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February 22nd is Cat Day A veterinary hospital specializing in sterilization of stray cats has started crowdfunding aiming for low-cost and generous medical care for stray cats.

Borderless Japan Co., Ltd.
[February 22nd is Cat Day] A veterinary hospital specializing in sterilization of stray cats has started crowdfunding aiming for low-cost and generous medical care for stray cats.
With the crowdfunding “For Good”, which has a publication fee of 0 yen, a lot of support money is sent to the activity site even if it is only 1 yen.

Borderless Japan Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Kazunari Taguchi / Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) operates a crowdfunding service “For Good” specializing in social good. A project aiming to provide stray cats with low-cost, thorough examination and treatment by introducing it to hospitals has been launched since February 22, “Cat’s Day”. The application period is until March 22nd.
I want to introduce X-ray equipment to the operating room of a stray cat and provide a thorough examination.
Crowdfunding page:
-About the contents of the project-
“I want to create a society that does not kill stray cats.” “I want to create a society that does not suffer from stray cats.”
Hokusetsu TNR Support’s operating room for stray cats, which opened in 2015 in Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture, as an animal hospital
specializing in sterilization of stray cats. There are many
consultations from local volunteers and residents’ associations who are trying to solve the problem, and now about 600 stray cats are brought in for sterilization every month from all over the Kansai region.
In the meantime, over the past few years, we have received many requests for treatment for injured stray cats. By introducing it and completing the examination in the hospital, we started this project with the aim of providing generous medical treatment to stray cats at a low price.
Stray Cat’s Operating Room Representative Kazumi Yasuda
[Activities so far]
After working at an animal protection organization, I realized that the overbreeding problem of stray cats requires a preventive approach called “TNR” instead of “protection”. In spite of the fact that there are many consultations about “I want to have stray cats sterilized”, seeing the current situation that there is a shortage of veterinary hospitals that accept them, I decided to create one with my colleagues in 2015. Opened “Hokusetsu TNR Support Ranneko’s Operating Room” in Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture.
I have been working recklessly with the motto of being thoroughly cat-friendly and safe.
We started with 3 systems of 1 veterinarian and 2 staff members, and now we have grown into a veterinary hospital with 5 veterinarians and 11 staff members, capable of sterilizing 600 animals per month. -How to support-
You can support from 1,000 yen.
-Implementation method-
This project will be implemented in an all-in manner. Even if the target amount is not reached, we will donate the collected amount and report it in the return activity report.
About For Good
For Good specializes in content to make society better, and the posting fee is 0 yen to reduce the burden on the implementer. Even one yen of the collected support can be used for many activities. “I want to give shape to ideas that move society forward.”
“For Good” was born because I wanted to create a place where people can simply turn their ordinary thoughts into actions.
No matter how small.
What we cannot do alone, we should do together.
There is no future that cannot be changed.
That’s how we think.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
First of all, the staff will politely listen to your thoughts.
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Borderless Japan Co., Ltd.
Crowdfunding “For Good” with 0 yen publication fee
Person in charge: Kodai Komatsu
Mail: contact (please include @)
-Borderless Japan Co., Ltd. Company Profile-
Established: March 2007
Head office: Yaesu Ichigaya Building 6F, 2-17 Ichiyatacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Capital: 10 million yen
Representative: Kazunari Taguchi, President and Representative Director

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