Flo Japon Co., Ltd. Flo Prestige ~ Putting gratitude into sweets ~ Heart sweets for White Day ♪

Flojapon Co., Ltd.
[Flo Prestige] ~ Put your gratitude into sweets ~ Heart sweets for White Day ♪ 2023 “White Day” & “Spring Limited Package Gift”

Floprestige, operated by Flojapon Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Musashino City, Tokyo), which operates 115 take-out shops (as of January 2023) for Western confectionery and Western dishes mainly in the Kanto region, will open on March 10, 2023 ( Limited “chocolate &
heart-shaped” sweets will be sold during the White Day period from Friday to 14th (Tuesday). In addition, a gorgeous “spring limited package gift” will also appear.
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Information on White Day Sweets [Released on 3/10 (Fri.)]
White day limited time! FLO’s “three types of heart-shaped cakes that convey feelings” will appear again this year.
In addition to the “Heart Bran”, which will be released for the first time in 2023, with white chocolate mousse, berries with moderately sour pulp, and lychee jelly, it is perfect for a small thank you! The finished “Petit Heart” series will also reappear for a limited time. ■ Heart Bran [NEW]
1 hole (approx. 12cm x approx. 10cm x height approx. 5cm): ¥1800 (tax included ¥1944)
A WD-exclusive heart cake with white chocolate mousse, strawberry and raspberry mousse, sponge cake, chocolate-covered fiantine, jelly mixed with berry pulp and lychee puree, and decorated with strawberries with white glassage.
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Petit Heart ~Chocolat~
1 piece (about 7 cm x about 6 cm x height about 3.5 cm): ¥ 640 (tax included ¥ 691)
Sponge, praline chocolate mousse, chocolate-covered almond cranz are layered on raw chocolate, and grassage chocolate is sprinkled to decorate the strawberry.
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Petite Heart ~Berry~
1 piece (about 7 cm x about 6 cm x height about 3.5 cm): ¥ 640 (tax included ¥ 691)
Sponge, strawberry and raspberry berry mousse, and raspberry gelée with pulp are layered on top of raw chocolate, and a bright red glassage is applied to decorate the strawberry.
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In addition, during February, we will release a limited number of sunny “Spring Package” baked confectionery gifts.
■ Printemps Petite Bag [Released on 2/2 (Thu.)]
1 set: ¥640 (¥691 including tax)
An assortment of matcha duckweeds with a refreshing matcha flavor and light texture (2 pieces), freeze-dried strawberry-filled strawberry fiantine crunch (3 pieces), and cherry blossom fragrant “Sakura Gateau Pulpo” (1 piece). , Spring limited baked confectionery set.
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■ Printemps Petite Bouquet [Released on 2/2 (Thu.)]
1 set: ¥420 (¥453 including tax)
A set of spring-only baked sweets that includes “Matcha Duckworth” (1 piece) and “Strawberry Fiantine Crunch” (5 pieces).
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4 kinds of tartlet gifts (S box)
[Image 13d102606-29-4f0c62925f3ec4f373ed-10.jpg&s3=102606-29-9e9a9311a90e72de5a831e9b6dfa8fb6-1024x768.jpg
Gateau Assortment (S Box)
As a gift or return gift for White Day, or as a celebration for the graduation season. Please use various bright and gorgeous spring sweets that “give gratitude”.
*Product design and specifications are subject to change.
*Prices including tax are rounded down to the nearest whole number. Prices may vary depending on the facility that is open.
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