sum payment according to the usage period, so it has been well received by various business operators.
-Features of IoTBiz SIM service-
[You can start with a minimum lot of 1 piece] You can apply for a minimum order lot number that does not meet the conditions at major companies, such as for testing purposes, from 1 piece unit.
[We propose a plan that matches your usage scene] In addition to proposing the optimal plan from over 100 plans according to your usage scene, data capacity, and number of lines, you can also change the plan for each line even after signing the contract. and so on. [Available for same-day shipping] Since the logistics system is in-house, it is possible to ship on the same day as soon as the contract is completed.
■ About DXHUB Co., Ltd.
Business description:
・Support for introduction and operation of various cloud solutions ・SIM service for IoT/M2M
・Support for foreign residents
・Communication for foreign residents
Representative Director and President: Kenji Sawada
Headquarters: 93 Chudoji Awatacho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto Research Park Building 6, 2nd floor
Established: October 2015
Capital: 100,000,000 yen (including capital reserve)
■ Inquiries regarding this press release
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Phone: 075-496-5550
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