Enjoy chocolate at Penguin Bakery! Penguin’s Valentine’s Fair is being held

Penguin Co., Ltd.
[Enjoy chocolate at Penguin Bakery! ] Penguin’s Valentine’s Fair is being held
Penguin Co., Ltd. (head office: Sapporo City, Hokkaido;
representative: Hideyuki Takayama) operates 30 stores nationwide, and “Penguin Bakery” is a leading bakery chain in Hokkaido. We are currently holding a Valentine Fair. This year, we have prepared 5 types of bread using chocolate. With a wide variety of lineups, everyone from children to adults can enjoy Valentine’s Day with bread. (Holding period: Until Tuesday, February 14, 2023)
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【Product Summary】
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Product Name: Valentine Chocolat
Sales price: 270 yen including tax
Product features: Chocolate cream is wrapped in a sweet heart-shaped dough and coated with chocolate. A sweet and sour chocolate bread with almonds and fruity raspberry flakes.

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Product name: Raspberry chocolate caster
Sales price: 220 yen including tax
Product features: Crunchy chocolate and creamy Hokkaido milk custard cream sandwiched between fluffy Hokkaido wheat bread! Enjoy the faint sweet and sour taste of raspberries.

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Product name: Rich Baked Chocolate Danish
Sales price: 250 yen including tax
Product features: The rich taste of rich chocolate! I put chocolate in the dough and baked it. Danish pastry with sweet sugar paste on the finish.

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Product name: powdered snow white chocolate
Sales price: 300 yen including tax
Product Features: Crispy croissant wrapped in milky white chocolate. Please enjoy the smooth chocolate that melts in your mouth.

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Product name: Chocolate Daifuku
Sales price: 220 yen including tax
Product features: A chocolate bread that looks like Daifuku wrapped in smooth chocolate cream and chewy soft rice flour dumplings♫

*The number of products is limited, so we recommend that you visit us early. * Some stores may not be available depending on the store.
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【Company Profile】
[Location of head office] 6-30 Kitano 6-jo 5-chome, Kiyota-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
Penguin Building 2F
[Representative] Hideyuki Takayama
[Phone number] 011⁻375⁻7774
[Contact] info@penguinbakery.com
WEB https://www.penguinbakery.com/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pengiuinbakerycafe.official Instagram https://www.instagram.com/penguin_bakerycafe.official Twitter https://twitter.com/penguinhokkaido

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