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General Incorporated Association Femtech Community Japan Femtech Community Japan “Insurance x Welfare x Femt ech Latest Cases” event was held on February 20th.

Femtech Community Japan
Femtech Community Japan “Insurance x Welfare x Femtech Latest Examples” event was held on February 20th.

Our organization, Femtech Community Japan
(, has the concept of “A wide range of stakeholders are connected to promote Femtech-related businesses, products and services, discuss, share information, network, and disseminate information. It was launched in 2021 and became an incorporated association in July 2022 with the aim of realizing an ecosystem that performs
The Femtech area has been attracting more and more attention in recent years, but overseas, major insurance companies are making investments and new initiatives in the Femtech area. For example, the Lausanne University of Technology and Groupe Mutuel, a major Swiss insurance company, will launch the Femtech accelerator program “Tech4Eva” in 2021, and AXA will jointly launch the Femtech accelerator program “AXA & 50intech Female Technology FemTech” with 50inTech. Insurance companies are focusing on Femtech startup support, such as
implementing the Accelerator Program. In addition, AXA Hong Kong has developed a new product for women called “AXA Better Me”. I donate to a fund.
On the other hand, in Japan, insurance for women-specific diseases has existed for a long time, but insurance for postpartum depression has been sold in the small-amount short-term insurance field, and some life insurance companies have started femtech welfare programs. As such, insurance and services related to women’s health issues are attracting attention.
At this event, in addition to overseas information, we will invite startups working on Femtech businesses in insurance and welfare programs in Japan to deliver the latest information.
Program on the day
18:00-18:05 Opening and Femtech Community Japan Announcement Plug and Play Japan, Director of Fintech/Insurtech Chang Li
18:05-18:15 What is the current status of femtech overseas and what services can be traced to Japan?
Femtech Community Japan Director Megumi Kimura
18:15-18:55 Case study of women’s health insurance and welfare programs ・Mr. Seigo Hara, Representative Director and CEO of MICIN Co., Ltd. ・Kazuhiro Kawabata, Insurance Business Manager, Finatext Co., Ltd. ・Ms. Kanako Sugiura, Representative Director of Josanshi Global.Inc ・ Nara Women’s University Associate Professor / Osaka Heat Cool Co., Ltd. Director Katsunari Sato
18:55-19:00 Closing
19:00-20:00 Networking and exhibition (venue only)
At the venue, you can experience menstrual pain experience device under development at Nara Women’s University.

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