Fujitsu General Exhibiting at “AHR Expo 2023”, an international exhibition on air conditioning

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Fujitsu General
Exhibiting at AHR Expo 2023, an international exhibition on air conditioning Disseminating the “AIRSTAGE” brand to the United States, coexisting with nature and contributing to the realization of a sustainable society

Fujitsu General will exhibit at “AHR Expo 2023”, one of the world’s leading air-conditioning and cooling exhibitions held in Atlanta, USA (February 6-8, local time). Starting with this exhibition, we will further accelerate the development of the overseas air conditioner brand “AIRSTAGE”, which aims to coexist with the earth with innovative technology.
Through our business, we are promoting “sustainable management” that contributes to solving social issues such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In the United States in particular, environmental awareness is increasing as the government tightens environmental regulations, but heating equipment that uses fossil fuels is still the mainstream. In response to this issue, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by promoting the replacement of air conditioners with air conditioners for cold regions.
Introduction of our booth
This time, the new AIRSTAGE logo will be displayed for the first time at an exhibition in the United States. The new logo is designed with wind and greenery in mind, and embodies the brand concept of “symbiosis of technology and nature.”
The booth, which was designed mainly in green and wood grain, expresses the world view of AIRSTAGE, which aims to coexist with the earth. In addition, we have set up a space for communicating with customers while operating the “wall-mounted controller for air conditioners” and “AIRSTAGE Cloud”, and further brand value by providing “experiences” that can be obtained through products and services such as “comfort” and “impression”. We will strive to improve [Image
Details of exhibited products and services (partial)
AISTAGE Cloud and AISTAGE Edge Controller for the United States ・Features of AISTAGE Cloud
1. Multiple air conditioners can be collectively managed from anywhere Using a cloud platform, you can centrally manage the air conditioners of multiple properties scattered in remote locations on a dedicated terminal. As a result, it is possible to turn on/off the air conditioner, adjust the temperature, and check the operating status from anywhere, greatly reducing the time and effort required for managing the air conditioning of the property. In addition, since it becomes easier to monitor the operating status and make frequent adjustments, it prevents waste and leads to energy-saving operation. 2. Supporting smooth operation by “visualizing” data
Equipped with a “refrigeration cycle monitor function” that visualizes the flow of refrigerant between the outdoor and indoor units from the past to the latest. This not only leads to quicker identification of the cause of failures, but also reduces the time and effort required for repairs by allowing us to understand the details of the failure before visiting for repairs. The data can also be printed out on paper, making it useful for creating reports during regular
AIRSTAGE Cloud will continue to add new functions such as remote monitoring of power and operation status, and provide services that are even closer to customers.
・Features of AIRSTAGE Edge Controller
Equipped with a wide variety of interfaces such as Modbus*1, wired LAN, and wireless LAN, it is possible to connect to external devices such as ventilation equipment. In the future, we will continue to expand the range of devices that can be connected and further expand the scope of management and control by AIRSTAGE Cloud.
The capacity of a single outdoor unit has been increased from 10 tons of the previous model to 16 tons. This reduces the installation area by 26%, making it possible to design high-capacity air conditioners even in urban areas where installation space is limited. In addition, when the outdoor unit is connected, it can handle up to 36 tons (when connecting 3 units).
In addition, anti-freezing heaters are installed as standard in all lineups. It can be operated from a minimum outdoor temperature of -26°C to a maximum of 52°C, and is compatible with various climatic conditions.
In addition, we have achieved an industry-leading*2 maximum number of connectable indoor units of 64 and a minimum connection capacity of 25%. In addition to being suitable for properties with many rooms such as office buildings and hotels, it is possible to flexibly respond to the needs of property managers, such as partial use of properties and gradual system expansion.
In addition, the 12-ton class EER (Energy Consumption Efficiency) of 14.4, which is among the top class*3 in the industry, contributes to the reduction of electricity bills.
*1 A network for PLCs (controllers mainly used for controlling devices in the manufacturing industry) developed by Modicon in the United States.
*2 In the capacity range of 24 tons or more. As of February 1, 2023. Our research.
*3 During cooling operation. American standard AHRI1230 (values ​​when combined with ceiling cassette type) as of February 1, 2023. Our research.

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