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Foresight Co., Ltd.
[Bookkeeping course] Congrats on the final exam campaign

Foresight Co., Ltd. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo / President: Koji Yamada), which achieves a high pass rate, will carry out a campaign to thank you for your hard work in the bookkeeping course main exam from February 26, 2023 (Sunday) in the popular qualification “bookkeeping”. It’s inside. A maximum of 15,600 yen discount campaign is available for those who apply for the product by 21:00 on Monday, March 6th.
Please apply for this opportunity.

● Campaign details
Bookkeeping Course Good Job Campaign
Period: February 26, 2023 (Sunday) 15:30 to March 6, 2023 (Monday) 21:00 Target: Value set 1, Value set 2
Maximum discount amount: 15,600 yen
*The above discount amount is the difference between the total price of the single course included in the set product and the price of the set product provided in this campaign.
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What is bookkeeping
Bookkeeping calculates, records, organizes and reveals the results of various economic activities. This skill is useful not only for the business situation of a company but also for calculating one’s own household budget, making it a useful skill for everyone. Therefore, many companies are willing to recommend that you acquire a bookkeeping qualification.
Bookkeeping Foresight student pass record
In 2022, the pass rate for bookkeeping level 2 Foresight students was 86.5%, which is 4.14 times the national average pass rate of 20.9%. *Data based on student questionnaires compiled by our company. * Magnification is the result of the November 2022 bookkeeping exam. ● About Foresight
We have developed 20 courses including difficult qualifications such as real estate agent, social worker, administrative scrivener, etc., and our extensive teaching materials and high pass rate are
particularly supported. Materials and curriculum focused on passing grades and our unique e-learning “ManaBun” enable high-density learning.
Foresight official page:
●Recent initiatives at Foresight
[Correspondence education Foresight Newly added courses for the education training benefit system for social workers, real estate agents, and small and medium-sized enterprise diagnosticians. ]
[Foresight and LIFULL collaborate to expand the provision of solutions related to recruitment, employment, and gig work. ]
[HDI-Japan sponsored [correspondence education industry] rating, Foresight was awarded 3 stars for web support. ]
Foresight will continue to push forward with various initiatives in order to provide services that make it easier for students to learn and satisfy them.
Foresight handling course list
Foresight offers the following 20 courses.
Administrative scrivener / social insurance and labor consultant / real estate broker / FP (financial planner) / bookkeeping 2nd and 3rd grade / condominium manager / administrative work manager / medical fee claim clerical ability certification test (medical department) / IT passport / customs clearance Specialist/Travel Service
Supervisor/SME Management Consultant/Pension Advisor Level 3/Hazardous Material Handler Class B Class 4/Civil Service Examination (Culture Test)/Court Clerk/Interior Coordinator/Nursery Teacher/Judicial Scrivener/Basic Information Technician /Securities Sales
[Company Profile of Foresight Co., Ltd.]
Head office location: Foresight Building, 6-16-2 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Business description: Education and learning support business (correspondence courses for qualifications and university entrance exams, book publishing, sales)
Qualifications: Administrative scrivener, social insurance and labor consultant, real estate broker, FP, bookkeeper, small and medium enterprise diagnostician, nursery teacher, etc.
Capital: 72,670,000 yen (capital reserve: 27,670,000 yen)
Established: April 1993
Representative name: Koji Yamada
Number of employees: 126 (including part-time workers) as of December 2021 URL:

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