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“Eternal Immortality Research EXPO” held 3/12 @ Tokyo Fuji University (Takadanobaba)

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“Eternal Immortality Research EXPO” held 3/12 @ Tokyo Fuji University (Takadanobaba)
Delivered full of the latest topics such as aesthetic medicine, femtech, male function, medical CBD, and hibernation research. Know specific measures to live young, healthy and beautiful, and apply them to yourself! An anti-aging lecture with the concept of.

On March 12, 2023, at Tokyo Fuji University in Takadanobaba, Mr. Takafumi Horie, former minister Seiko Noda, 16 members such as venture company founders, doctors, dentists, researchers, beauticians, etc. A lecture will be held. The title of the lecture was “Eternal
Immortality Research Expo”.
It is full of hints for a fulfilling life, such as specific measures for staying healthy, various latest information that can be applied, etc., in order to age beautifully and healthily. Beauty and health are urgent issues in Japan after middle age. What you can do to extend your healthy life expectancy and age beautifully. It is an attempt to learn this intensively and enrich one’s life. It is a so-called conference-style lecture held simultaneously in five classrooms, and participants can select and listen to the lectures they want to hear. There is support from many sponsor companies who agree with the concept, but the most important thing is that you participate and get the key to being beautiful and healthy.
What comes to mind when you hear the word immortality? Perhaps such a thing is impossible and must be a dream story. However, an event called “Eternal Immortality Research EXPO” (Fig. 1) will be held on March 12, 2023 (Sunday) at Tokyo Fuji University, which is close to Takadanobaba, inviting people who are seriously working on
[Image 1

Key visual (Fig. 1)
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Handwriting (Fig.2)
This event was held to commemorate the publication of Takafumi Horie’s book “Eternal Immortality” (Fig. 2) published by Gentosha the other day. , bio-venture founders, doctors and dentists, researchers, beauticians, vaginal trainers, and many other 16 unique speakers will be on stage.
Lectures are held over the course of a day, and participants select and attend lectures that interest them, which is exactly the style of university lectures.
Mr. Horie came up with a project called the Local Academy, in which many lecturers were invited from each region to hold lectures. So far, it has been held in Osaka, Hyogo, and Nagoya, accumulating knowledge. Until now, the main theme was regional revitalization, but the academy in Tokyo focuses on advanced medical care that can be applied to oneself. It is an intellectual event where you can take a shower of advanced information.
To give you an example, Mr. Masayuki Yamakawa, who will be presenting at this lecture, is the founder and current director of the
bio-venture company Cellsource. We have developed a contract service for cell processing used in regenerative medicine, and it is expected to be applied to various diseases, and research is currently progressing1. We also supply exosomes, which have begun to attract attention in recent years. Just the other day, exosomes were introduced on NTV’s “Learning with Kazulaser”.
CellSource deals with adipose-derived stem cells. Many remarkable results have been achieved by extracting stem cells, culturing them using special technology, and extracting the exosomes released by the proliferated cells and returning them to the body. Stem cells release exosomes, which are signals that promote healing, such as at sites of inflammation in the body. In other words, exosomes are responsible for many of the effects of stem cells. Stem cell therapy to return one’s own cells costs a huge amount (about 15 million yen), but if exosomes are only injected, it can be tried for about 50,000 to 100,000 yen. It can also be applied to healthy people, and the positive effect is topic 2. Cell culture technology has made remarkable progress. Conventionally, fetal bovine serum was mainly used, so there was a problem that risks such as mad cow disease could not be completely avoided when human cells were returned to the body. Currently, plant-derived nutrients 3 are included, and serum-free culture is becoming possible. Exosomes are a medical technology that has emerged in this era with such background technological innovation. Takafumi Horie is also doing work and distribution on his smartphone while having an intravenous drip. A talk between Mr. Horie and Mr. Yamakawa is also scheduled.
In addition, hormone replacement therapy4, hibernation research5, mechanical transplantation of consciousness6, femtech, the history of Japan’s first cannabis-derived medicine7, and a lecture for dentists (Fig. 3) were also held. It can be said that the best materials (Fig. 4) are available to cut out the current era.
This is worth a lot of infiltration coverage, and it seems that there will be no trouble with article material.
Lastly, to borrow the words of Mr. Takafumi Horie, go to the “Eternal Immortality Research Expo”! ”
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Finally, write the title and the instructor.
Mr. Takafumi Horie: undecided
Professor Masayuki Yamakawa “Anti-aging trump card exosomes” Professor Takeshi Sakurai “Possibility of artificial hibernation by manipulating the nervous system”
Masamine Watanabe “Machine Transplantation of Consciousness (Tentative)” Dr. Shigeo Horie “Medical Medicine for Men in Japan (provisional)” Seiko Noda, Member of the House of Representatives TBD
Dr. Osamu Kuwamitsu “Is aging a disease?”
Dr. Ichiro Tagumi The Journey of Cannabis-derived Medicines in Japan (Tentative) Mr. Yuji Masataka The story of CBD from scratch
Dr. Junichi Watabiki “Attractive beauty through dental treatment and the challenge of maintaining oral health”
Dr. Shiro Sakai, The essence of diagnosis, deciphering the skeleton from the dentition
Dr. Tokuo Matsui Proper diagnosis leads to the best treatment -periodontal disease, said to be a national disease-
Ayako Miwa Women’s Healthcare Needs Now
Mr. Masaaki Uchida How to make a network
Tsukino Toyokawa Stairway to Beauty (provisional)
Ms. Akemi Sending Fem Care
The planning and management of this lecture is co-sponsored by Olive Smile & Healthcare Institute LLC and MWF Co., Ltd.
1) Concluded a joint research agreement with Osaka University to establish cell source and exosome treatment for regenerative medicine-related business


2) Started joint research with Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine on treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) using exosomes derived from adipose stem cells, etc.


3) Serum-free culture method
4) [Takafumi Horie] “Male hormone testosterone replacement therapy is common in Europe and the United States” ── Serial “If you want to spend money, use it for your body!” Vol.2 5) The survival rate increases in hibernation!?
6) Is it possible to transfer human consciousness to a computer?

7) To formulate guidelines for domestic clinical trials of
cannabis-derived drugs

[Image 3d115712-2-0f09529d95c3bafca58e-2.jpg&s3=115712-2-71d4757c9c705bc9b0e6e7076d0ae755-826x1168.jpg
For dentists (Fig. 3)
[Image 4d115712-2-8014263bdffb7a170d78-3.jpg&s3=115712-2-777bf895f3b39e39aa8192ae65d4e25b-160x225.jpg
Poster (Figure 4)

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