GC Kikaku Co., Ltd. Payment terminal subscription service Sakura released

G.C. Planning Co., Ltd.
Payment terminal subscription service [Sakura] released
Start of payment terminal subscription service & terminal will be exhibited at “Retail Tech JAPAN 2023”

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Stores can easily start cashless payments! We will start offering a payment terminal subscription service
GC Planning Co., Ltd. (head office: Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture; representative: Keiichi Yagabe; securities code: 4073; hereinafter referred to as GC Planning), which provides a cashless payment system, offers cashless payment at low cost to stores. We will start offering “Payment terminal subscription service [Sakura]” that can start. In addition, the terminal will be exhibited at “Retail Tech JAPAN 2023” (sponsored by Nikkei Inc.), which will be held from February 28 (Tuesday) to March 3 (Friday).
Overview of “Payment Terminal Subscription Service [Sakura]” It is a monthly subscription service so that you can introduce cashless payment at a low cost. You can choose a payment terminal and payment method according to various payment methods and usage scenes of the store.
[Payment terminals and payment methods that can be combined]
Pre-registration: https://messeonline.nikkei.co.jp/registration Representative distribution DX suppliers that provide solutions for solving problems in the distribution and retail industry, where the surrounding environment is undergoing drastic changes, such as labor shortages, distribution, and changes in consumer purchasing methods, will gather together. There will also be many hands-on exhibitions. (From Retail Tech JAPAN 2023 HP)
About G.C. Planning Co., Ltd.
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As a company that contributes to society, we will increase customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products and services, maintain high morale among all employees, and become an indispensable company for society.
“Like!”, “I see!”, “Thank you!” we,””! With the slogan “…there is GC”, we will contribute to society by creating various “!”
Company name: G.C. Kikaku Co., Ltd.
Representative: Keiichi Yagabe, President and Representative Director Date of establishment: September 13, 1995
Capital: 431.72 million yen (as of the end of December 2022) -Inquiries about this release-
Inquiries about products and services: https://www.gck.co.jp/inquiry/ (Please contact “Inquiries about products and services” in the URL.) Details about this release:


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