General Incorporated Association Clean Fighters Yamanashi General Incorporated Association Clean Fighters Yamanashi 2023 Season Kickoff Held

General Incorporated Association Clean Fighters Yamanashi
General Incorporated Association Clean Fighters Yamanashi 2023 season kickoff held
Yoshiyuki Koike HC, Masahiro Ikeda captain and new team announced

Yoshiyuki Koike HC
Clean Fighters Yamanashi, an adult rugby team based in Yamanashi Prefecture (Headquarters location: Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Representative Director: Masataka Yamamoto, hereinafter referred to as CF Yamanashi), kicks off and sponsors the 2023 season. We had a general meeting. In addition to the player staff, Yamanashi City Mayor Haruo Takagi, Fujikawa Town Mayor Toshiki Mochizuki, Yamanashi Prefecture Rugby Union officials, and sponsors also attended the kick-off. At the kick-off, the goal of winning the Top East League Group B in the 2023 season and promotion to Group A was confirmed again.
In addition, at the start of the season, we announced the new system for 2023 as follows. The head coach will be Yoshiyuki Koike, who has worked for Secom, Yokogawa Electric, and Yamaha Motor and has a wealth of coaching experience. This season, the head coach will be in charge of the game, without the position of director.
Masahiro Ikeda, who has been with the team for two years, will be appointed captain this season.
Furthermore, Teruo Aizawa, who was an advisor and acted as acting GM until last year, has officially been appointed as the GM in charge of team management. In addition, the medical staff has a new lineup, including Dr. Norio Mimori, who is active in League One.
Head Coach: Yoshiyuki Koike
Forward Coach: Masato Fukushima
High Performance Director and Team Director: Takahiro Matsubara Captain: Masahiro Ikeda
Vice Captain: Taiji Motoyama
Forward Leader: Kenya Mori
Backstreet Leader: Shota Lee
General Manager: Teruo Aizawa
Trainers: Yuki Tani, Hikaru Kikuchi, Kei Kuramochi (Martha Medical) Team Doctor: Norio Mimori
In addition, at the start of the 2023 season, the following players and staff have also announced their retirement from the team. Masatoshi Mochida, Takafumi Yamamoto, Yoshitsugu Morita, Bakusu Lee, Daiki Shintani, Takamasa Maeda, Toshiaki Maeshima, Trainer Okada * Players and staff not listed here will continue from last year. [Yoshiyuki Koike head coach biography]
After attending Tokai University Sugou High School, he entered Tokai University and played for Secom, Yokogawa Electric, and Yamaha Motor. Since retiring in 2016, he has been in charge of popularizing the Shizuoka Blue Revs, and has been coaching juniors such as the Azalea Seven HC, a women’s 7-man rugby team in Shizuoka, and started coaching CF Yamanashi from the middle of last season. The position of the active era is a scrum half, former Japan National Team, former 7-a-side Japan National Team. Born March 8, 1979 Born in Tokyo. Upcoming team schedule
He continues to practice on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays to strengthen the physical strength necessary for the start of the season.
April New players announced, team slogan announced
May: UTY Invitational Rugby and Other Practice Matches Held
Participated in the Kanto Rugby Association Spring Tournament in June Team HP:
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