DyDo DRINCO Co., Ltd. DyDo DRINCO and Nagano City collaborate to create regional vitality! Conclusion of “Comprehensive Partnership Agreement for Creation of Regional Vitality”

DyDo DRINCO and Nagano City Collaborate to Create Regional Vitality! Conclusion of “Comprehensive Partnership Agreement for Creation of Regional Vitality”

DyDo DRINCO Co., Ltd. (head office: Kita-ku, Osaka) concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture (hereafter, Nagano City) on January 31 (Tuesday) to create regional vitality.
This agreement was concluded with the aim of contributing to the creation of new regional revitalization by utilizing the human resources and intellectual assets of both parties, deepening mutual cooperation and cooperative relationships, and engaging in regional revitalization. We concluded seven items, such as child-rearing support and crime prevention measures.
As the first concrete measure, we will further expand the “Nagano City Child-rearing Support Vending Machine” (hereafter, this vending machine) that was installed at Nagano City Hall in August 2022 regarding child-rearing support. A portion of the sales proceeds from this vending machine will be donated to Nagano City, which will be used for child-rearing support activities. In addition, it is equipped with a function to play an original voice message by Nagano Mayor Kenji Ogiwara, and we hope that the circle of support will expand through this vending machine.
Through this agreement, we will support the creation of new regional vitality in Nagano City.
(1) Specific contents of this Agreement
(1) Child-rearing support
(2) Regarding crime prevention measures
(3) Matters related to measures in the event of a disaster
(4) Things related to sports promotion
(5) Environmental measures
(6) Promotion of SDGs
(7) Matters related to other matters necessary to achieve the purpose of this agreement
(2) Signing ceremony (at the mayor’s reception room on the 5th floor of Nagano City Hall 1st Government Building)
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(3) “Nagano City Child-rearing Support Vending Machines,” which will be expanded in the future
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We will continue to contribute to the creation of prosperous and energetic local communities where people around the world can live happily and healthily, based on our group philosophy of “Happiness and prosperity together with people and society.” increase.

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