E-Technology LLC New Flavor Appears! ! New flavor of portable mobile shisha “CBD SHISHA” on sale now on sale!

E-technology LLC
NEW flavor appearance! ! New flavor of portable mobile shisha “CBD SHISHA” on sale now on sale!
~Sales start from February 1st today at the REGRA official online shop~
E-technology LLC (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo) is a CBD blend from the popular brand “REGRA”,
The portable mobile shisha “CBD SHISHA” has been released from March 1, 2022. REGRA Official Online Shop: https://regra.official.ec/

[Image 1

Portable shisha “CBD SHISHA” developed with the concept of “making CBD more accessible and easy”
It is a disposable type that is easy to suck, and can be sucked immediately after opening the seal.
Experience high-quality CBD at a lower cost and easily. Since the mist is sucked, it can be taken efficiently and easily.
Delivering peace of mind and safety
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From the procurement of raw materials to planning, development, manufacturing, and shipping, [ISO9001 certification] is performed at domestic factories, enabling thorough management of hygiene and quality. We also have a customer center, so even first-timers can enjoy CBD with peace of mind.
NEW flavor
Six new flavors of the popular CBD SHISHA are now available! ! [Image 3

[Aloe & Shiro Budou]
A blend of “white grapes” with plenty of fruity juice and the freshness of aloe The refreshing taste and the freshness of the fruit juice make it an addictive flavor.
A refreshing feeling that wakes you up. A flavor that spreads a pleasant scent of cool mint
Excellent suction! Recommended for those who want stimulation [Image 4

[Muscut & Apple (Muscat & Apple)]
A greedy flavor that allows you to enjoy the gorgeous scent of apples and the gentle sweetness of refined muscat at the same time. I was particular about the flavor of Muscat and the fruitiness of apples. [Blue Hawaii]
Feeling like eating shaved ice
A perfect balance of sweetness and a hint of lemon sourness, “Blue Hawaii”, a popular flavor of mixed shaved ice
It has a refreshing sweetness and menthol flavor that gives you a feeling of liberation.
[Image 5

[Choco mint]
A gentle mint scent that spreads the sweetness of chocolate
A refreshing and refreshing aftertaste is an exquisite combination! “Chocolate mint” sweets flavor joins CBD SHISHA
A classic drink flavor that will keep you stimulated
The energy drink flavor fills your mouth, followed by menthol. An original enadry flavor with a refreshing punch.
Sales start today at the REGRA official online shop from February 1st REGRA Official Online Shop: https://regra.official.ec/
[Image 6

Existing flavor lineup
Currently, 6 existing flavors are on sale at Don Quijote nationwide! ! “New flavors will be available at Don Quijote nationwide from early March!” Existing flavor
[Green apple]
[Pink lemonade]
[Image 7d98250-2-62b48e2a643c44fd2b27-1.jpg&s3=98250-2-7103e6f66e2cd27399c922919b224712-841x700.jpg
Product name: REGRA CBD SHISHA
Sales price: ¥ 1,438 (tax included)
Liquid capacity: 1.0ml
CBD content: 3% (30mg)
Battery capacity: 200mAh
Resistance value: 1.8Ω
*One can suck about 240 times. (There are individual differences) *Mist will not come out, it will taste like burnt,
Or you can use it until the bottom LED (blue) stops lighting. Purchase page: https://regra.official.ec/
Purchased at: Don Quijote (New flavor will be released in early March) It will also be sold at vape studio. (New flavor will be released in early March)
Instagram: @regracbd
Twitter: @CbdRegra
Recruitment of distributors
We also accept wholesale sales. . Please feel free to contact us below. E-mail: etech@regra-cbd.com
Company Profile
Company name: E-technology LLC
Location: 1-7-1 Ryusen, Taito-ku, Tokyo Ryusen Imaseki Building 2F A Business description: CBD product development, manufacturing, sales, import, OEM consignment
Contact point: etech@regra-cbd.com
Details about this release:


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