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Fuji Television Network, Inc. Fuji Television Tokyo Yakult Swallows home games (open games and official games) will be distributed LIVE at FOD Premium! “SWALLOWS BASEBALL L!VE 2023”

Fuji Television Network, Inc.
[Fuji Television] Tokyo Yakult Swallows home games (open games and official games) will be distributed LIVE at FOD Premium! “SWALLOWS BASEBALL L!VE 2023”
The battle to swear to recapture the best in Japan begins!

February 23, 2023 (Thursday/holiday)-Start of distribution
Delivery page
It has been decided that all home games of the 2023 Tokyo Yakult Swallows open and official games will be live-streamed on the video distribution service FOD operated by Fuji TV. * Open games will begin on February 23 (Thursday/holiday).
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At FOD Premium, starting with the open game hosted by the Tokyo Yakult Swallows in Urasoe, Okinawa, all 10 open games will be held at Jingu Stadium, and the Tokyo Yakult Swallows will continue after the opening of the official game on March 31 (Friday). All 72 games hosted by the event will be streamed live.
Last season, the Swallows, led by manager Shingo Takatsu, failed to win the league championship for the first time in 29 years. The battle to take back the best in Japan begins here.
The driving force behind last year’s consecutive victory was Munetaka Murakami, who achieved numerous feats, such as becoming the youngest triple crown champion in history, the most home runs by a Japanese player, and the first time in NPB history to hit five consecutive HRs. Further evolution of “Muragami” is expected.
In addition, Tetsuto Yamada, who led the team to consecutive victories as captain, and veteran Norichika Aoki, and Santana & Osuna’s backup foreign duo are still alive and well! In addition, Hideki Nagaoka, who grabbed a shortstop regular last season and will carry the uniform number “7” from this season, and Yasutaka Shiomi, the immovable leadoff man, and the fielders are solid.
“Among the pitchers, who will serve as the guardian deity that McGuff has left!” ? A promising stock to join the starting rotation! ? Also, please pay attention to Masanori Ishikawa, who has won the most wins in active duty, on his way to 200 wins, and the leap of young players. ◇ Overview of “SWALLOWS BASEBALL! VE 2023” LIVE distribution ■ Delivery schedule: -Open game-
February 23 (Thursday/Holiday) 12:50-Yakult-Giant
Saturday, February 25 from 12:50 Yakult-Hanshin
February 26th (Sun) 12:50~Yakult-Rakuten
     March 14 (Tuesday) 12:50-Yakult-Lotte
     March 15 (Wednesday) 12:50-Yakult-Lotte
      March 17 (Friday) 12:50-Yakult-Hanshin
     March 18 (Sat) 12:50-Yakult-Hanshin
      March 19th (Sun) 12:50~Yakult-Hanshin
     March 21 (Tuesday/Holiday) 12:50-Yakult-Rakuten
     March 22 (Wednesday) 12:50-Yakult-DeNA
      -Official game-
      Opening on Friday, March 31
All 72 Tokyo Yakult Swallows home games
       ※The schedule is subject to change without notice
        *Archives and highlights will be distributed as soon as they are ready ■ Cast: Commentary: Professional baseball commentator
Commentary: Fuji TV announcer
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◇ FOD Overview
“FOD” is an official video and e-book distribution service operated by Fuji TV. “FOD Premium” offers unlimited viewing of more than 80,000 titles, ranging from the latest to classics such as dramas, anime, variety shows, and movies, for a monthly fee of 976 yen (tax included). In addition, more than 170 magazines can be read as much as you want with special benefits. In addition, you can enjoy e-books such as manga from a rich lineup of over 500,000 books. With “FOD Missing Free”, which does not require membership registration, popular TV programs are distributed for a limited time after broadcasting, and can be easily used for free. We provide an entertainment experience unique to a TV station.
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