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GenectBox Co., Ltd. Liver office “Genect” has decided to hold an office event at “TikTok LIVE”!

GenectBox Co., Ltd.
Liver office “Genect” has decided to hold an office event at “TikTok LIVE”!
In partnership with TikTokLIVE, Genect affiliated rivers can now distribute on TikTok. Therefore, it was decided to hold an event in the office for TikTokLIVE creators this time.
[Image 1

TikTokLIVE office event hosted by Genect
The Liver Office [Genect] (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo Office
Co-Representative: Motofumi Nagasaka, Ikuro Abe, hereinafter referred to as Genect), managed by GenectBox Co., Ltd., has announced its intention to hold an in-office event limited to creators belonging to Genect. .
The details of the event are as follows and will be held every month. 1st: Shibuya Center Gai Vision Posted
2nd: Shibuya Udagawacho vision posted
3rd: JR Shin-Okubo Station Vision Posted
4th: Shinjuku Yasukuni Street Vision Posted
5th: Kabukicho (1) Vision posted
6th: Kabukicho (2) Vision Posted
7th: JR Takadanobaba Station Vision Posted
8th: JR Ikebukuro Station East Exit Vision Posted

Shibuya Center Gai Vision
[Image 2

JR Takadanobaba Station Vision
[Image 3

JR Shin-Okubo Station Vision
[Image 4

What is TikTokLIVE?
Due to the fact that TikTok is a global platform used in 150 countries and regions, it is also possible to watch TikTok LIVE of overseas TikTok creators. For distributors, it will be possible to distribute not only to Japanese users but also to overseas users, and they will be able to demonstrate their creativity to the world.
ByteDance URL:
TikTok LIVE is only possible for certain creators
TikTok LIVE is not something that anyone can distribute, and it is only possible to perform live distribution by belonging to an official TikTok account or an office affiliated with TikTok.
Even if an account has a large number of TikTok followers and is popular, an account that has violated the privacy policy will not be allowed to live stream.
Conversely, even if you don’t have that many followers, if the TikTok official approves, live distribution will be allowed.
“Genect” has established an internal department dedicated to TikTok, and provides not only live distribution but also short movie support free of charge.
Liver office “Genect”
Liver office [Genect] managed by GenectBox Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Office co-representative: Motofumi Nagasaka, Ikuro Abe, hereinafter referred to as Genect) has more than 1400 affiliated rivers, TikTok, Pococha, BIGOLIVE, Uplive, Mikucha , Liver management at
The origin of Genect is GENERATION x CONNECT
It has the meaning of “becoming a bridge to create stars that will lead to the next generation”.
Affiliated River Benefits Genect [Genect] Affiliated River Benefits ◯ Start with a complete hourly wage system that is safe even for beginners ◯ Support for creating goods for rivers (original T-shirts, cushions, mugs, etc.)
◯Photographing of publicity materials by a professional photographer (conditions apply)
◯ Appearance rights for ABEMA TV variety programs and dramas (conditions apply) ◯ Appearances in vision advertisements in Tokyo, advertisements in trains, etc. (conditions apply)
◯ Free provision of our office, meeting room, and distribution space ◯Rental of address
We will send and receive the gift from the listener to the river on behalf of you.
◯ Tax accountant introduction
Tax support such as final tax return
◯ No affiliation fee
◯ Thorough support from a dedicated manager with extensive liver management experience
◯ Rental of mixers, microphones, etc. necessary for live distribution (conditions apply)
◯ There is a manager system
For those who want to work as a member of our company
1. First of all, please contact us from the following.
Inquiries from LINE ↓
Inquiries by email ↓
2. Our person in charge will ask you about the schedule for the explanation. 3. Explain the distribution platform on ZOOM etc. according to the schedule. 4. Conclusion of the Liver Agreement as an electronic contract 5. Delivery debut
*We will create a group LINE for Liver and our manager.
If you have any questions about the distribution, we will answer them. For those who want to run a liver office We will fully support you so that you can operate a liver office with peace of mind, regardless of whether you are an individual or a corporation.
In particular, live distribution has become one of the growing businesses in this era.
It is also a business that will continue to grow, so it is a very stable business.
In addition, by supporting the dreams and goals of each streamer and the purpose of live distribution, the sales of the live distribution office will increase, making it a very rewarding business.
A wide range of people, such as freelancers, office workers, housewives, and college students, are registered as their main business or as a second business.
Since we provide the know-how that we have cultivated over many years free of charge, it is used safely and continuously as a business. For those who want to act as our agent
1. First of all, please contact us from the following.
Inquiries from LINE ↓
Inquiries by email ↓
2. Our person in charge will ask you about the schedule for the explanation. 3. Detailed explanation on ZOOM according to the schedule
4. Conclude an agency contract with an electronic contract
5. Office operation started!
* Seminars on management and scouting know-how are held several times a month. * We will create a group with the agency and our company on LINE. If you have any questions, please contact us and our staff will answer. Company Profile
Company name: GenectBox Co., Ltd.
Representative: Motofumi Nagasaka, Representative Director
Location: Aoyamadai Building 9F, 2-9-10 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 URL:
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